Voice for the Silent Fathers

Voice for the Silent Fathers

by Eddie K. Wright

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In his first memoir, Eddie shares his story of becoming a father at 18 years old who realized his son was showing ‘stereotypical’ signs of being gay while still in diapers. Spending most of his adult life engulfed in the street gangster/hip hop culture where this subject was not only hushed, but deeply frowned upon, he gives us the voice for what’s been kept silent for far too long, confronting almost every aspect of this taboo topic. It took years for him to silently accept his son’s homosexuality himself, regardless of all the signs. When his son was five years old, his favorite color was pink and there was nothing Dad could do about it. By the age of fourteen; he was an internet sensation, dancing on YouTube building his fan base to guarantee his success when performing as a drag queen a few years later. Eddie addresses the questions most are scared to ask; Was there anything I could do to stop my son’s homosexuality? When did I know my son was gay? What made him that way? Parents will find comfort in reading that Eddie admits that his son’s feminine behaviors embarrassed him and he seriously contemplated abandonment, a choice that too many fathers feel they have to choose.

He shares witnessing the desperation in the eyes of fathers, from all walks of life, who have pulled him aside, away from listening ears wanting to know the answers to these frequently asked questions, agonizing the possibilities that their son might be gay.

Eddie has been writing for over 10 years while serving his Federal sentence for a street lifestyle that played a key role in his thought process regarding his gay son. Using his writing and speaking skills as tools to inspire a positive way of living, this former gangster turned Guru brings his story of transformation to life in a way that makes it safe for parents and loved ones to discuss what they think and how they feel about their child living an alternative lifestyle.

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Publication date: 06/01/2016
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About the Author

First time author Eddie K. Wright is a fitness trainer, Yoga instructor, spiritual motivational speaker and an inmate at a federal prison. His personal transformation upon realizing the Universal laws and love of life, supports his conviction in his "Gangster to Guru" book series. The premier release "VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS" details the struggle and inner conflict with being the parent of a homosexual child in the day, and a known connected gangster at night. Overcoming his "No son of mine" mentality, by realizing the true meaning of unconditional love wasn't easy, but his deep insight, heartfelt honesty, and 'laugh to keep from crying' attitude, makes for a humorous read for anyone touched by this issue which means it's for everyone!

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Voice for the Silent Fathers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The meat of the story of how a father cannot find his way to love his son for whom he is. Fighting to accept, support and honor the unconditional love a parent is to have for their child. The father himself is conflicted with his own way of life. He does not see his questionable life as “Gansta thug life” until he is once again sent to prison. This time will be his last time since it is for life. The prison way is revealing that he must love his son for who he is. This becomes an outlet for the author. His healing process of acceptance, support and that unconditional love a parent has for their child. Prison was the door that opened up his mind and heart for his son. I find the authors take on his battles about homosexuality in a relative way as about half as society does. The stigma that one puts with what a gay person must be. Well gay, straight or any other they are still a human being. Eddie needed to see his son as a human being and accept who he was as a person and the life he was leading before he can cope & understand his own son. I ended up having a love hate relationship with Eddie. At times reading his statements about yelling at his son for talking the way he was or playing with the Barbie dolls etc…I wanted to punch him in the face. Then I would have the complete opposite feeling when he did right by his son by taking him in for those two years. I had so much empathy and compassion for Drew. I hated every bit of what he was dealing with. The battles of growing up and not understanding completely why he was the way he was. He just was. He wanted to be free to be who he was. He was not allowed to be due to the fear of disappointing his father. Then being removed from his mother by his own mother because there was no room for him. Drew was dealing with more than any one child should have had to deal with. I related very well to the book. I am the mother of a son who is gay. I have known since he was 3 that he was gay. His father whom I am divorced from since he was 2 does not accept who he is. He believes I made him gay because I babied him. I understand and believe as this was pointed out in the book: God created us all and yes that book was written well over 2k years ago. God knew then and knows now what he was doing. One truth no matter what is that God says we must love all. I love God just as much as I love my son. Now that he is finally an adult himself by law I still worry for him. People are ignorant. I hope that Drew finds his way and fights his battle to win it. He is a hero… He just does not know this yet. Thanks to Eddie his father he made Drew a hero. ~C. Weber-Livingston