Voice-Overs for Podcasting: How to Develop a Career and Make a Profit

Voice-Overs for Podcasting: How to Develop a Career and Make a Profit

by Elaine A. Clark
Voice-Overs for Podcasting: How to Develop a Career and Make a Profit

Voice-Overs for Podcasting: How to Develop a Career and Make a Profit

by Elaine A. Clark


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A Creative Performance Approach to Producing Podcasts that Showcase and Monetize Your Skills, Knowledge, and Personality

Voice-Overs for Podcasting is exactly what podcasters of all levels need: an essential handbook to create, build, improve, and connect with audiences around the globe. Written by veteran voice-over coach and author, Elaine A. Clark, this book delivers the nuts and bolts of podcasting and elevates it to a new creative level where the voice is the star and the listener is the happy recipient. Clark shows the reader how, in addition to developing knowledge and expertise on their topic, a podcaster’s emotion, storytelling, content, voice, and performance techniques can hugely impact listeners and reviews. This must-read guide offers a fresh approach for podcasters to perform and deliver the most engaging story that audiences will want to hear, turning a small fan base into millions of subscribers. Chapters cover topics such as:
  • Podcasting styles
  • Episode formatting
  • Voice quality and improvement
  • Performance techniques
  • Tips for overcoming pitfalls and challenges
  • Recording, editing, and equipment
  • Posting podcasts
  • Monetizing
  • Legal matters
  • Insider tips and tricks
  • What’s trending
  • And much more practical and creative advice!
With Voice-Overs for Podcasting, you’ll be on your way to creating, improving, and sharing your voice and story with the world.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781621537465
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 11/17/2020
Pages: 168
Sales rank: 501,560
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Elaine A. Clark is the author of There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is, now in its fourth edition. She is the creator of two voice and diction apps, Activate Your Voice and Adding Melody to Your Voice, both of which are available at voiceoneapps.com and are used by many to strength their voice and add melody and storytelling to their speech. The owner of VoiceOne.me in San Francisco, she continues to teach at the school she founded, direct an assortment of audio projects, and coach business executives, newscasters, podcasters, and regular folks. As an actor, performance coach, voice-over instructor, and recording engineer for nearly four decades, she has launched thousands of voice-over careers. She lives in San Francisco, California.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Preface xiii

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Podcast Styles 3

What Are You Going to Talk About? 3

Choose a Style 3

The Bottom Line 10

Chapter 3 Categories, Status, and Structure 11

Horizontal vs. Vertical Format 13

Define the Message 14

Categories for Your Consideration 15

Chapter 4 Formatting and Segmenting 23

Music Selection 24

Is There an Ongoing Theme? 25

What Information Will You Provide in Each Segment? 25

Hold Audience Attention 26

Embrace Research 27

Content Release and Frequency 29

Phone vs. In Person 30

Where or When Do the Important Announcements Go? 31

Script Structure 31

Sample Host Script 32

Call to Action 34

Podrecap Review 35

Chapter 5 Your Voice 39

Health and Maintenance of the Voice 40

Adding Melody to Your Voice 42

Chapter 6 Pitfalls, Problems, and People 45

I Hate My Voice 46

Bumbling, Bubbling, or Blowing It 49

Disorganization 49

Not Sounding Like an Expert 50

Bad Review Blues 51

Talking into the Abyss 52

Dealing with Doubts, Fears, and Uncertainties 53

Overthinking and Going in Circles 54

Distractions 54

Podfade 55

Difficulty Getting Guests on the Show 55

Business Relationship Issues 57

Stay Positive 58

Chapter 7 Performance 59

Billboard Titles 59

Create a Story Arc 60

Talk to One Person 60

Speed and Tempo Changes 61

Talk in Sound Bites 61

Storytelling 62

Chapter 8 Recording, Editing, Equipment, and Production 65

Microphone Basics 65

Computer-to-Computer Call Recording 66

Studio-to-Studio Recording 67

Phone Recording 68

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 68

Podcasting Editing and Recording Solution Companies 69

Production Schedule 70

Transitioning Between Segments 73

Chapter 9 Hosting, Posting, and Publishing 75

Hosting 75

Posting 76

Publishing 77

Chapter 10 Insider Tips and Tricks 79

Podcaster Spotlight: Jordan Harbinger 79

Podcaster Spotlight: Mandela Leola van Eeden 83

Podcaster Spotlight: Melissa Thorn 87

Podcaster Spotlight: Aaron "Static" Render 91

Podcaster Spotlight: Michael Brandon 98

Podcaster Spotlight: Jason Allan Scott 100

Chapter 11 Legal and Other Matters 121

Chapter 12 What's Trending 123

Chapter 13 Let's DO It!: Building Your Business 127

Relationships 128

Products and Services 128

Coaching Services 129

Affiliate Marketing 129

Write Books-Record Books 129

Monetisation 129

Get Sponsorships 130

Crowdfunding 130

Virtual Summits 131

Chapter 14 Wrap Up 133

About the Author 135

Index 136

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