Voices Beckon

Voices Beckon

by Linda Lee Graham
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Voices Beckon by Linda Lee Graham

She's not of his class, not of his religion, and not in his plans. Will she fill his future as she fills his dreams?

Escape to the eighteenth century in a compelling new story about growing up and finding love--against all odds.

The year is 1783, and David Graham, a young Scot apprenticed to a Philadelphia printer, is on the verge of leaving his family and all he holds dear behind. Brimming with confidence, he awaits his turn to board the brig Industry, filled with anticipation of the boundless opportunity awaiting him in America. Liam Brock joins the boarding queue aside him with not much more than a smile and a plan. Orphaned at an early age, Liam is driven by both a desire to escape his dubious past and a vision to claim his future.

As they watch the cabin class passengers board the transport, David's gaze falls on Elisabeth Hale, the spirited and sheltered daughter of Englishman Edward Hale. Not until she senses his scrutiny and meets his eyes does David feel a glimmer of uncertainty, a threat to his new-found swagger.Heedless of her father's admonitions to steer clear of the rabble, Elisabeth finds herself drawn into their world.

United by a life-changing voyage, the three establish an immediate and steadfast bond--until Elisabeth is forced to make a choice--a choice that threatens to shatter their lives.

Voices Beckon spans seven years in the lives of David, Elisabeth, and Liam. Rich in historical detail, this sweeping romance chronicles their coming of age against the vivid backdrop of the developing United States of America.

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BN ID: 2940013119734
Publisher: Repository Press LLC
Publication date: 08/09/2011
Series: Voices , #1
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About the Author

In a effort to reconstruct the paper trail of an ancestor, Linda spent months researching what life might have been like for a printer's apprentice in 1780s Philadelphia--who his neighbors might have been, what his daily work load was like, what he might have done to pass the time, where he might have eaten, and so forth--and it didn't take long for it to sink in that Philadelphia was one of the most exciting cities in the new United States at one of the most eventful times in its history.

Although she got no further in documenting the young man's life, she found she had accumulated plenty of information to tell his story (in a fashion).

Voices Beckon, the first in the series, is the end result. And even though it's very likely not precisely how it was, it's how it might have been.

Linda writes under the pen name Linda Lee Graham and lives in the Arizona desert.

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Voices Beckon 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite Linda Lee Graham pens a story of friendship in Voices Beckon. Sailing for America to start afresh and to seize their future, three young people forge an everlasting alliance. Each unique, each with a past, each packing a measure of grief into their baggage. For David and Elisabeth, their relationship began when their eyes locked and their gazes held. Elisabeth was awed by David’s quiet inner strength and David was enamored with Elisabeth’s beauty ... such a bonny lass. Liam is likeable from the start; alive, full of excitement and a bit mysterious. Setting sail, they “faced a horizon of possibilities, bounded only by the sky.” David is Liam’s anchor. Liam is David’s motivator. And Elisabeth is the glue that holds the three together. David and Liam owned their own world, but their world was vastly different from Elisabeth’s. Hardships, religion, social status, politics and family members work to break the trio apart. However, a three-fold cord is not easily broken.  Linda Lee Graham captures the essence of the 18th century in her historical fiction novel, Voices Beckon. Her writing style is full of rich dialogues portraying old English terminology mixed with Scottish brogue. The characterization is unhurried, developing with ease and grace. The romance of David and Elisabeth is the nucleus of the story. The plot intensifies as their characters are dramatically challenged. Graham depicts the lives of her characters while revealing important historical events. The narrative’s setting is early America, a time when education was valued and esteemed, family heritage shaped your future, and young men worked diligently to learn a trade. The plot’s progression is reasonably predictable; however, not everything goes as expected. There are a few unexpected turns of events, which heighten the plot and shape the characters. Voices Beckon has a satisfying end. However, there is a subtle hint that there is more to the story.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite Voices Beckon by Linda Lee Graham takes us to the year 1783 where passengers in Bristol are waiting to board a ship that will take them to Philadelphia. Among them are David Graham, Scottish and indentured to a printer; an Englishwoman named Elisabeth who is traveling with her father; and an orphaned Scot named Liam who has a questionable past. Characters that seem to have nothing in common will bond together and be friends forever it seems, until Elisabeth is forced to make a choice. I can hardly imagine what it would have been like to make such a journey as the three passengers in this book did, dealing with seasickness, boredom and other illnesses that can crop up on a ship at any time - and all of this because they seek a new life, a new adventure. How fantastic! The three main characters truly made me feel a bond with them and I enjoyed turning each page and delving deeper into their adventure. Books about emigration can sometimes get a little tedious, but this one surely did not. This is one of my favorite time periods to read about and it makes it tough sometimes for me to get into books. Since it is an area of hobby study for me, I tend to be very picky about the details and I expect them to be correct. It therefore made me very happy to see that Linda Lee Graham did a great deal of research and I felt happily ensconced in this historical fiction because of the right details that gave the book an air of authenticity. I enjoyed every moment and would highly recommend it to my bookish friends.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite Voices Beckon by Linda Lee Graham is a very good fictional book mixed with real life history, starting in 1783 and spanning the next seven years. The story begins as the Industry is leaving Bristol to set sail to America.  While there are many passengers aboard, the reader quickly becomes friends with David, a young man crossing the ocean to become a printer’s apprentice; Liam who is apprenticed to Mr. Oliver who is heading to the new world to start a school. Young Elizabeth and her father are also traveling to Philadelphia and will be living with her grandmother. David, Liam and Elizabeth meet and instantly form a friendship that will last a lifetime. The journey is hard and long. It is filled with storms and sickness, but there are fun times and love as well. David very quickly falls head over heels in love with Elizabeth and she feels the same way about David. Liam is a truly good friend to both of them. Once in Philadelphia, David and Elizabeth are forced to end their relationship, but both continue to miss and love the other. Liam plays the ladies man and spreads his good looks among the young women.   Voices Beckon offers lots of romance and history. Linda Lee Graham has written a book that I really enjoyed. It was so hard to put down and not stay up way past my bedtime to read just a few more chapters. While it took some getting used to reading the scattering of eighteenth-century language it didn’t take a thing away from the book but made it more authentic.  Voices Beckon is a seven-year saga of life in early Philadelphia that brought me right there with David, Elizabeth, Liam and their family and friends. I highly recommend this book and anxiously await the next book in this series.
Bookshelf_Confessions More than 1 year ago
As I always said, I love historical romance, and another wonderful novel drops in my hand..:) The story covers 7 years of Elizabeth, Liam and David¿s life, and I¿ll admit it took me sometime. Boring? No! I find every detail worth reading and enjoying. The author writes thrillingly. You¿re always on the verge of wondering what will happen next. I for example, hadn¿t think about the situations the characters were in. when I though they were going to be fine now, something happens and again I don¿t know what will happen next. It quite remind me of a forbidden love, like sky and earth, where the girl¿s family don¿t approve of the guy, because he¿s poor. Even though, I¿m not hail from England, I appreciate a lot the author¿s use of their language, even making sure that the words used are in accordance with what they portray. This book is well-written and the characters would surely remain in your heart. I love Elizabeth for her intellect, principle and unconditional love. I love David for he¿s hardworking, gentleman, dreamer and loyal. I love Liam for his martyrdom, friendship and loyalty. I think it would be much interesting if at the first or middle of the novel did Liam realize he¿s falling for Elizabeth, when maybe, the time when David is not in Elizabeth¿s side. That way, it would be more tragic, and dramatic. I¿m so bad..:) The book is already filled with drama, romance, friendship and loss. ¿Elizabeth, if there¿s one thing ye learn from me, let it be that ti¿s always better to ask forgiveness than to beg permission¿ -Liam This quote would surely stay forever in my head. It¿s funny, witty and possibly true. Well, you can find lots of witty remarks and inevitable little truths here. I love the ending and the fact that Elizabeth stands her principle not to be bedded before her wedding even if their wedding is the day after.