Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope

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Voices of Hope by Ty Mansfield, Deseret Book Company

An invaluable resource on the topic of same-gender attraction, this unique volume includes six plenary chapters features notable authors and gospel scholars: Brad Wilcox, M. Catherine Thomas, Camille Fronk Olson, Wendy Ulrich, Robert L. Millet, and Michael Goodman. In addition, each chapter includes personal essays or first-person stories of faith and commitment from Latter-day Saints who have dealt with same-gender attraction. Ty Mansfield says, "If you personally experience same-gender attraction, I hope the Spirit will impress upon you the depth of God's love for you, that you will know you belong in His church and kingdom, and that you will know there are many who walk this journey of faith with you."

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ISBN-13: 9781609089696
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 02/06/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 1 MB

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Voices of Hope 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A lie. Plain and simple. The author is simply a gay man married to woman. The only "struggle" he is dealing with is the one he has created for himself, since the church doctrine and leaders who command him to be in a heterosexual marriage also said polygamy is the only gateway to heaven, and those that believe in monogamy are fools, since (again, according to these church apostles and prophets) Rome and Greece fell because of monogamy and homosexuality.
Liv73 More than 1 year ago
This book is such a helpful resource for anyone dealing with same-sex attraction or with a family member or friend who is. It has expert-written chapters that give guidance on how to support others in living a Christ-centered life and how not to. It recalls scriptures and the teachings of Jesus to guide someone experiencing same-sex attraction. It contains the real and emotion-filled essays of many people who are living the gospel of Jesus Christ, despite dealing with same-sex attraction. Many of the truths in this book helped me with my own seemingly unrelated trials. Your hope in Jesus Christ and his power to strengthen and save us in any challenge will grow by leaps and bounds as you read about real people who relied on and are relying on the Savior to live a life dedicated to him. I could not recommend this book more highly. It has been nothing short of a miracle in helping me understand this challenge.
S-Groves More than 1 year ago
Voice(s) of Hope is an insightful book; I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with unwanted SSA (same sex attraction), anyone dealing with trials of any kind, and all the members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Undoubtedly, this book will help those in leadership positions understand this particular issue better. It is a helpful tool, which will educate members of the church, on the challenges of being a member that is attracted to their own sex; as well as the attitudes of some LDS people with unwanted SSA. The book equips us to understand other and ourselves better. The contributors in the book bring hope to LDS wanting to live a life in harmony with the restored gospel while dealing with SSA. It show it is possible to live the gospel and fulfill our purpose on the earth no matter the innate or learned sexual nature. The experiences of those in the book touched my heart and brought me a better understanding of the trials and issues members of the church are facing. Whether, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender this book helps and shows us there is a way to hang on to the gospel in the midst of turmoil. The authors 'voice' reminds us of the power of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. It shows the successes of some who are striving to live a life in harmony with and according to the gospel of Jesus Christ- while dealing with unwanted SSA; it shows us the hope of remaining faithful to that gospel no matter the level of difficulty. Within its pages, the reader is brought to remember that it is possible for ALL the children of God, to enjoy ALL the promised blessings reserved for those that overcome the tests, temptations, and trials of earth-life. No matter which trials we have we can come out victors through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, by taking hold of the atonement and living the gospel. There are a great many members who deal with unwanted SSA and none is alone in their trial. I hope by reading the book many will recognize themselves, find truth, and gain the courage to be among those who overcome the world and themselves and are counted among those who are full of truth, light, and charity. I also highly recommend the book by the same author, "In Quiet Desperation" also a 5 Star read!
LauraLLH More than 1 year ago
I found this book first and foremost an inspirational book for anyone trying to make peace with their individual, unique challenges in an imperfect, uncertain, stress-filled world. I’m one of these people. I took my time reading the book and had several experiences where what was said gave me an idea that helped me with a particular challenge, or I related with a personal story on such a level that I found some peace in not being” the only who’s felt like that”. At one point I was inspired to read in it every day in place of scripture study for a time and had a sweet spiritual experience because of it. You don’t have to experience same sex attraction or even know someone who does in order to be spiritually fed by this book. The principles talked about by loving, learned gospel speakers as well as the life lessons taught by the amazing men and women who live them, apply to anyone trying to make sense of their life and yearning for the spiritual guidance that will help them stay on the path they’ve come to believe they should follow, find a path to follow, or maybe even to just find peace with where they are at right now in their lives. Secondly, this book is unique, overdue, and I hope, a trendsetter! Voices of Hope couldn’t be a better title and I’m looking forward to hearing more of these “voices” in the future! I’ve often felt that people who are attracted to the same sex, for the most part, are the nameless and faceless in our society, especially religious society. And yet, how can we understand, how can we be of help, if those who are attracted to the same sex feel that they can’t approach us? And, with good reason! We need to be more open, and help them to feel comfortable enough to tell their stories to us. Then, we need to be able to act with love, sincerity, and compassion. This was the best “church book” I’ve ever read! All my thanks, love, and admiration go out to Ty for putting this anthology together!