Voices of Virtue: Inspiring Stories of Character

Voices of Virtue: Inspiring Stories of Character

by Randy Traeger



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ISBN-13: 9781940269375
Publisher: Deep River Books
Publication date: 03/12/2015
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 2.60(d)
Age Range: 7 - 12 Years

About the Author

Prior to his death in October 2017, Randy Traeger was the executive director of the Virtue First Foundation. Through his weekly internet broadcasts and speaking engagements around the country, he tackled head-on the moral challenges facing families and young people today. After 35 years as an award-winning high school football coach, he implemented his Virtue First curriculum at the collegiate level as the character coach and defensive line coach for his alma mater, Willamette University in Oregon. Traeger was also a successful businessman (Traeger Grills), and a former mayor and volunteer firefighter for Mt. Angel, Oregon, where he lived with his wife, Lynnette. Randy and Lynette raised seven children.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Stories about:

Chastity 1

To refrain from sexuality that is contrary to ones ethics.

Enthusiasm 3

Intense emotionalism toward an interest or pursuit.

Counsel 5

Advice, opinion, or instruction to a friend needing help.

Enterprise 7

Using one's talents as a means of earning one's livelihood.

Sincerity 9

To be genuine, honest; not falsified or duplicated.

Friendliness 13

Favorably disposed and inclined to be kind and helpful to others.

Gentleness 15

Kindly, amiable, mild-mannered, and respectable.

Honor 17

Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs; to hold in high respect.

Humor 21

The ability to perceive the comic or absurd quality of life. Good temperament.

Self-Discipline 23

Training of one's self, usually for improvement.

Obedience 27

Willingness to comply with or submit to authority.

Morality 31

Conformity to the rules of right and virtuous conduct.

Self-Control 33

Control or restraint of oneself or one's actions or feelings.

Servitude 35

To surrender personal freedom and subject oneself to the will of another.

Modesty 39

The quality of being free from vanity; not boastful; humble.

Tolerance 43

Fair and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions differ from your own.

Truth 45

The actual state of affairs; honest, accurate; verity, platitude.

Initiative 49

The readiness and ability to initiate action.

Kindness 53

Good or benevolent nature; considerate, helpful, humane, gentle, loving.

Knowledge 57

Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles from study.

Leadership 59

The ability to go before others and show them the way; to guide or direct.

Loyalty 63

The state of being faithful to commitments, obligations, causes, and people.

Respect 65

Esteem or deference to a right of another; to honor, be courteous to.

Responsibility 67

Answerable or accountable for one's own actions.

Self-Respect 69

Proper esteem or regard for the dignity of ones own character.

Patriotism 73

Devoted love, support, and defense of one's country.

Suffering a Cause 77

To undergo a penalty, pain, or loss in defending a principle or movement.

Faithfulness 79

True to one's word, promise, allegiance, or affection; to be loyal and constant.

Surrender 83

To yield to the possession or power of another person, influence, or course.

Tenacity 85

Being tough, not giving up, coming back time and time again.

Understanding 91

To grasp the significance, importance, or meaning of.

Poise 93

Keeping a dignified, composed manner, even under stress.

Prudence 97

Being wise and judicious in planning practical and future affairs.

Justice 99

What is right, righteous, guided by truth, reason, and fairness.

Fortitude 101

Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty and adversity.

Temperance 103

Moderation or self-restraint in action.

Faith 107

Belief, confidence, or trust in a person or thing, not based on proof.

Hope 109

To look forward; to believe and trust that events will work out as desired.

Love 115

Affectionate concern for the well-being of others.

Courage 121

The ability to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear.

Empathy 127

Vicariously experiencing the feelings, emotions, or attitudes of others.

Generosity 131

Readiness or liberality in giving to those in need.

Humility 137

Having a modest estimate of one's own importance; not proud.

Integrity 141

Adherence to moral principles. Congruence in thought, spoken word, and deed.

Charity 143

Benevolent feeling toward those in need; generous actions.

Patience 147

The ability to suppress restlessness when delayed; waiting without complaint.

Thankfulness 153

Feeling or expressing gratitude or appreciation.

Sacrifice 159

Surrender of something prized for the sake of something of higher value.

Wisdom 165

The ability to discern what is true or right; judicious and learned.

Service 169

An act of helpful activity or aid.

Joy 173

Great delight or happiness caused by something good.

Moderation 177

The act of restraining one's self; avoiding extremes; temperance.

Notes 179

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“Coach Traeger's passion for virtue could change the world. This book will change your life . . . because that is what virtue has been doing since the beginning of time.” -Justin Fatica, international speaker and best-selling author of Hard as Nails

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