Although the importance of sulfur compounds to the flavor and off-flavor characteristics of foods is well known, achieving a complete understanding of how this group of compounds contributes to specific food products has been challenging due to their high reactivity, low sensory thresholds, and low concentration in food systems. Due to the advancement of modern analytical instrumentation with improved sensitivity and reliability, new knowledge on volatile sulfur compounds has been accumulating at a rapid rate. This book brings together intelligent insights and approaches from prominent scientists in the fields of food and flavor to bring a deep understanding about the flavor contributions of sulfur compounds.

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ISBN-13: 9780841226166
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 03/14/2012
Series: ACS Symposium Series , #1068
Pages: 368
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About the Author

Michael C. Qian is Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Oregon State University.

Xuetong Fan is affiliated with the Eastern Regional Research Center at the Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Kanjana Mahattanatawee is a faculty member in the Department of Food Technology at Siam University.

Table of Contents


1. The Significance of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Food Flavors
Robert J. McGorrin

Volatile Sulfur Analysis
2. Challenges and Artifact Concerns in Analysis of Volatile Sulfur Compounds
Eric Block
3. The Role of Separation in the Identification of Trace Aroma Compounds
J. Lin, Y. Wang, P. L. Perry, E. Frerot, A. Rada, and J. Impellizzeri
4. Emerging Analytical Techniques for the Assessment of Aroma Relevant Sulfur Compounds in Coffee
Luigi Poisson, Christine Hug, Juerg Baggenstoss, Imre Blank, and Josef Kerler
5. Progress on Volatile Sulfur Compound Analysis in Wine
Peter M. Davis and Michael C. Qian

Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Food Systems
6. Recent Advances in Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Cheese: Thiols and Thioesters
A. M. Sourabié, H.-E. Spinnler, A. Saint-Eve, P. Bonnarme, and S. Landaud
7. Contribution of Volatile Sulfur Compounds to the Characteristic Aroma of Roasted Garlic
Keith Cadwallader, David Potts, Laura Brisske-BeVier, and Samira Mirarefi
8. Analysis of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Swiss Cheese Using Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS)
W. James Harper, Nurdan A. Kocaoglu-Vurma, Cheryl Wick, Karen Elekes, and Vaughan Langford
9. Volatile Compounds of the Genus Allium L. (Onions)
Prof. Dr. Michael Keusgen
10. Sulfur Compounds in Still and Sparkling Wines and in Grappa: Analytical and Technological Aspects
Bruno Fedrizzi, Giuseppe Versini, Roberto Ferrarini, Fabio Finato, Giorgio Nicolini, and Franco Magno

Volatile Sulfur Compound Formation in Food Systems
11. Determination of Volatile Sulfur Compounds Formed by the Maillard Reaction of Glutathione with Glucose
Sang Mi Lee and Young-Suk Kim
12. Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Foods as a Result of Ionizing Radiation
Xuetong Fan, Eun Joo Lee, and Dong Ahn
13. Volatile Compounds Formed from the Interaction between Organoselenium and Sulfur Compounds
Guor-Jien Wei and Chi-Tang Ho
14. Analysis and Formation of Key Sulfur Aroma Compounds in Wine
M. J. Herderich, I. L. Francis, M. Ugliano, T. E. Siebert, and D. W. Jeffery

Sensory and Bioactivity of Volatile Sulfur Compounds
15. Understanding Aroma Impact of Four Important Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Oregon Pinot Noir Wine
I-Min Tsai and Mina R. McDaniel
16. Antimicrobial Activity of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Foods
Kyu Hang Kyung
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