Volume 5: Sun Tzu's Art of War Playbook: Mistakes

Volume 5: Sun Tzu's Art of War Playbook: Mistakes

by Gary Gagliardi, Sun Tzu


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This is Volume Five (30 articles) of our Art of War Rule Book. This part of the Rule Book focuses on Sun Tzu's principles for avoiding the most common strategic mistakes and minimizing the size of potential errors. His method is for avoiding mistakes lies in choosing the least risky ways to explore an opportunity.

As with the original work, the Playbook repeatedly references related concepts again and again in different competitive contexts. However, unlike the original, these articles explain these concepts in detail and illustrates them with examples from modern competition. This provides an understanding of Sun Tzu you can only get otherwise from years of study. While the original Art of War was originally written for military generals who understood the philosophical concepts of ancient China, the Art of War Playbook is written for today's readers and provide enough descriptive material so that Sun Tzu's ideas can actually be used in everyday life.

Because of its size and detail, the Playbook is published in nine volumes. This is the fifth volume. It contains a review of the previous volumes so that readers can understand the larger context of the work. The concepts covered in this volume are listed below:

Rule Book Overview
About Positions
About Mistakes
5.0.0 Minimizing Mistakes
5.1.0 Mission Priorities
5.1.1 Event Pressure
5.1.2 Unproductive Responsibility
5.2.0 Opportunity Exploration
5.2.1 Choosing Adaptability
5.2.2 Campaign Methods
5.2.3 Unplanned Steps
5.3.0 Reaction Time
5.3.1 Speed and Quickness
5.3.2 Opportunity Windows
5.3.3 Information Freshness
5.4.0 Minimizing Action
5.4.1 Testing Value
5.4.2 Successful Mistakes
5.5.0 Focused Power
5.5.1 Force Size
5.5.2 Distance Limitations
5.5.3 Evaluation Deadlines
5.6.0 Defensive Advances
5.6.1 Defense Priority
5.6.2 Acting Now 162
The Art of War Rule Book Series
About the Translator and Author
Other Art of War Books by Gary Gagliardi
Glossary of Key Concepts

The Nine Parts of the Rule Book cover the following topics:
1. Positions,
2. Perspective,
3. Opportunities,
4. Probability,
5. Mistakes,
6. Situations,
7. Momentum,
8. Rewards, and
9. Vulnerabilities.

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About the Author

Gary Gagliardi is a multiple award-winning author, successful high-tech entrepreneur, an internationally-known strategic trainer, and America's leading authority on the ancient Chinese system of Sun Tzu.

Among his accomplishments are:
- Authoring over two dozen books on technology, business, marketing, and self-help, with ten of his books winning award recognition in eleven different non-fiction categories,
- Appearing as a strategy expert on hundreds of radio and TV shows all across the country,
- Fournder and 14-year CEO of an Inc. 500 software company focusing on large organization logistics with offices across the U.S. and in Europe,
- Having his books have been translated into a dozen different languages and published around the world with his translation of Sun Tzu's used as the basis for translation into other languages,
- Speaking all over the world and training the employees of some of the world's largest organizations in competitive strategy.

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