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4.1 15
by Juliana Garnett

She was the enemy he must destroy—no matter how much he wanted her....

Let the rich, dazzling voice of Juliana Garnett wrap you in the passion and pageantry of another time—and the tale of two well-defended hearts that must finally surrender...to desire.

She vowed she'd never yield...to the treachery of his plans or the heat of his passion....



She was the enemy he must destroy—no matter how much he wanted her....

Let the rich, dazzling voice of Juliana Garnett wrap you in the passion and pageantry of another time—and the tale of two well-defended hearts that must finally surrender...to desire.

She vowed she'd never yield...to the treachery of his plans or the heat of his passion....

Sent by William of Normandy to quell a brazen Saxon rebellion, Luc Louvat believed his mission would be easily accomplished. For what foolish Saxon lord had any hope of triumphing against an army of seasoned Norman knights?

But the great warrior was in for a shock...surprised first by the ferocious battle the wily old lord waged—and then by what he discovers when he meets his adversary face-to-face: no crusty, aging nobleman this, but an exquisite princess with a face as fragile as a flower—and a will as steely as the sword she wields.

Suddenly Luc finds he's waging a dangerous new war...aimed at the defenses of a fierce Saxon beauty who threatens to conquer his warrior's heart.

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"A brilliant tapestry interweaving shimmering threads of mysticism, intrigue, gallantry, passion, honor and love into a medieval tale that will hold you enthralled till the end."
—Romantic Times


"An opulent and sensuous tale of unbridled passions. I couldn't stop reading."
—Bertrice Small, author of The Love Slave

"Filled with the passion and pageantry of medieval times. An exciting read!"
—Susan Wiggs, author of Dancing on Air

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Luc stared at his adversary, his fury fading into amazement.  It was not possible...but the evidence filled his palm, soft and tempting, and unmistakably rounded.  He slowly drew his hand from beneath the armor, his voice rough:

"You are no stripling lad."

The girl's eyebrow arched in feigned surprise, and her full mouth curled into a scornful smile.  "Your intellect is superior to your prowess on the field of battle, Sir Knight.  Bested by a mere maid—how will your reputation fare in William's court now?"

"Be 'ware of whose temper you prod—and keep in mind that 'tis my dagger at your throat this time.  Your battle is lost."

"I could not forget.  Not with my father's men dead all around me."  Bitterness tinged her husky voice as her gaze skimmed the scene around them, and her blue eyes darkened with pain.  For the first time, he noticed that blood dripped from a shallow cut on her forehead.

Luc sheathed his dagger and picked up his sword, holding it out with lowered tip to indicate his inclination to mercy.  "You are my hostage.  Take me to your lord so that I may accept his surrender."

Soft laughter met his demand.  "That is impossible."

"For your sake, it had best not be."  Luc's words were clipped.  "I deal harshly with those who refuse my commands."

"You and William are cut from the same cloth, then."

"Do not whine to me of ill treatment.  Complain instead to your father, who took William's oath only to break it.  'Twould have been better had he not taken it at all than to dishonor his sworn word.  At least then he could have kept the king's respect."

"The bastard duke of Normandy deserves no respect.  Nay, and Lord Balfour never broke a sworn bond in his life, so do not speak ill of him now."

Impatient, Luc shook his head.  "You bandy words, when 'tis Balfour who should offer his own defense.  I would meet the man responsible for the deaths of good men, and I would meet him now.  Take me to Lord Balfour immediately, or it will go harshly with you and all in your hall."

After a moment of taut silence, the girl shrugged her shoulders.  A gust of wind teased the golden hair that rippled down her back and over her arms.  A faint smile played on her lips.  If not for her obvious female attributes he might still think her a young lad, for the timbre of her voice was low and rich.  "Since you insist, brave knight, I will take you to him."

She turned, head held high, to indicate the narrow path leading away from the vault.  She possessed the confident grace of a young doe, a wild creature standing in the midst of the tangled trees and stones.  When Luc did not move immediately, she glanced back over her shoulder at him.  Her voice purred, sultry and provocative.

"Poor Norman knight—do you fear treachery?  If I thought 'twould serve me, I would lead you into a trap, but I know you are right and the battle is lost."

"It is not fear of treachery that delays me, but kindness that bids me warn you not to play me false, or you will soon regret it."

Her response was a throaty laugh and eloquent shrug of one shoulder as she said, "'Tis traitors who fear treachery most, I think."

"My lord," Remy spoke up quietly, "do not go alone.  I do not trust her."

"Nor I, Remy.  Search the grounds, then join me.  I do not think there are enough Saxons left to spring a trap, but neither do I put faith in them blindly."

Luc followed the maid down a narrow, weed-choked path to a small stone cairn tucked beneath a bower of young trees.  There she swung around to face him with an unreadable expression on her lovely features.  He came to an abrupt halt, glancing about the deserted grove.  Fallen leaves cluttered the ground and rustled dryly beneath their feet, and the musty smell of death permeated the air around them.

"What is this, demoiselle?  A ruse to delay me while your father escapes?"

Her soft laugh sounded more bitter than amused.  "Nay, he has already escaped invading Normans.  But you are welcome to follow him.  Indeed, I pray that you do."  When he scowled and took a step toward her, she swept out an arm to indicate the pile of stones.  "Lord Balfour awaits your company, Sir Knight."

Luc stared at her mocking face, the slight smile twisting her lips, and suddenly he understood.

"How long has the lord been dead?"

"Three moons have waxed and waned since Balfour joined his fathers."

"Then you will tell me who is lord in his place.  I want the man responsible for the death of Sir Simon, and this rebellion against William."

Draping her slender body against the stone cairn, the girl's gaze did not leave his face.  "That person is before you, Norman.  Do your worst."

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Vow 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story was good but could have been written better. Nearly no sex which is fine. Took too long to identify with the characters. Not enough background given to sympathize. Descriptions in general were brief. Lots of characters, too little descriptions made it confusing. Actual story about 275 pages with about 100 pages of excerpts from 7 other books.
AmandaZLinnea More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book - thumbs up!!
ChrissySC More than 1 year ago
I loved the historical overtones to this story as well as the physical setting. There was a nice balance between the sexual, the romatic, and the action. I truly enjoyed Luc. If you enjoy a setting such as this one, you will truly enjoy the book. This is one to "chalk up" for Scotish-based romances.
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
1062. At sixteen Ceara is a woman in the eyes of countrymen but she is also considered a bad tempered she-wolf and possibly a women who conspires with the devil because of her bad temper and wicked tongue. She's not pleased of the shaky truce with the Normans and tries to convince her father so, but for her being a woman she isn't listened. So the day comes when the Normans do arrive lead by Luc Louvat, a Knight without land, a bastard son of a Lord, if he can win Wulfridge from the stubborn Saxons he can keep it. But Wulfridge doesn't fall easily, and it isn't until the cunning wit of the Knight that they infiltrate the castle only to notice that they'd battled not against a Lord, but a Lord's wicked daughter. Ceara belittles and smites Luc with her wicked tongue and seriously tries his patience and gets him angrier than he has ever been, but there is something else about the fair-haired maiden that raises emotions, but it isn't anything he wants to further explore. With as many tricks as Ceara has in her pocket he's wise to be cautious as he begins to transport the Lord's daughter to the King's court to lay her at his mercy. But it turns out it's not so easy to hate when you feel more elaborate emotions, electricity running between them drawing the two stubborn together, and the two fight to figure out what they want and what they need and wither those two just might intersect eventually and what would have to be sacrificed for that. Ceara does seem her age in her emotions of invulnerability and in her teenage hormones, but she also has the side of a woman who has been through war and seen blood, and not being a stranger to a sword. She's not your frail maiden type, but an honest to god saxon warrior princess. Luc comes off harsh and controlled but it's yummy to read his resolves crack around her and her temper. She keeps tempting him, shunning him and purring for pleasure and it's fun to see him control on how to react to her. I love historical novels, there is something about the brute ways and swords and the knights taking what belongs to them, but doing it while falling in love with the heroine! A temper filled, headstrong journey with passion that simmers to a boil as fast as you can draw your sword and hack down the enemy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
The Vow by Juliana Garnett If you enjoy the history of medieval England you'll enjoy The Vow. Juliana brings to life the wars between the Saxons and Normans. Between Kings and peasants. Between a woman who wants a man and a woman who wants to save her home and lands. Fealty or death. Ceara, which is pronounced Keera, tries to talk her father into fighting against William of Normandy rather then joining him but he refuses. Ceara is strong willed and capable of fighting but her father has the final word. Sheba, her beautiful white wolf, is her best and only friend as well as her protector. After he dies the Saxon rebel will do all she can to protect what is hers. Luc Louvat was betrayed by his family. His father disinherited him and his brother betrayed him. As a Knight of William's he is found faithful and trustworthy. William sends him on a mission to conquer the Saxon Lord who has attacked Sir Simon. Luc heads to Wulfridge with all his warrior pride knowing that his band of Norman Knights will easily overtake the old Baron. Only he soon finds a knife at his throat. He did not take the young lad seriously and with his guard down the lad gets the upper hand. He notices the lack of strength and tiredness and soon reverses the situation and something niggles at his mind. As he presses his hand behind the lads armor he finds in disbelief that he is dealing with a lass. The Saxon Princess fights with all she has until she realizes she has no more to give. Her people have been overtaken and even the innocent unarmed servants have been slaughtered. Ceara had sent Sheba into hiding but as she is taken to York, to William, she hears her pet and escapes to find her. Luc follows her and to keep her under his thumb he only has to threaten her pet. When Luc found out she had been married he decides to give into his desire for the lovely rebel. He does not trust her or believe her that she had been married but was yet a maid. He was wrong. When facing William it is proven that Sir Simon had been wrong and William offers to find her a husband. She confesses she had her maidenhood stolen from her on the trip and when Luc confesses then William decides the two will marry as it will join Saxon and Norman. Lady Amelie is not pleases. She did not want Luc before but now that he has become the Earl of Wulfridge she wants him. Power and greed seemed to rule and it was hard to know who could be trusted or who would betray you. Contains sexual situations Book received for review from NetGalley