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Judas Priest fans expecting former lead singer Rob Halford to unleash a new extreme-metal band (like his post-Priest project Fight) will be disappointed with his new outfit, Two. Although Two does inherit some of Priest's metal riffs and overall power, this is an almost completely electronic affair. Halford's vocals are still unmistakable, but there's less high-pitched shrieking (i.e., the Priest album Painkiller) and more of the singing/talking/screaming style that the techno genre demands. Two also tackle Tool's demented alternative, evidenced in the near progressive track "Stutter Kiss" (with elements of latter-day David Bowie added as well). The overtly melodic "Water's Leaking" is musical territory that Judas Priest would never have permitted Halford to explore, yet "Leave Me Alone" sounds an awful lot like electro-Priest. Although many techno fans will automatically see the album's opening "I Am a Pig" and think of Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral (which included the titles "Piggy" and "March of the Pigs"), Two's debut Voyeurs is a much more straightforward album.

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Release Date: 03/10/1998
Label: Interscope Records
UPC: 0606949015527
catalogNumber: 90155


  1. I Am a Pig  -  Two
  2. Stutter Kiss  -  Two
  3. Water's Leaking  -  Two
  4. My Ceiling's Low  -  Two
  5. Leave Me Alone  -  Two
  6. If  -  Two
  7. Deep in the Ground  -  Two
  8. Hey, Sha la La  -  Two
  9. Wake Up  -  Two
  10. Gimp  -  Two
  11. Bed of Rust  -  Two

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