Wack Water Fun with Science

Wack Water Fun with Science


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Wack Water Fun with Science by Ed Sobey, Bill Burg, Edwin J. Sobey

Set sail for tons of slip-sliding science adventure. (Just add water). When kids from all over told Ed Sobey that they just couldn't wait to dive into another one of his awesome science activity books, he took them at their word...literally. So get ready to dive (and splash, sink, and sail too). You asked for it, after all. Wacky Water Fun with Science features everything (even the kitchen sink) you'll ever need to totally immerse yourself in all things wet, wild, and altogether wonderful. Inspiring curious kids to find their own answers and solutions to all their questions about the wonderful world of water, this lively and educational collection of projects promises hours of slippery fun at home, at school—even at the beach! Ideal for kids 10 and up, these fascinating projects include: building waterwheels and turbines; making a miniature salty ocean; blowing bubbles and studying water's surface tension; experimenting with buoyancy, pressure, and temperature; constructing wind-powered, balloon-powered, and battery-powered boats; building your own water clocks and underwater viewers. With Wacky Water Fun with Science, tomorrow's sailors, oceanographers, and water engineers can literally get their feet (and everything else!) wet as they discover the exhilaration and rewards of independent exploration. Sobey's latest treasury also features invaluable navigational aids that guarantee maximum results, detailed explanations of the physical principles involved, and suggestions for transforming the activities into prize-winning science fair projects. So roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, and brace yourself for a tidal wave of hydro-powered learning excitement with WackyWater Fun with Science.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071348096
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 12/20/1999
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)
Age Range: 10 Years

About the Author

Ed Sobey, Ph.D., is an oceanographer and president of the Northwest Invention Center. He has directed five museums and hosted ABC-TV's popular kids' science program, Idea Factory. Sobey is the author of several children's books, including Fantastic Flying Fun with Science, Just Plane Smart, Car Smarts, and Wrapper Rockets and Trombone Straws.

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Your Bearings.
Launching on a Sea of Exploration.
Converting Fun Experiments Into Science Fair Projects.
Part II: Wet & Wild Demonstrations.
Sticky Water.
More Sticky Water.
Pepper Break Out.
Make Steel Float.
Bubbles Galore!
Suck It Up.
Suck It Up in a Straw.
Chirping Atomizer.
Make Your Own Ocean, Part II.
Make Your Own Salty Ocean, Part III.
Rescue an Egg.
Making Waves.
An Amazing Hold-Up.
Trick Your Friends.
Bend Light with a Glass of Water.
Pour a Glass of Light.
Part III: Building Boats, Subs, Water Wheels, & More.
Making Boats.
Balloon Power.
Electric Boat.
Dive, Dive, Dive.
Waterwheels and Turbines.
Whirlpool in a Bottle.
Send a Note in a Bottle.
Make a Water Magnifier.
Making an Underwater Viewer.
Make a Water Clock.
Crossword Puzzle Glossary.

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