by A. L. Jackson


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"5 but should be 10 beautiful, broken, brilliant, and imperfectly perfect stars." Karen, Bookalicious Babes Blog

"It is a book that consumes your soul and keeps you entranced with every turn of the page. Pure brilliance...A huge 5+++ stars and very highly recommended." MJ Fryer

From NYT & USA Today bestselling author comes a new Bleeding Stars stand-alone novel...

She is his strength and he is her weakness. And this time he won't let her go.

Edie Evans is gorgeous.
She's also the definition of off-limits.
But that didn't stop me from sneaking into her room to comfort her at night.

But guys like me? We destroy everything, so it should have been no surprise when I destroyed us, too.
The night I sent her running, I thought I'd never see her again.
Until I saw her standing like a vision in the crowd.

Austin Stone is dangerous.
He broke my heart and I refused to give him the chance to do it again.

It's been years since I've seen him, and now I can't do anything but stare at the gorgeous, tattooed man playing onstage. I should run. I know I should. But like a fool, I run straight back to him.

Our desire is overpowering.
Our need unrelenting.

She is my hope.
He is my weakness.
We should have known a passion this intense would burn us right into the ground.

"6 Stars! Wait is equally devastating and beautiful! A.L. Jackson has a way of pouring words onto a page that makes you crave every piece of a story, even after the words have ended." Molly McAdams, NYT bestselling author

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ISBN-13: 9781938404986
Publisher: A.L. Jackson Books Inc.
Publication date: 08/11/2016
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad. Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, as well as the newest BLEEDING STARS novels. Watch for the next installments, WAIT and STAY, coming in 2016. If she's not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book. Be sure not to miss new releases and sales from A.L. Jackson - Sign up to receive her newsletter http://bit.ly/NewsFromALJackson or text "jackson" to 96000 to receive short but sweet updates on all the important news.

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Wait 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Characters were interesting.
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
☀Minor Spoilers Alert!☀ Austin's secret was enough to crush anybody, holy wow! And it sucked donkey balls that Edie experienced what she did and at such a young age too. But these two damaged souls found solace and hope in each other as teens and became friends who later reconnected in their twenties and had the courage to take their friendship to the next level. I read their love story in dual audiobook and e-book formats. I loved listening to Zachary Webber narrate Austin's POV and then I'd pull out my e-reader to highlight favorite scenes like the one below: ♥ “Do you feel that?” “What?” “Me.” I caressed his twisted brow. “I’ve always felt you.” He exhaled, wrapped me up, and rolled us to our sides. We lay in the middle of his bed, tangled.” ♥ I'll be reading Ash's love story next in this series. Stay (Bleeding Stars #5) has an anticipated e-book release date of January 23, 2017.
Teewee125 More than 1 year ago
such an amazingly story of trust and understanding. Austin and Edit have such a special bond. They understand each other like no one else. They each carry a secret and have built walls around to keep them from getting out. Edit trusts no one except Austin but Austin cannot let go of the past in order to live for the future. But will this bond they share allow them to let go of the past and finally be free.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Wait is a story about healing old wounds and starting a new beginning at life and love... I have not read any of the other books in the Bleeding Stars series, but after reading Wait, I'm definitely going to pick them up. At the beginning of the book we get to meet Austin Stone when he is about to go onstage to perform. Right in the middle of his song he sees the girl that he has always loved, yet what they've both went through separated them until fate brought them back again. Now he needs to figure out what happened to Edie Evans after they've gone their separate ways and figure out how to win her back. It has been years since he last saw her, but his own demons have gotten the best of him over the years and his loss has prevented him from been able to move forward. Wanting to stay away from his family while he recovered from his past, he starts a career of his own using what he knows best, singing. While his brother and his band are famous singers, and living the life of their dreams in Hollywood, Austin is not ready for that type of fame, and that's what he keeps telling himself. Yet his good looks and mysterious personality is what keep girls coming to him. But there is one girl that he has always had feelings for, but helping her move on from her past has gotten harder than he thought. Meanwhile, Edie Evans has been struggling to move on from her past for the past couple of years, ever since a traumatic experienced changed her life, she has been trying to start new ever since she ran away from home. No one knows what truly happened to her expect for the boy that once stood by her side all those years ago, but wanting to protect him she had to let him go. Now that they've been brought together, she doesn't know if they could ever have a relationship between hurting one another in the end. I enjoyed reading Wait, the writing in the book was unique, and so were the characters. Though we slowly find out what truly happened to the characters, it still managed to keep me intrigued. The plot has a lot of twist and turns that will definitely keep you reading non stop. As far as the characters go, they are both damaged souls that once they're together they are able to help each other move on. Austin is not only good looking, but he also is sweet and caring. His love for Edie is what had me rooting for them until the very end. Overall, if you're looking for a good romance story filled with a few rock stars and music in general, than I would highly recommend reading this book. :) ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.***
Stacyotr More than 1 year ago
Wait it's the fourth book in the Bleeding Stars series. All I can say is wow! I didn't think I could love anyone more than Sebastian and then along came Lyrik and now Austin. Who would've thought such a story could unfold as this. Austin is so broken and even with the love and support from his brother, Sebastian, he feels utterly lost and alone. He has settled into the fact that he will live with his past sins and regrets and isn't worthy. Then one day the cries from another broken and hurt soul call to him like a beacon of light. Edie, Ash's sister, is the one thing Austin never expected. These two broken teenagers found each other and began to mend their shattered hearts. Their past pain absolutely shattered my heart. Trying to protect Edie, Austin ended up hurting her more and crushing her completely causing her to run. Which in turn was what caused Austin to leave Sebastian and go "find himself." Four years later fate brings these two back together in a firestorm of emotions. The pain, love and anguish are palpable on the pages. Edie doesn't know if she can ever let go and trust Austin again. Austin loves her and will always "wait." My heart turned to mush when Austin spoke his heart to Edie. "I'm so f#*~ing sorry, Edie. I know I wrecked it. That I wrecked us. For the last four years, I've woken up every single day regretting it. I went to sleep wishing I could take it back. But right here.... with me....this is where you're supposed to be. Where you've always belonged." You will be pulled in hard and won't want to let go. There's so much to their story that unfolds. I was an absolute blubbering mess at the end of this book, but my heart was completely full. Wait is most definitely five stars that were well worth the wait!! Sent from my iPhone
Steph_O More than 1 year ago
Don't miss out on the fun of reading about the boys of Sunder! Every book I have read by A.L. Jackson is full of emotion and love. Wait is no exception! Austin and Edie's story grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go. Their story is the tale of two people who are fighting their past mistakes as they try to stay together while learning to live with the past mistakes they have made. If you haven't started reading the Bleeding Stars series I highly recommend it.
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
I wasn't such a fool that I didn't realize the two of us were messed up. Nothing but a mess of shattered, broken pieces that had been scattered and mixed together. I could only pray together, somehow, this time, we could make them fit. There are authors that write feel-good books, light-hearted reads that are guaranteed to lift you up and make you smile. Then, there are the other ones, the ones that take you to the depths, tossing you right into the eye of the storm where the characters dwell. In my experience, there aren't many authors that can write an 'angsty-as-heck, tear you all up, then piece you back together' book any better than A.L. Jackson. Every time I open one and begin it, I think, surely this time people won't be so broken. Surely there are some people that haven't suffered so much that you can feel it come right off the page. But no. Amy is nothing if not an expert at crafting these stories so beautifully, so artfully, that you can't wait to trek through the anguish right along with her characters, knowing that the trip will be so worthwhile and rewarding in the end. WAIT is the fourth book in the Bleeding Stars series, and we finally, finally get Austin Stone's story. Austin has made an appearance in the prior books of the series, but here, in this book, is the heart of what has defined Austin. He's suffered for most of his life, carrying a burden of guilt that no one person should have to shoulder. He's beautifully broken, enduring his demons alone, until her. Until Edie. Carrying a shameful secret that will stay with her for years, she's a beacon to Austin, the other half of himself. Together they build a shelter against their painful pasts, protecting each other from the things that haunt them, until a devastating betrayal sends Edie running from everything they've created. WAIT is beautifully written, full of the raw emotion that I've come to expect and love from Amy. My heart broke and was healed with Austin and Edie, sharing the loss and celebrating the love and healing right along with them. There really aren't enough stars for this book, and it is absolutely one of my favorite reads of 2016. I can't recommend this whole series enough, and I cannot wait for STAY, the next book to come. Please, add these to your TBR, because they are not to be missed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars I don't know about you, but I simply adore a good healthy hit of emotion in a story. A.L. Jackson never fails to deliver just that. Wait though, is in a league of its own as the feels are pelted down on you from all angles and you are bowled over by a firestorm of emotion as you are drawn into the lives of two devastatingly broken characters who are only able to find solace in the arms of one another. Just wait until you get to know Austin Stone and Edie Evans better. A.L. Jackson does tragically damaged like no other, but when Austin and Edie come together, the pain and destruction is on a whole new level. The need for Austin's story has consumed me since we met the poor boy hiding behind his hoodie with an obliterated spirit seeking shelter from his pain in the duplicitous arms of drugs in the first book of the series. Like me, you may have thought you knew Austin's pain, but what we know from previous books doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Add in a trauma, a betrayal, and a secret from Edie's past and there is no stopping the floodgates as the devastation rises as surely as the tides. As always the pages of Wait come alive with such beautifully written words, absolutely poetic prose, and an intoxicatingly flowing and evocative narrative. A.L. Jackson weaves a story unlike any other as you are whisked away by a tale so captivating and lyrical you can't help but be enthralled by the characters and caught up in the stirring story. As if a story like this isn't intense enough, then there is the epilogue and the feels to end all feels! I thought I did pretty well reigning in all of the potent emotions arising from every facet of this story, but then that epilogue hits and watch out! Have some tissues handy, here come the water works! All that being said, I do have something pretty important to admit. As you may know, this book was previously planned with a different title. I have to say I was really pretty upset and pretty staunchly against this impending change when I first heard of it as the first title had been planned for quite some time and fit so perfectly with the rest of the series. But, now after reading Wait, I'm not too proud to admit, I absolutely love this new title as well as the beautiful and profound meaning behind it. Wait is a heartbreaking yet wonderfully heartwarming second chance romance like no other. The perfect story for Baz's little brother, the perfect balm for Austin's wounded soul, the perfect complement and partner for both Austin and Edie. Not at all what I was expecting from their story, yet so much more than I could have hoped for.
SweetSexyEscape More than 1 year ago
This is a standalone, but for the first quarter of the book you will feel like you are missing something, but stick with it. Do you believe in soulmates or that there is someone out there that truly completes you? That its like when you are together you feel whole. This book will make you feel every heartbreaking detail about Austin & Edie's past. You will get to see how these to have a connection that runs so deep that you will almost be jealous. This story is one of pain, hope & healing. It was amazing & now I will be one-clicking the rest of the series.
Jill_S More than 1 year ago
AL Jackson's Bleeding Stars Series is one of my favorite series ever. It is a stormy, poetic, lyrical series that buries itself into your soul and just makes you bleed emotions right along with every broken character you encounter. To say that I was anxiously awaiting Austin's story, Wait, would be an understatement. But the WAIT was well worth it ;) Wait was another book that just made you FEEL. That had you riding the waves of the sea as the storm of their emotions erupted around you. Austin and Edie are both beautifully and tragically broken characters. Both have seen things in their lives that you wish you could take away from them. I want to go back and wrap their younger selves in my arms and protect them from the tragic experiences that they endured and still live with today. But you know what? They have found each other. They were drawn right away to each other. But they are so broken that though their connection is strong it is also easily broken. And once it is Edie runs and stays hidden for years. Austin soon runs from his family after that saying he needs time to grow and find himself. But as luck or fate would have it. Austin and Edie find one another again and this time Austin is not going to let her get away. I was utterly lost in this second chance love story. It is a powerful story of healing and forgiveness. Of finding oneself and trusting oneself. Of learning to move forward and accept and admit your past. It is raw. It is real. And the words were just beautiful. I highly recommend this book. It is a must read, just like the rest of this series. Do. Not. Wait. Read, read, read! I received a complimentary copy of Wait in exchange for my honest review.
SarahJD82 More than 1 year ago
Austin Stone's story has been one of my most highly anticipated books, since the moment I read about him in A Stone in the Sea.  That poor, broken boy in the hoodie pulled on my heartstrings.  His pain was incredibly a siren's call, leading me to a story that would surely destroy me.  I got that, and more, in Wait. Austin and Edie each had pasts that made my soul ache for them.  Things that had happened to them when they were so young, it was no wonder they lived the way they did.  Each finding a way to protect themselves from any sort of real connection.  Both knowing the only way they'd ever be whole was in the arms of the other.  Their story was heartbreaking, destroying, healing. The characters in this book were so well developed; it felt as they'd been plucked from their lives and forced into the pages of a book.  From their speech patterns to the way they held themselves each character was unique, there was no cut and paste formula going on in this book.  Told in dual perspective, Wait is from the POVs of Austin and Edie, and each of their chapters had an individual voice.  There was something rough around the edges about the way Austin's chapters were written, while Edie's were sweet, reserved, wholly her.  It was a masterful bit of characterization. Wait wasn't as high on the present action as the previous books in this series have been.  It more than made up for it in the way the past was presented, and how those moments were weaved into their impact on the current state of the relationships between Austin, Edie, and their friends and family.  The way AL Jackson made the mistakes, the pain, and the damage of the past color every second of Austin and Edie's present was powerful. The very best part of this book, however, was the growth arc the characters completed.  I was absolutely blown away with how much Austin and Edie learned from each other.  From the mistakes, they'd made in the past.  From the damage of holding on to their pain.  The final chapter of this book was incredibly powerful.  It was a soul-shaking moment.  It was perfection. AL Jackson never disappoints.  Never.  Especially not with this book.  Her writing draws me in in a way I can't properly explain.  There's a pull to the characters, a connection to them, that not many authors can capture.  When she writes it's more than a story, she uses her words to capture the very essence of what it feels to be in someone else's soul.  There's nothing quite like it.
sugarpine721 More than 1 year ago
The worse thing about a new AL Jackson book is I wait for what seems like forever to read a new release and then I read cover to cover in one sitting ... so I am back to waiting for the next release. She is by far one of my favorite authors. Every one of her books is on my favorites list. This one is just another one in a long list of her books that I love. Her writing in always captivating, her characters rich and deeply developed. This was a hard one...two tortured souls with so much pain and damage. I wasn't sure how things were going to work out. But in true AL Jackson fashion she built a story with so much feeling you were quickly absorbed and invested in the outcome and thankfully everything works out in the end. I love this author...she is truly gifted!
TheVegasReader More than 1 year ago
I received an e-ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. A.L. Jackson reminds me each time I pick up one of her books why she is one of my favorite authors and why I love her books so much. Her writing is addictive. It draws you in like a sweet lullaby, so poetic and lyrical. I knew before I ever picked up Wait that it was going to be one of the most torturous and emotional reads in the series. But nothing could have prepared me for Austin and Edie's story. If you've read the first three books in the series you know a bit about Austin's struggles and his past. He is such a tortured soul, but he is trying to do better, to grow up, and make his brother Baz proud. He just can't seem to let go of the guilt weighing him down and pulling him under. Enter Edie the one girl Austin has ever loved and who's heart and trust he broke. This time Austin is determined to get it right. Austin and Edie share a history that is so deep and a bond like no other. They are connected by their horrible past and are swept up an undeniable amount of guilt and shame that they see in each others eyes. Their story is about love, forgiveness, growth, family, heartbreak, and learning to move forward and taking what you want no matter how scared you are. God, this book scratched at my soul. Wait is heavy with emotion. The kind that leaves a lump in your throat and unshed tears in your eyes. But at the same time its so beautifully dark. I loved Austin's tortured soul. He wants so bad to be happy and enter the light, but the darkness weighs him down. He fells undeserving of life anything good, but can't help wanting Edie. He does everything to how her he can be what she needs. I loved that he did everything he could despite fighting his own demons. I loved his and Edie's history together. Edie was as tortured as Austin and I loved her. I wanted to sweep her up in my arms and tell her it was ok. The way she put her trust in Austin was so heartwarming. Her history brought me to tears. This story was beyond anything I could have imagined. I loved Austin reconnecting with his brother and figuring out where he belongs. It was probably one of the most beautiful moments in the book that was packed with so much emotion, it nearly ripped me to shreds. All I can say is that I loved this book. Amy does not disappoint. I am absolutely ruined after reading this book. My heart was so heavy with emotions when I finished, I couldn't sort them out. The writing does not disappoint and adds to the story in the most beautiful way. I highly recommend this book, although I suggest reading the series in order. If you want a heartwarming romance with lots of depth and emotion, this is for you.
KathrynJacoby-MyBookAngel More than 1 year ago
An epic love story that will sear your soul! I've been trying to write this review for some time now. Every word I come up with trying to describe this book for you all just doesn't seem to do it justice. It's everything... breathtaking, heartbreaking, emotional, remarkable, phenomenal.... IT'S EVERYTHING! I couldn't wait to read Austin's story. Having only seen him as a scarred/troubled teenager who hid himself, I was really curious where his story would lead. Let me just say....I was blown away! I have been a huge fan of the Bleeding Stars series. Each time I read a new one I think there is no way AL Jackson could possibly top this, it's one of my favorite books ever! And every single time she does it again. Yeah...BLOWN AWAY!!! This is a powerful love story of epic proportions. It's not the sappy kind, it's raw and real. That's what draws you in so deep. And it's exactly that... deep. There's turmoil and angst and tears. It's passionate and intense. It's a story of soul mates finding each other and themselves, facing their pasts, their mistakes, and overcoming the unspeakable tragedies they have endured. Healing each other. But sometimes we repeat the past. Sometimes it's not so easy to let go and move on. I highly recommend this read. All of AL Jackson's books are just amazing!
inkyfingersDV More than 1 year ago
What happens when two souls, shattered by events in their past collide? You get the undeniably emotional novel that is “Wait”. It is no secret that this is one of my all time favorite series. It has always been full of beautiful imagery along with undeniably sexy rock stars, but more than that they contain heart. In this installment of the Bleeding Stars novels, we step into Austin’s life as he is off trying to expunge his demons, demons that he feels he deserves to live with for all of his days. He is so unbelievably broken. But Austin had a reprieve once, and her name was Edie. The younger sister of Sunder band mate Ash, Edie has her own demons. As young teenagers they forged a relationship in the dark. She filled him with light and he gave her understanding and safety. She entrusted him with her biggest secret exposing her shame. Secrets were never meant to stay in the dark and when an unintentional betrayal tore them apart, Austin was more lost than ever. “Because after you stood in the light? You no longer knew how to live without it” Fate is a funny thing though, like magnets hearts in love are meant to come together. As this story goes along we watch as Austin and Edie struggle to work thru what they feel and what they still have to overcome. Life has not dealt either of them easy demons but maybe, just maybe together they can rise above them. I cannot stress enough the feels I got reading this book, the tears when Austin finally confesses his demon to Edie, his secret and the origin of his deepest shame. Most of all, most of all I adore that his strength becomes hers and her strength becomes his, when they finally let go of pasts they cannot change. “I clutched the tattered, grungy monkey to my chest. The one he’d taken with him everywhere he went. The one he’d slept with all his days. His comfort. His safety blanket. I held it to my lips where my words fell on a whisper. My confession. My prayer.” Austin was always the broken boy and I wanted his story so badly. Now I have it, and it was heartbreaking to learn just how much he was carrying, just how much he suffered. Edie saved him, and while she did, she became whole again too. “He kissed me in the midst of it all. As if I was the center of his world. And I knew without a doubt, this boy was the eye of the storm. The eye of my storm” I highly recommend this book along with all the others in this series starting with A Stone in the Sea, Drowning to Breathe and When Lightning Strikes.
skral More than 1 year ago
✯✯5 Firelight Stars!!!✯✯ Whoa!! I have always been a fan of A.L. Jackson's. But, after reading Wait I am officially in love with her. Maybe a little bit obsessed. I had a feeling this book was going to get to me. But, I was completely unprepared. A.L. Jackson completely outdid herself!! Austin Stone is Baz Stone's younger brother. But, since he's all grown up you'd think Baz was his twin brother. Austin walked away from his brother 4yrs ago. He left hoping to find himself and heal. The problem is Austin can't find it in himself to heal. No matter how hard he tries No matter how hard his brother tells him to live. Austin can't. Since he's left he's traveled the coast singing in bars. He may not be next to his brother and the guys of Sunder on stage singing. But, he definitely belongs there. While on stage he sees the eyes of the only girl he's ever loved. The girl who ran away years ago bc of something he did. Edie Evans is Sunder hottie Ash's little sister. Edie loves her brother and use to follow him everywhere she possibly could. When she was 14yrs old Edie lost a part of herself she can never get back. Edie was broken and shattered. It wasn't until the night Austin crawled into her bed and just held her. It was the first time she felt whole and safe in awhile. Night after night they spent together. They started seeing the light at the ends of their dark tunnels. Until Austin betrayed her and she couldn't take it. Edie left both her brother and Austin and has never been the same. She's been living day to day. Just trying to survive and put a smile on the outside for everyone to believe. It wasn't until she saw Austin again that made her realize she wasn't really living or alive until she hears his voice. OMG!! You gotta read this. But, I do not suggest reading this without read the first 2 books in the series A Stone In The Sea and Drowning To Breathe. It gives you the beginning of Austin's story from his older brother Sebastian's POV. You'll regret it if you don't read them first ;) This is a total second chance romance. About two people who are broken, barely surviving, trying to fake it for everyone all while missing a huge part of themselves. They help heal each other from the inside. I can't even begin to tell you show strong they are. Together they have it all. These two are broken when they're apart. Together these two are everything but broken. It just takes them longer then necessary to get there. I felt everything that A.L put on every page. Out of all 4 books in this beautiful series, this book had me crying the most. It legit gave me tingles. If you loved both Baz and Lyrik then hold onto something, because Austin is here.
EMF More than 1 year ago
Beautifully broken boy... I was so excited to finally get Austin's story! I've been so intrigued by this broken boy since he was first introduced in Sebastian's book. A.L. Jackson always delivers the most haunting, beautiful and extremely emotional books and this one didn't disappoint! Austin and Edie's story was so poetic and one that will certainly send you on an emotional rollercoaster! We get to go along on this incredible journey with two broken souls that have so much love for each other it hurts. Past secrets becoming front and center will have these two fighting for their lives and for their family. I don't call A.L. the angst queen for nothing! Bring the wine and tissues!
acordova81 More than 1 year ago
A second chance romance can two broken souls heal each other. Austin and Edie are both broken souls that are still reliving nightmares that happen to them as kids. Will they be able to let the hurt go and find a second with each other.
Susan_7347 More than 1 year ago
A haunting tale. A shattered love. A search for solace in the light. Austin Stone is a broken soul with a tattered heart. But in the arms of Edie Evans, he finds love and solace in her ever present light. A gripping, heartbreaking journey of a fated love tainted by the sins of the past, “Wait” is both emotion-packed and wickedly sexy!!
Betul90 More than 1 year ago
"How do you both break my heart and heal it at the same time?" You can always depend on AL Jackson to come up with beautiful, poetic and emotional stories. I was exciting to get my hands on Austin's book because he was such a broken soul in the previous books. I wanted him to forgive himself, heal and find his HEA. I had no idea who his love interest would be, but Edie Evans was the perfect girl for him. "A strike of light in the darkness. The one to evoke. The one to inspire. The one to instill this burning hope that flickered and flamed at my insides." This is a second chance romance. Edie (Ash's sister) and Austin (Baz's brother) know each other from before but haven't seen each other in years. There reunion was emotional and heartbreaking, it was obvious there was still so much love between them. Austin made a mistake and wants to get another chance to make it right. What I loved was that everything in this book was straight forward. No hot and cold or hard to get attitudes. I get really annoyed when certain things are being dragged on longer than it is necessary, I was happy that wasn't the case in this book. The pace of the reunion was perfect, there wasn't a moment I was bored and wanted to skip pages. It is important to keep your reader engaged and hooked to the story, which the author did a great job in. "He kissed me in the midst of it all. As if I was the center of his world. And I knew without a doubt, this boy was the eye of the storm. The eye of my storm." Both Austin and Edie are broken and emotionally scarred. Both have them went through a very traumatic past. It broke my heart to read those particular scenes in the flashbacks. Austin makes such a big tranformation from the young depressed teenager he was in the first two books in the series. But he is still fighting his demons. I loved how they healed each other and had someone to talk to. They were a perfect match and I couldn't get enough of them. I loved that we got a glimpse of the old crew towards the end. I really miss them and I can't wait for Zee and Ash to find their HEA! "The girl who blew me away every time she stepped into the room. Stealing more and more of my breath. Becoming my air." Wait is a very emotional read with heartbreaking scenes but also a beautiful story of how two broken characters heal each other. I am glad Austin and Edie finally found closure and can move on and live a happy life. They both deserve it so much! Wait is a great addition to this amazing series and the author keeps on delivering quality, engaging, and emotional reads. AL Jackson is an automatic one-click author for me because she just doesn't disappoint! Make sure to grab this book when it releases!
SRSbook More than 1 year ago
Wait was THE perfect title for this book. Austin and Edie!
KaraHildebrand More than 1 year ago
I always have to sit, wait and process every AL Jackson book when I'm finished reading. The thoughts and feelings need to swirl around in my brain before I can even begin to articulate how I'm feeling. Al Jackson's writing is so ridiculously good. It's like the greatest piece of music flowing off the pages and burrowing into your heart and soul. She writes tortured souls who need to find their other half to mend the cracks in their armor. Wait is the fourth book in the Bleeding Stars series. It can be read as a standalone, but I'm not sure why you would want to do that! Austin is Baz's younger brother and Edie is Ash's little sister. They met as teenagers and formed a strong bond over their inner scars. They quietly fell in love only to be torn apart tragically. Years later they run into each other. Austin can't believe it's really her. It's as if she fell from the sky in his time of need. He left his brother three years ago to be on his own. To find his own mark. To run. He didn't know she was what he needed until she was there. He's not going to let her go again. Edie left town and has been running from her past. She's still scared, she's still alone and she still misses Austin. But, when she sees him, she does what she does best, she runs. But she wants to be caught. She doesn't want to be alone anymore. Can Edie and Austin find their way back to each other after all these years? Will these two tormented souls finally find peace in each other's arms? I love a second chance love story and this one is epic. Austin is sexy, talented and he's going to fight for his love. Edie is beautiful and she's ready to move on. She wants to live. I love this story. Hours later and I still can't stop thinking about them. AL Jackson is one of the best writers around. I know I'm in for a heartbreaking, heart wrenching, soul piercing ride every time I pick up one of her books. But, I also know I'll get the HEA I want as well. Somehow I wasn't surprised at all that my beautifully broken boy would turn into a devastatingly gorgeous man. "How do you always manage to do this to me?" "Do what?" "Make me feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be." "Because you are." "I'll wait. I've been waiting for you forever." "Austin and I…we're probably all wrong for each other because we're so right."
MoValMommy More than 1 year ago
Have you ever read a book that just grabbed ahold of you from the start and never let it go? Me either, before now. Wait is that book! Wait grabbed my heart in its grip from the first chapter and never let it go. This book is raw, and real, and absolutely breathtaking. Austin and Edie's story is one of heartbreak and healing. Both are broken, and both are letting the past dictate their lives. They are both so troubled and held down by their pasts that they are suffocating in the present. They are unable to let go of their pasts and finally take that deep breath of fresh air. They have found that when they are together, they can finally breathe a little easier...but that it comes with a lot of guilt and reminders of their pasts. I don't want to give any of the storyline away. This is a book that the reader needs to experience with no notion of how the story will unfold or what exactly is keeping them a prisoner to their pasts. Instead, the reader should just dive on in and hold their breath because it is going to be an amazing journey. A.L. Jackson has been a favorite author of mine since A Stone in the Sea...and continues to remain at the top of my list with the release of Wait. Her words take the reader on a journey of multiple emotions and feelings, while immersing the reader into a world of characters and events which feel so real and addicting. I am already looking forward to whatever comes next!
PaigeJ More than 1 year ago
5 "I'll wait for you forever" Stars Emotional. Surprising. Raw. Passionate. From the first word of the prologue, I was pulled into Ms. Jackson's world with her unique poetic prose. Emotion rolled off the page and wrapped me up in the fabric of her characters lives. Austin and Edie's story was both heartbreaking and yet uplifting at the same time. Their struggles and reconnection made me believe in fate and the never ending possibility of true love. Austin, the brother of Baz the lead singer of Sunder, has suffered great tragedy in his life. He's been drifting in a sea of pain and regret for almost as long as he can remember. Finally deciding that he needs to go his own way for a while to find himself, three years pass before he knows it. He hasn't seen his brother or his friends in that long and has yet to find the peace he's long sought. Traveling and playing music in local dive bars, he runs into the last person he ever expected to see again: Edie. Before he left, he built a bond with Edie that seemed unbreakable-until he broke it, her and himself. Seeing a second chance to reconnect with the one person that understood him is a tall order, but he's determined to bridge that gap. Edie thought she found a kindred soul in Austin. After an event in her life sent her spiraling, finding Austin seemed to be the light at the end of her dark tunnel. But just when she thought things could be good again, he goes and does the unthinkable. Running seems to her only option. Years later, after trying to bury her feelings, seeing him up on stage out of the blue is a dagger to the walls protecting her heart. As they reconnect, all those feelings come rushing back. Yet trust is a fragile thing, and she doesn't know if she has it. I have been waiting for Austin's book since book 1 of the Bleeding Stars series. I was even a bit bummed that Lyric came first if I'm being honest. But now that I've read Austin's story, it makes perfect sense. He wasn't ready then. As his story unfolded I was pulled into the depth of his brokenness and realized that it all happened exactly as it was supposed to. His soul was shattered a long time and the mistakes he made along the way, created the splinted man he is now. But Edie was the balm he needed to work out his demons. Watching him wade through his past had me clutching my chest in agony and unabashed shock at some of the revelations. I thought I knew him, but my knowledge only scratched the surface. Edie was a strong and resilient heroine who suffered in a way that broke me a little. The flashbacks to how her and Austin met took me on a journey I wasn't expecting but proved perfect for these two. Their connection was instantaneous and I loved the purity of it. Their story was quiet. It didn't have the more sensational conflicts that Baz or Lyric's story had, but there was a powerful intensity to their story that wound it's way around these characters. It made their stories real and it made them important. A.L. Jackson is one of my favorite authors for a reason. Her writing. Her characters. Her story telling. Wait wasn't what I expect but it was perfect the way it was. I love these boy and am now even more anxious for Ash's story and finding that Zee's story may be the story I love the most in the end.