Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?: Attention-Grabbing Templates for Emails, Websites, LinkedIn, Press Releases & More

Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?: Attention-Grabbing Templates for Emails, Websites, LinkedIn, Press Releases & More

by Danny Rubin


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For everyone who struggles to write about their business…

…your problem is solved.

In his anticipated second book, Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?, communications expert Danny Rubin provides 100+ “attention-grabbing” templates for websites, LinkedIn, press releases, crowdfunding and more. As well, Rubin teaches people how to harness the power of storytelling and build relationships that last.

The book is a follow up to Rubin’s breakout 2016 guide, Wait, How Do I Write This Email?, a collection of 100+ templates for networking, the job search and LinkedIn. Less than a year after publication, the book was adopted by the Pentagon and the Association for Career and Technical Education, which provides resources to 24,000 educators at high schools and community colleges nationwide.

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ISBN-13: 9780996349949
Publisher: News To Live By
Publication date: 06/05/2017
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 1,143,344
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Author Notes 1

Chapter 1 Business Writing Basics 3

Introduction 3

How to be brief 4

Write less, say more - the power of brevity 4

Editing basics for business emails 6

Bottom line up front (BLUF) 6

How to improve everything you write in three minutes 9

Once you hit "Send," you can't get it back 10

Why you need a #personalhashtag for business 11

How to craft an effective email signature 12

How to say it best 16

How to address people properly 16

Comma after "Hi"? 18

How and when to follow up on common business emails 19

The power of a "wrinkle" in business 20

5 phrases that make you look weak 22

How to write an "elevator pitch" 24

Additional guides for effective email writing 25

My Journey: Part 1 27

Chapter 2 How to Do Your Own PR 29

Public relations is not advertising 29

How to build relationships with the press 30

Why you need to join industry associations 32

How to write a press release 34

General outline 34

Header information 35

Headline and sub-headline 36

Body of the press release 37

Look far news relevance 39

Understand editorial calendars 41

How to send a press release 41

As an attachment? In the email body? 41

Email press release to a single reporter 42

Email press release to multiple reporters at once 43

Who should receive the press release? 43

How assignment editors operate 45

How and when to follow up on a press release 46

How to work with the media that attend 48

How to handle PR after the event 49

How to send media your own photos/video afterwards 49

How to thank a reporter/blogger for the coverage 50

Additional media outreach templates 52

New business hires and announcements 52

An op-ed or guest column 55

How to reach out to influencers 55

Interview opportunities 57

How to ask if you can be interviewed on a podcast 57

How to thank the reporter/blogger/podcaster 59

How to ask if you can guest post 61

How to thank the person for the guest post 63

How to contact product reviewers 64

Prepping for the interview 66

What to wear 66

How to plan out your talking points 67

Why you need to think about the scenery 67

Final point: Give 'em a break 68

My Journey: Part 2 69

Chapter 3 Networking and Outreach Emails 71

Relationship building 71

How to meet with someone to ask for advice 71

How to thank someone after the networking meeting 73

How to keep in touch even if you don't do business together 74

How to ask a co-worker for networking time 75

How to announce you started a new business 76

How to introduce yourself to a company for the first time 78

How to introduce a client to another business associate 80

How to ask a current client to make an introduction for you 82

Client outreach 83

How to offer a new product/service to existing clients 83

How to follow up after you send over a proposal or contract 86

How to request testimonials and when 86

How to wish someone well in the next adventure 88

How to check in with donors or board members 89

How to reach out to a potential partner organization 90

How to invite new business prospects to an event 92

Make sure you take good group photos 94

How to thank someone for attending an event 94

How to keep clients in the loop 95

How to relay that you're troubleshooting a problem 95

How to check in after too much time has passed 97

Why you should consider "Recap on a Friday" emails 98

How to handle an issue/inquiry 99

Handwritten note opportunities 101

Holiday cards 101

Thank someone for an opportunity/experience 101

Congratulate a client/vendor on a big moment 102

Thank someone who went above and beyond 103

How to draft a letter 103

Happy birthday/Get well 105

Awkward situations 106

Introduction 106

Keep people/company name consistent 106

Be careful with forwarded emails 107

Get on the same page 108

Foreign emails bound for the US 108

My Journey: Part 3 109

Chapter 4 Interoffice Communication 111

How to recap the team on a big project 111

How to recap a conference call or office meeting 112

How to update your boss on the status of a project 114

How to clarify a miscommunication 115

How to welcome a new employee to the team 116

My Journey: Part 4 117

Chapter 5 LinkedIn Writing Guides 119

Why you should publish your own content 119

How to build key relationships on social media 120

Memorable business and personal profiles 122

Professional headline 122

Profile summary 123

Why your profile summary needs to be in the first person 125

Experience section 127

Company page description 130

Outreach templates 132

Why you should avoid default messages 132

How to write a networking message 133

How to network with someone who sent you a connection 135

How to network with someone after he/she accepts your connection 136

How to ask someone to give you a recommendation 137

How to network with alumni 139

How to write someone you met through a LinkedIn group 140

My Journey: Part 5 142

Chapter 6 Website Content 143

Have a conversation with the reader 143

Common pages 144

Mission statement 144

About us 145

Short description 146

Company history 147

Services 150

Q and As 152

Case studies 154

Staff bios 157

Photo captions 159

Calls to action 161

Meta descriptions 162

How to write biog posts 163

SEO for complete dummies (like me) 163

10 different blog topics to help you generate ideas 165

The secret to effective blog post headlines 166

Opinion-style blog post 168

Profile on a volunteer 170

Profile on a staff member 172

Post that plays off of a story in the news 173

Post on a recent success 175

Landing pages 176

E-newsletters 178

Ask for feedback 179

My Journey: Part 6 181

Chapter 7 Fundraising Tactics 183

Introduction 183

Grantwriting 183

Why your application needs a powerful story 183

How to rely on strong detail to make your case 187

Email templates 189

How to ask if a company wants to be a sponsor 189

How to send fundraising outreach emails 190

Crowdfunding 193

How to pitch reporters before, during and after launch 193

How to tell your audience about the launch 196

Fundraising pages introduction 197

Kickstarter project templates 198

Indiegogo project templates 203

Handwritten thank-you note to top backers 206

My Journey: Part 7 207

Chapter 8 Public Speaking 209

Why you need to critique your own voice 209

Two words every speaker should avoid 210

How to introduce yourself on the phone 211

How to leave a proper voice mail 212

My Journey: Part 8 213

Chapter 9 Thank-Yous 215

Chapter 10 Classroom Activities & Free Webinar 217

Classroom activity sample 218

How to write a press release 218

How to introduce yourself to a company for the first time 219

How to write a crowdfunding project description 221

Chapter 11 Need Professional PR Help? 225

Top 10 criteria to consider 225

Chapter 12 Index 227

Customer Reviews