Waiter, There is a Fly in My Soup!

Waiter, There is a Fly in My Soup!

by Pierce du Buisson

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Truly, there is no other meal quite like breakfast, especially when served by a bright-eyed waiter who regards your private delectation of the offerings to be a thing as preordained and sacrosanct as a fly-free meal. But fellow breakfasters may sometimes disregard the premises of civilisation and culture - a battle of the wits might ensue.

Dampening the warmth of toast, this battle gets all too real when there is a con artist with criminal intent in the house. Confidence tricksters will always operate best where and when least expected, and honestly, could one be blamed for not expecting them at breakfast in a fine familiar establishment on a peaceful Sunday morning? But then, where there is life, there is need, and need will always spawn ingenuity, which would bring the rules into question, and so on, right to the point where a safe haven of peaceful habits could be turned into an arena for a deadly matching of the wits. But fortunately, if not so altogether unexpectedly, the sharpest wit will turn anything at hand into a keen blade, and even use an old saw to land the coup de grace and emerge victorious by general approbation in the end.

A story with a four-star review by Don Kidwell with this to say about it:

"Zany characters, crisp dialogue that reminded me of what you would likely experience in live theater, and a fun storyline about one man with acting know-how trying to pull a snow job on another patron while he is sitting alone in a posh dining establishment trying to enjoy his regular breakfast meal. Would love to see this one done on the stage, and I do wonder if all his books are written in like manner (I may just have to find out real soon by ordering me some more books from this talented author). Very good book!"

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Publisher: VintagEreads
Publication date: 09/11/2015
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About the Author

Pierce du Buisson was born a generation too soon, or too late, as the case may be, and under the wrong stars, from parents of Dutch and German origin; the French connection in the last name will remain a mystery. After an upbringing by mad Calvinists, he studied in the legal sciences, and, refusing to become a solicitor, opted for life in the imaginary lane. During his time as copywriter, adult educator, legal advisor, actor, playwright, carpet cleaner, street performer and musician (he always knew that journalism involved too much imagination even for guys like him), Pierce concluded that life is a dish best savoured from a quiet vantage point, at a distance of two acres of kitchen garden and a country lane. He is devoted to the life of his only child Adam, who, unlike that other fellow, will never fall from grace. He remains wedded to the image of a cyberspace lady.

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