Waiting for Mercy (Cambions #2)

Waiting for Mercy (Cambions #2)

by Shannon Dermott

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What do you do when you've been to hell and back, literally? For Mercy, it meant the beginning of the end for everything. Love, Happiness, Life.

When the people important to her are thrown into danger and she is forced to choose who to save, what will Mercy do? When the demon within her has its own agenda, going to new lengths to fulfill it, how will she cope? And when a new nemesis arrives, with a sole focus to take what belongs to her, how will she survive?

Some situations make you stronger, some make you weak. She used to run from confrontation but the need to uncover secrets will harden her resolve to make new choices.

In the end, someone else will suffer the consequences. Who will be burned by her very existence? And what will become of everything she holds dear?

Mercy's life wasn't easy before and things aren't getting easier now.

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BN ID: 2940014644327
Publisher: S.Dermott Books
Publication date: 04/15/2012
Series: Cambions , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 202,758
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About the Author

Shannon, a Goodreads author, first love is reading, diving into other realities to explore and brave new worlds. To share her writing is the best experience of all. Her first series explores the life and trials of being Mercy Moore, a teenage cambion. When Shannon isn't writing she loves to shop and watch horror movies that make turning out the lights seem like a stupid idea. You can explore more about her at her website www.shannondermott.com, on facebook, tumblr, shelfari, and twitter.

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Waiting for Mercy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
DeeDeeGriffin More than 1 year ago
I loved the first book in this series, Beg for Mercy. This one I really liked too, but not quite as much. The first half of the book was all about Mercy and the 5 guys who want to get with her. Once the story started moving forward about halfway through, I enjoyed it a lot more. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm not sure who I want her to end up with - Luke, Flynn, or Paul.
Amabe421 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Beg for Mercy, so I couldn't wait to read this one. Not typically a fan of love triangles, the first book caught me by surprise at how torn I was not just between 2 guys, but 4 of them!! Right?!! Well, it got even harder in this one and I felt like a yo-yo. I thought I had decided, but then BAM!! Something happens and I am so confused again. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is for Mercy herself when her succubus is determined to come out and take over control. Talk about some awkward moments when that happens. Okay so moving on from all the craziness of the boy situation, there is a lot that happens in this book. We find out a lot of things and also get thrown some more questions. It had me hooked and I read this rather quickly!! Mercy has already been through a lot and she is about to go through a whole lot more. I don't know how she manages to keep any sort of normalcy to her life, but somehow she does... for the most part. She seems to be getting better at controlling her succubus, but sometimes it bests her. She is also all sorts of confused about the boy situation. She really loves Luke, (and so do I!!) but there's also feelings there for Paul, Sebastian, and Flynn. Yeah, I know, that's a lot to take in. I don't really think that she had a while lot of character growth in this book, but I do really like Mercy. I also really feel bad for her. I just wish she would smarten up a bit and stop trying to keep things hidden to spare peoples feelings. If she would just tell people the truth right away it would save a whole lot of drama. Okay, so this is where I will get into the romance thing. I think that she and Luke should be together, but there are also reasons why it's a bad idea. I can't go into it much because I don't want to spoil anything from the first book. Then there is Flynn, who should be a good match for her and everyone else seems to think so too. I like him, I really do, but I don't think they should be together. Now there's Sebastian. I don't even know what to say about him. I keep thinking he's bad news, then getting proven wrong only to go back to not knowing again. I am still really confused about him even when his intentions are good. The only one I don't want her with is Paul. I think he is an amazing best friend, and he should stay just that. Have I confused you enough? It's not really that confusing if you've read the book, but this is a hard review to write. So secrets are starting to be uncovered, and that just makes things a bit harder. Mercy is angry that her mother won't tell her everything about what is going on with her. She feels so helpless against her inner demon, and it seems that her succubus is getting harder to contain. It has a natural urge to come out around certain individuals, which just makes her confusing love life much more complicated. Besides having 4 boys lusting after her, her best friends have their own situations going on that Mercy needs to help with. Then with all the boys acting dumb and going off to need saving, this makes for one heck of a ride!! I thought this was a great follow up to Beg for Mercy and I like where the story went. I am happy with the new information that was given and curious about the lingering questions we are left with at the end. The whole love circle thingy continues, and even not being a fan of love triangles, I am really enjoying this one. Yes, it's frustrating at times, but I totally get it!! I really hope that in the next book Mercy gets the answers she is looking for and can keep her succubus in check!! The way this book ended has me bouncing in my seat wanting the next one. I need to know what happens next!!
renterA More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, maybe even better than the first. The story line is good and kept me up reading and very interested. I am looking forward to the 3rd one!
AveryJT More than 1 year ago
Even better than the first book. But I am dying to read the next. Hurry up, please!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
amslvr1 More than 1 year ago
And Shannon does it AGAIN! The second book in the Cambion series doesn't disappoint. The first time I read it, I couldn't even find the words to review it. Every time the review simply just came out "OH MY GOD" and "It was amazing!" With so much that we get out of this one book...heck this one series, I feel it deserved a few more words than that. There is great lengths to which Shannon is able to connect us to all of the characters, new and old. I think that with the depth of characters we are getting to know, all of the plot twists, the drama that keeps thickening, and the up keep of our love triangle--square?...we are set for many many read throughs. There is no time to put the book down, because it is one that keeps you coming back to it! I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions throughout the book as well, either with the characters or at their actions. And that ending! Cliffhanger extraordinaire; it was epic, sad, and oh so beautiful of an ending. I just am thankful for all the POVs and little bonus writings that Shannon shares with us readers to keep us going while she charges on with writing our beloved characters' next steps. This book is definitely a superb read following "Beg for Mercy." And I would recommend "No Mercy" after this one as well as "Angel of Mercy," which is going to be out soon.
trh_87 More than 1 year ago
Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. "Where Flynn was pure lust, Sebastian was delicious sin." Holy hell what an ending! I really loved this book. Shannon is amazing at making you swoon over the sexy boys in her work. I seriously can't pick between Flynn & Sebastian even after that ending. This is the second book in the series and it is gritter and sexier. We are introduced to McKayla, Mercy's succubus side. I love being inside her head. She is exactly how I picture a true Succubus. There were times I held my breath because I really thought she was going to win. Along with all the sexy supernaturals, this book is packed with action. It is a fairly long novel and took me a while to read but that in no way diminishes it's awesomeness. If you liked Beg for Mercy, you NEED to read this one. Be prepared to swoon all the way through and then beg Shannon for Book 3! "I started to wonder if demons could be bi-polar."
Ginger-Read-Reviews More than 1 year ago
Waiting for Mercy is book two in the Cambion series. In book one, Beg for Mercy, Mercy learns she is half Succubus demon. This opened her up to a whole supernatural world she never new existed and put her in the center of a battle for her life and the lives of those she loves. She didn't come out of it unscathed and neither did anyone else. She was sent to hell and saved my boy number four in her life, Sebastian. In my review of Beg for Mercy (here), I described boys number 1-3. Luke (White Chocolate) is Mercy's boyfriend. He is also a Nephelim and being with Mercy is a sure sentence of exile. Flynn (Dark Chocolate) is a Cambion too, he is half Incubus demon. He's also gorgeous and a bad boy with an extremely sweet side. Paul (Milk Chocolate) is Mercy's good friend and was her first boyfriend before she almost killed him with her Succubus kiss. I didn't even mention Sebastian in my review for Beg for Mercy as his part was so much smaller than the others. However, he plays a much bigger role in this part of the tale. Shannon asked me what his flavor was, I think he is pure Raw Chocolate, unprocessed and unmixed. Sebastian is all demon and makes no qualms about it. He's unique and mysterious. We don't really know his intentions or motives for being in Mercy's life but he sure makes a strong presence. Life hasn't gotten any easier for Mercy. The boys still flock to her, everyone still keep endless secrets from her and now some close to her may be in for a supernatural change that could affect all their lives. As well, a new enemy enters the scene and causes major havoc as well as one hell of a cliff hanger. Where as the first book was more about Mercy, this one really was more about the boys. We learn much more about all of them and who they truly are and what they are capable of. I became an even bigger fan of Flynn with this book and perhaps, slightly, less of a fan of Luke. My feelings on Paul are still insubstantial and Sebastian has me on the fence. There is also more of Mercy's demon in this story. She is fighting her way to the surface and is able to take control, but what she wants does not align with what Mercy wants. She is a whole other problem for Mercy. I loved the moments when she took over...she's in need and not getting what she craves. It was fun watching her play. Once again, I fell for these characters and though the story felt a bit like a set up to the next one, it was still filled with enough drama and substance to keep me speed reading through it. I truly can not wait to see what happens next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
paranormalbookfan More than 1 year ago
Waiting for Mercy is the second book in the Cambion series. Mercy is a half demon succubus, with a half succubus mother and a human father. This makes her a cambion. Her mother recently married David, a half incubus and now they live in his house with him and his son Flynn. Flynn is also half incubus and he is HOT. Mercy's mother, David and Flynn have to feed from the lust of humans to survive, but for some reason, Mercy doesn't have to, although she can still drain a human's life force with her kiss. She's not sure why she's different, her mother keeps a lot from her about what she is and Mercy is not the type to push for it. Mercy is a really likeable protag. She is surrounded by amazingly hot guys who all seem to be interested in her. Luke is her half nephilim on/off boyfriend who is completely in love with her and she's in love with him. Flynn, seems attracted to Mercy but she thinks its just because he can't have her. He can have any girl at school he wants, and does, to keep himself fed. Sebastian is a pure demon who Mercy met in the first book, Beg for Mercy. He is now living with them and Mercy is not sure exactly why. He also seems to be attracted to Mercy. And Paul, Mercy's first human boyfriend, whom she nearly killed with her kiss because she didn't know what she was. All of these guys are awesome. Its kind of like a love pentagon, and I find myself rooting for whichever guy she's with at the time. I just can't decide who I like best. Shannon has created a bunch of awesome characters and together they all make for a really entertaining read. There is a lot going on in this book and I loved all the action, suspense and interaction between all the characters. I really like Shannon's writing style and this books flows along so well. I couldn't bear to put it out of my hands. It's great to start to enjoy a book from the first page on. The world that Shannon has created seems to be one where anything exists. In this we have the existence of demons, vampires, werewolves/shapeshifters, elves and fae. The ending of this was awesome....and cruel. We end on a major cliffhanger. I finished this book over 24 hours ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. This is shaping up to be an absolutely amazing series. I know I will be reading both of these books again soon as its a while since I read Beg for Mercy and I want to go back and read them both again, together. I cannot wait until the next book comes out. These books are extremely cheap on Amazon and I just urge you all to take a chance. Don't miss out on a great series.