Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You: Learn to Use Universal Energy to Change Your Life

Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You: Learn to Use Universal Energy to Change Your Life

by Nancy E Yearout


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ISBN-13: 9780692792773
Publisher: Energy Girl Publishing LLC
Publication date: 10/20/2016
Pages: 242
Sales rank: 1,006,526
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

About the Author
Nancy continues her energy work as an author, a spiritual life coach, and a motivational speaker. Her faith in the Lord and her intuitive abilities have enhanced over the years, giving her the necessary skills to assist many people on their spiritual paths. Her belief in the Lord is what ignites her light to do this work.
As Nancy continues on her spiritual path, she maintains her real estate broker license. She has enjoyed a successful career as the owner of her own real estate firm in New Mexico. Her expertise in business has allowed her to assist numerous homeowners and investors successfully for twenty years.
Nancy has also enjoyed an extensive corporate career as a sales coordinator with one of the Big Three automakers in Detroit. Her sales, management, and marketing skills have grown with each step of her business. Her success has blessed her with the real life experience, knowledge, and common sense that is required to help others through life's challenges.
Utilizing both her intuitive and her acquired spiritual education, she has been able to create the life she wants for herself. Now she teaches others how to create what they want in their lives. Her spiritual schooling encompasses numerous energy and spiritual-education classes and workshops over the years. Her teachers in Michigan and New Mexico have proved invaluable to her current energy work. Her path has developed through religious study and the acquisition of information about various cultures and their religious practices. She is a Christian and a member of the Baptist Church.
Nancy has been fortunate to acquire hands-on energy-healing skills from an Aztec healer from Mexico, and she has helped many balance their energy fields. She has received guidance from religious and spiritual teachers along the way, resulting in the development of her skills as an intuitive, a tarot card reader, and a life coach. She utilizes these tools to guide her clients to joyful and successful lives.
As a mom and a grandmother, she enjoys sharing her life experiences in her writings, her private readings, and her talks. She loves numerology and pays attention to the numbers while traveling with her husband, an electrical contractor. They have wonderful children and three grandchildren who light up their lives. To find out more about Nancy's work and to see her latest energy tips, visit her website at www.theenergyprophet.com. For more spiritual insight, you can view Nancy Yearout on YouTube. She writes a fun and informative blog on www.nancyyearout.com.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 How Energy Affects Your Everyday Life
Chapter 2 The Energy Fields in Your Body
Chapter 3 How to Clear Your Energy Fields
Chapter 4 Release the Old Energy with Massage and Music
Chapter 5 The Healing and Spiritual Energy of Essential Oils
Chapter 6 The Energy of Water
Chapter 7 The Power of Prayer
Chapter 8 Faith Works!
Chapter 9 Just Ask! And Be Grateful!
Chapter 10 Use Your Energy to Forgive If You Want to Be Forgiven
Chapter 11 Material Possessions Do Not Bring Happiness
Chapter 12 The Universe Presents Us with Lessons to Learn
Chapter 13 Coincidence or Synchronicity?
Chapter 14 The Energy of Affirmations and Visualizations
Chapter 15 The Energy of Meditation
Chapter 16 The Energy of Love
Chapter 17 Live Like You Have an Expiration Date
Chapter 18 Rocks and the Energy They Hold
Chapter 19 Numbers Have Energy
Chapter 20 The Energy of the Stars, the Planets, and the Moon
Chapter 21 The Importance of Diet and Exercise to Keep the Energy Flowing
Chapter 22 Angels
Chapter 23 How to Put the Energy to Work for You

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Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You: Learn to Use Universal Energy to Change Your Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book! Very insightful, tons of great tips I use in my every day life.