Wake Up White People, You're Getting Screwed Too!

Wake Up White People, You're Getting Screwed Too!

by Jim A Hill


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ISBN-13: 9780998500812
Publisher: Jim A Hill LLC
Publication date: 02/06/2017
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jim A. Hill
Jim was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia in 1947 and raised by his single mother. Jim grew up in the segregated South. He received a BA in economics from Michigan State University in 1969, an MBA from Indiana University in 1971 and a JD from Indiana University College of Law in 1974.

Jim moved to Salem Oregon in 1974 where he raised a bi-racial daughter - Jennifer and worked as an Assistant Attorney General at the Oregon Department of Justice. He went on to become an Oregon State Representative in 1983 and an Oregon State Senator in 1987. Some of his accomplishments were co-sponsoring the establishment of a Martin King, Jr. Holiday, passing the Anti-Apartheid Act, creating the Oregon Resource and Technology Development Corporation that supplied seed capital to Oregon businesses and he introduced the bill to allow Oregon State Lottery funds to enhance Oregon's economy.

Jim was the first elected person of color to hold a statewide office in Oregon in 1993 when he was elected as State Treasurer. He served two terms. During his tenure as State Treasurer, he oversaw an improvement of the state's bond rating and the creation of the Oregon Growth Account, an investment program exclusively dedicated to providing seed and venture capital dollars to Oregon businesses. Jim worked to improve financial literacy and held the "Every Woman's Money Conference" to provide women with the tools they needed to succeed financially. He then ran unsuccessfully for Governor of the State of Oregon.

Jim has served on several important boards - the Northwest Health Foundation, Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs, Oregon National Bar Association, NARAL, and the National Association of State Treasurers where he served as President.

Jim lives in Salem Oregon where he remains committed to making a difference through the power of the written word.

Table of Contents

- Why It is Important for America to Be #1
- Unwavering Faith in the American Dream
- The New "N" Word - The White Middle Class
- What American Dream?
- The Modern-Day Robber Barons
- Suckers and Chumps
- Betrayal of Trust
- The Ultimate Betrayal
- A Nation of Sheep
- Keep 'Em Poor, Undereducated, and Stressed Out
- Less Education Equals Cheap Labor
- Right to Work Means the Right to Get Cheated Out of a Fair Wage
- Government of the Money, by the Money, for the Money
- You May Elect Them, but We Own Them
- Pimping for Plutocrats
- Barak and Jackie
- Congressional Racism
- Traitors in our Congress
- Israel, Friend or Foe?
- The Puppet Masters
- Disdain Even for Our Soldiers
- Disgrace in the Ranks of Our Best
- Last Frontier of the Civil Rights Movement - Equal Rights for Women
- The Angry White Man
- Economic Democracy - Vote with Your Dollars
- I'm a Democrat - Where the (Bleep) is My Party?
- The Koching of America
- The Kinder, Gentler Koch Brothers' Makeover
- If for No Other Reason -
- We the People
- Dear Mr. President
- Handbook for Being a Great American

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