Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas

by Romy Sommer

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WAKING UP IN VEGASFor fans of Lynne Graham, Sharon Kendrick, Nicola Marsh and Tracy BloomWhat happens in Vegas…Waking up to the bright lights of Vegas in an unfamiliar penthouse suite, cocktail waitress Phoenix Montgomery finds she’s covered from head to foot in gold glitter and not alone – aside from the empty bottle of champagne, there’s a mystery man in the shower and a huge sparkly ring on her finger!Stays in Vegas?There’s no denying Max Waldburg’s demi-god sex appeal but commitment-phobic Phoenix doesn’t do relationships. Only it seems her new husband (agh!) has other ideas…he’s trying to keep that ring on her finger and his wife firmly back in his bed. The only question on her lips is – why? Or maybe, why not?

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ISBN-13: 9780007532018
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/09/2013
Series: The Princes of Westerwald , #1
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 186
Sales rank: 135
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Once upon a time, Romy dreamed of living inside one of the fairy tales in her head. As a 2016 finalist for the Romance Writers of America® RITA Award, and as Chairperson of ROSA (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa), all of Romy's dreams have come true. She is not only a multi-published author, but as a writing coach and teacher, she now helps make other writers' dreams come true too.
Website: www.romysommer.com

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Waking up in Vegas: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Great, quick,fun read. Loved the whole story. Guess I'm just an old romantic. Can't wait to read some more of your books
Anonymous 2 days ago
Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Max does and this makes the story a good read.
LovesBooks212 More than 1 year ago
For summer, I want books that are light and funny. This is an excellent example of one. The heroine, zany and lovable Phoenix, awakens to find herself hitched to hot Max but doesn't remember the meeting, the wedding or "the deed." Max fills her in on the details and begs her not to leave right away. He tells her his family's philosophy of love at first sight being forever and lures her into relaxing into the odd situation. I have to say, the way he acts in bed should be enough to persuade her to stay! I don't want to give away the plot, but needless to say there are some comic, heartbreaking, and worrisome bumps along the road. It ends well, and I'll admit, that's what I really want from a romantic read. As a representative book from the genre I love, Romantic Comedy, I give this one five stars for having the perfect backdrop, hero, and plot. I wish I'd saved it for the beach, but I plan to read it again next year (maybe poolside!) Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote on their own reviews, so the voting buttons appear only when you look at reviews submitted by others. Permalink Comment Comment
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Phoenix is currently a waitress in Vegas.  She is a free-spirit, with no intention of settling down and committing to anyone.   She's in Vegas "for the memories, a final adieu to her parents before setting off alone in the world."   Max is in Vegas to escape his world and to '...celebrate the fact that it feels good to be alive.' He is someone you'd never expect to meet in Vegas, let alone wake up married to!  Much to Phoenix's dismay though, that's exactly what's happened.  She was out at a bar playing pool with her friend, having a few drinks, then...nothing!  That's all she can remember, and suddenly she's waking up in a very posh hotel suite, covered in gold glitter, and apparently married to Max. Phoenix immediately wants a quick divorce, but Max will have nothing to do with that idea!  He certainly didn't expect to find his true love in Vegas and get married, but that's what happened and he's not going to change a thing.  It's going to take a lot of convincing for Phoenix though.  Max is one big mystery to her, and Phoenix thinks she has secrets hidden from him.  Little does she remember she actually told him everything there was to know about her the night of their wedding, and he was open and honest with her about who he is.  Max doesn't tell her all this right away though...but he does get Phoenix agree to spend some time with him, and Phoenix really can't resist him!  Inside, she can see why she married him and '...a sneaky feeling had started to creep up on her ... that she hadn't really been alive until she met Max.  She'd done crazy things before...yet somehow simply being with someone who warmed her from the inside out, was a whole different kind of rush.' As Phoenix is getting used to the idea of being with Max more and more, he still hasn't told her who he is.  When he can't get a hold of Phoenix and has to leave urgently due to a family crisis, Phoenix is more hurt than she'll admit to even to herself.  She takes off, leaving Vegas and those memories behind.  But has she really?  She can't stop thinking about Max, and he can't stop trying to find her!  When he finds her and the truth comes out, can their marriage survive it?  Max does not want to let his true love go, he wants her with him.  But is that a place Phoenix can be or will she feel the sacrifice is too great?  Can Phoenix have a fairy tale ending?  Max and Phoenix come from completely different backgrounds, but as you read more about them you realize they are more alike than it first appears.  Both of them have very strong personalities which can make for a lot of fun reading!  Knowing their history brought the characters to life and helped me understand who they are today.   Max's world changed the moment he saw Phoenix and fell in love at first sight.  He is relentless, but subtle in his pursuit of her even after their marriage.  He believes Phoenix is his destiny and he is really quite a romantic!!   Phoenix is not so convinced there is such a thing as love at first sight, let alone a happily ever after...and it doesn't help she can't remember a thing about that night!  She is immature compared to Max, trying to push his buttons and push him away...but it won't work! For a quick read, the characters were well developed, I got a good sense of their personalities!  Romy gives us a great background on both of their families, but I would have liked a little more follow up on the little mystery that's popped up in Max's family.  That's the only loose end that I would have like tied up at the conclusion of Waking Up in Vegas. Romy Sommer gives us a fun, sexy romance filled with every emotion.  Waking Up in Vegas was a well written modern day fairy tale that will leave you with a smile on your face.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Waking Up in Vegas is not just another story about two drunk individuals getting married in Vegas. The story evolves around Max and Phoenix, and how they cope with their marriage. As a casino waitress, Phoenix wasn't expecting to get hitched with the handsome stranger that bought her a drink one night. But things turned out for the worst the next morning when she wakes up and finds herself in a hotel room wearing a wedding ring and without any knowledge of who is the handsome men standing in front of her. As people often say, “what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas,” but that isn't the case with with their marriage, because as soon as Phoenix suggests a divorce, Max refuses all because in his country there hasn't been a divorce for over 300 years and he was not about to break that tradition. Angry and confused, Phoenix does the impossible to get him to sign the the divorce papers, but knowing that he wasn't going to sign them, she decides to let him stay with her, with the intend that he will go away eventually.  But everyone has secrets and Phoenix nor Max are immune to that. Both have secrets to reveal and the attraction between them also grows in time. As they get to know each other, Phoenix will have to learn how to leave everything behind for the man she has grown to love. Being an already beautifully written story, Waking Up in Vegas is not your typical story. What I liked about the story was that Phoenix is a strong leading character, she has a past like anyone else and because of that she has to constantly protect herself from getting hurt. On the other hand, Max is your typical handsome character with a twist. He is not only romantic, but he also believes in a destiny and a happily every after. Which not a lot of guys do, but he makes the story that much romantic and hard to put down. As a reader, I found myself completely lost in the beauty of the setting and the in the characters. There were times when Phoenix's personality did not work in some of the scenes, but knowing where she was coming from made her actions understandable. I really loved the ending, it was cute and romantic. I would completely recommend this story to those readers that love a good romance novel and fairy tale endings.
cathydianeb More than 1 year ago
Phoenix wakes up with a strange man in her bed and finds she has married him. He begs for a chance to convince her that they are destined to be together that none in his family has divorced in 300 years.  She slowly accepts she has feelings for him but still wishes she could remember the night they supposedly married. This story is your typical Cinderella romance, the perfect man ( prince charming and the woman that has had a rough life and wants to chase her dreams) he modern day twist  mixed with folklore and  fairy tales is charming and sweet.  I loved all the characters and the story is a classic who doesn’t dream of a man that loves you.   Recommendation: If you like a Cinderella type sweet romance, complete with princes, and castles and kingdoms, toss in  a modern day setting, with a strong female lead, that is afraid to follow her heart and  accept her prince charming,  lots of sensuous romance you will love this one.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Waking up in Vegas Romy Sommer. This is a fun romantic tale with a lovely HEA. Sometimes you want light-hearted and funny and this book does it. Phoenix wakes up next to a gorgeous hunk and can't remember...anything about how she got there! Max, that's his name, then drops the bombshell that they married the night before desperately in love! He remembers everything, and though Phoenix doesn't believe in the concept of settling down and being with just one person he persuades her (not least with some smoking sex) to stay with him for first the afternoon and evening, then the night then when she finally goes back to her motel, who does she find it there but...Max. That man is determined not to let the love of his life go. He tells her its a family legend that they recognise their love at first sight and she is his. They don't believe in divorce, have never needed it as everyone has been happy for generations. He's quite clever about what he tells her, knowing that with her fear of commitment she'll run if he tells the whole truth straight out. Then there are family problems, they get separated and eventually find each other again... Its a great tale, full of smiles and humour, love and heartbreak, and showing just how events impact on families and love. I fell for Max right from the start – who wouldn't? He's a total romantic, and so thoughtful and so in love with Phoenix, but also aware of his duty to family. Phoenix, just scared because of what happened to her parents, loves him really but is too afraid to admit it or commit herself but slowly he wears her down. There's some tear-jerking moments here, and its got some real depth despite me sayings its a light-hearted story. The ending – perfect, and left me with a big beam on my face. Sometimes I like to read deep, dark fantasy and sometimes I just want a book to make me feel good about the world, something easy to read and make me smile and this book does just that. For romance lovers who want the HEA its perfect, and though usually these books are a one time only read for me this had enough depth that it'll go in my keepers file for re reading for when I want my spirits lifted :) Well edited and written, plots that join up and don't leave reader wondering “what happened there?” Its not cheap at 182 pages for £2.99 but on a par with many others in this genre and is worth a re read which adds VFM. Stars, four - not quite a five, a bit too short for that but it's close.
JK1515 More than 1 year ago
Putting down in words what I think of a book is so hard! I loved this book, though. I'm a sucker for fairy tales. This book is every bit the fairy tale that I wasn't expecting. The only thing I disliked about this book was Phoenix. I wasn't very fanatical about her. She was so wishy washy and I didn't know if she was coming or going half the time. I know she was meant to be that way, but I just didn't dig her. I LOVED Max! He was a pleasant surprise and there were good twists in the plot. Who doesn't want a sexy powerful man trying to woo them? Enough said. The storyline didn't lag and it was a romance WITH a storyline. I wasn't expecting a few things in it and was pleasantly surprised. I give this read four glittery stars for being a fun, romantic read!