Walk the Worn out Floor

Walk the Worn out Floor

by Julie Wolf


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Release Date: 10/16/1997
UPC: 0718677965323
catalogNumber: 30

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Where shall I? Can I begin, in describing the incredible Julie Wolf? Everything I can think of is a 'Given'. Julie is a tremendous pianist. 'Given'. Ms. Wolf is an amazing singer. 'Given'. Julie is an talented songwriter. 'Given'. Julie Wolf knows her way around arrangements, interpretation and accompaniment. 'Given'. Her solo cd ''Walk the Worn Out Floor'' is to beautiful for words, as is the woman. Listening to ''Love is Like a Cigarette'' I'm always taken aback by the softness, the gentle air that resonates in the woman's voice. ''Trust in Me'' a song by Denny Goodhew, is sung to perfection. The interplay between the words, her piano and her voice, astounds me. She touches me with the 'feeling' of all three as they merge into one, imparting an opening of the soul. She does an interpretation of Keith Jarrett's ''My Song''. This song is just to beautiful, it kills me, leaves me in a gorgeous restful place-everytime. The lyrics written by Rhiannon, a friend of Julie's, overlap and seemingly decode the sax melody played on the original version. ''A Mountain Atop a Mountain'' is breathtaking. Close your eyes and you're floating totally free as the airiest of cellos plays the melody, it's quietly taken over by Hans Teuber's flute, flying just abit higher and then the sweetness of Julie's voice, holds you as the same melody is finished as it should be, with her angelic tones in duet with the flute. Listening to her arrangement of ''Baby Plays Around'', you hear an ominous series of basslines being played behind the lyrics, by John Silverman. It darkens the music and for myself, matches the many moods being sung by Ms. Wolf. Julie weaves many emotions as she sings the lyrics. She moves from a sad timbre, a voice of anger, of worry, for what is to become of both of them. She touches on a complicated matter of factness. A place where a person finds acceptance of the truth in someone they love beyond measure, beyond longing, beyond reason yet deep remorse in finally having let go. A proud love but one that may make you ashamed to have fallen so deeply for them. Ah, what an artist. She moves quite easily from the melodies of Annie Lennox to Rodgers & Hammerstein to a self penned song called ''The Wall''. This song, ''The Wall'', is a promising look into what the woman could offer us if we could only get another Julie Wolf solo cd. Julie left me wanting to know more about the character she's singing about...and that's exactly the intent. We all put up walls in our lives, for protection of our hearts, for the sake of diverting someone who's getting alittle to close, or just a wall to put up the memories. On ''Daisy Petals on My Head'', a cd by her sister Kate, you can hear two songs co-written by Wolf/Wolf, yet I would love to hear more of Julie's solo music. It's a shame that an artist of her ability, her promise, her grace is for our purposes, living a musical life of such anonymity. The talent of this woman is immense. I'm so proud to know of her talent. I'm so very happy that I've come to know her music. Her touch on the piano is as delicate as her voice, yet her ability for interpretation is so far beyond what has become celebrated in today's 'so called music'. To have Julie Wolf acknowledged by today's standards of artistry would be a giant step downward to mediocrity.