A Walk Toward Jesus: Coming Through the Wilderness

A Walk Toward Jesus: Coming Through the Wilderness

by Pamela S. Valerio


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Is the wilderness walk an important step in a Christian's life? Of course it is! A failure to recognize it will leave many standing astonished asking, "Why did that happen to me?" Yet people never really teach or preach about this part in church. Today's churches must either be entertaining to keep the pews full, or make their congregations feel good so their sins do not "appear" so sinful. Because of this, vital key steps-that lead Christians to purify the wood, hay, and stubble from their hearts so that maturity takes place within their souls-are lacking from today's teaching. Within the pages of Pamela S. Valerio's new title, A Walk Toward Jesus: Coming Through the Wilderness the author teaches the reader key aspects that will lead them into victorious living.

"My book speaks about before the victory is obtained," the author says. "Many Christians today stumble when a life-changing event comes into their life. We are told to hold onto Jesus but never taught how. Speaking words verses application of those words are two very different things. Experiencing many years of wandering around the mountain, not seeing change happen, I realized I had to ask God why I was there instead of asking God, 'Why did You let this happen to me?'

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ISBN-13: 9781461157885
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/25/2011
Pages: 156
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