Walk With Your Wolf: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power with walking therapy

Walk With Your Wolf: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power with walking therapy

by Jonathan Hoban
Walk With Your Wolf: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power with walking therapy

Walk With Your Wolf: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power with walking therapy

by Jonathan Hoban


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'Drawing on perceptive insight and profound wisdom, Jonathan Hoban reveals how the simple act of walking can displace our minds from a place of chaos to tranquil calm, and makes a beautiful and inspiring case for walking with your wolf.' - Dr Mithu Storoni, author of Stress-Proof

Nature is our greatest healer.
It's time to start walking and reclaim the wildness in all of us.

When did you last take a walk? Not a stroll to the shops, or to the pub, but a walk that got you energised, stimulated your senses, allowing you to de-stress? If the answer is that you'd love to walk, but don't have the time, there really are more reasons to get outside than you might think.

When we walk we find the space to process our feelings and we begin to have the courage to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves. Walking awakens the intuition that helps us face up to our difficulties and walk alongside them, enabling us to find positive solutions to our problems. Our ancestors knew all about movement - they walked across the planet, understanding nature and learning to respect and work in harmony with it.

Written by a London-based therapist, Walk with your Wolf is part memoir, part self-help and part reflection on the connection we must re-establish with our natural, intuitive selves if we are to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Offering practical advice and exercises on how to walk and think as a method of confronting difficult emotions, this book will allow you to reconnect with your intuition, confidence and power.

'An important message about the power of reconnecting with the primal self to achieve balance in the modern world. A fascinating read' - Megan Hine

'Deftly blending science, his own narrative and his experience as a therapist, he is at our side as we find a way of engaging with and being healed by nature. Like the wolf in the book's title, we can reconnect with our own elemental lupine instincts which are so often repressed in our stressful and artificial world - both a wolf's wildness as well as its sociability and need to be part of a pack. Follow in Hoban's easy to apply footsteps and you will never walk alone again. - Rachel Kelly, bestselling author of Walking on Sunshine and The Happy Kitchen

'Jonathan Hoban challenges us to use nature as a setting for reconsidering our lives and our stresses. He asks us to 'walk alongside our difficulties' giving ourselves the physical and mental space to look at ourselves anew and to decide what we really need. For that commute to work, or indeed for that break on the park bench, I commend this book.' - Sir Ciarán Devane, CEO of the British Council

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781473693241
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, Ltd.
Publication date: 11/24/2020
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.75(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jonathan Hoban is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Founding Director of central London practice Creative Counselling London Ltd. Born in Wimbledon in 1975, Jonathan spent his formative years walking with family and friends in the green spaces of Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park.

Jonathan trained to be a counsellor after he received personal therapy and reaped the benefits from it. His gratitude arising from the process led him to want to help others in the same way mental health professionals had guided and helped him. He has since developed techniques, philosophies and methods to help clients reconnect with their sense of power, confidence and intuition.

Jonathan developed the concept of what he and others refer to as 'Walking Therapy' as an alternative method of therapy, and then went on to launch his 'Walking Therapy London' practice in 2014. His work has been featured in print, digital, and broadcast media in outlets including the BBC London News, The Telegraph, The Independent, Readers' Digest, Stylist Magazine, Stella Magazine, You Magazine, The Daily Mail, Women's Health, BACP Therapy Today Magazine, and Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 A Beast Called Stress 11

Chapter 2 First Steps Towards Your True Self 29

Chapter 3 The Shame and Burnout Cycle 42

Chapter 4 The Giving and Taking of Power 60

Chapter 5 Making New Stories 77

Chapter 6 Depression and Disconnection 92

Chapter 7 Changing Times, Changing Lives 108

Chapter 8 Grief and Loss 124

Chapter 9 Never Enough - the Grip of Addiction 139

Chapter 10 Connecting the Self, Connecting the Soul 158

Chapter 11 Maintenance for Mind, Body and Spirit 176

Final Thoughts 189

Acknowledgements 197

References 201

Index 203

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