Walking on Glass

Walking on Glass

by Alma Fullerton
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Walking on Glass by Alma Fullerton

Your mother's suicide attempt has left her in a coma from which she's never waking up. You know that she wouldn't want to live like this, but could you really help her die? Here you are, making the hardest decision of your life and there's no one to help you: Your father has disappeared into depression. Your best friend is becoming someone you no longer want to know. There is a girl who could help, maybe, if you'd let her. But in the end, it's all up to you.

A free-verse novel from debut author Alma Fullerton plunges deep inside the psyche of a young man faced with a life-and-death decision.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780061972614
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/06/2009
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
File size: 651 KB
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Alma Fullerton was born in Ottawa and grew up in a large military family. She's lived all over Canada and in Europe and now resides in Ontario with her husband and two daughters.

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Walking on Glass 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is coming from a girl who normaly doesnt read. For some reason i randomly picked this book of the shelfe at my schools library and once i started reading, well i just couldnt put it down. Over all this is an amazing book and anyone will like it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book i have ever read in my life. I read it at school and it's such a good book that it only took me two hours just to read the whole thing including the contents and what it's about.
gymnstcuttie1234 More than 1 year ago
this book is grat because it brings you through the problem he is trying to solve at his point of view.. even tho im still reading this book right now i have a hard time putting it down!¿
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
A mother on life-support. A father who keeps pretending that his wife will get better. A young man, torn between doing what is right and taking the easier path of least resistance.

Alma Fullerton paints the story of one family's turmoil in WALKING ON GLASS, a short tale told in free verse. When one teen arrives home one day in June, he finds his mother near death after an attempted suicide. Although he saves her life, the only thing keeping her tethered to this world are the wires and equipment forcing her to take each breath as she lies in a hospital bed.

"Mom's mood swings always coincided with whatever Dad and I did.
Up and down.
Up and down.
Pulling our strings, like big yo-yos.
And even now, when she can't move or talk, she's still pulling those strings."

As the teen's father lives in a world of denial, as the teen himself realizes that his best friend's life of crime and anger is beginning to rub off on him, he realizes that if there is ever to be an end to the torment he suffers, the decision will have to be his alone. As he struggles to learn why his mother wanted to die, as he rages with anger over his father's lack of acceptance, and as he faces the knowledge that life will never be the same, we fight the fight right along with him.

Ms. Fullerton has written a heartrending, emotional story that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Your mother is in a coma because she wanted to kill herself. Would it be so wrong to give her what she wanted? Walking on Glass by Alma Fullerton is a compelling free-verse novel that addresses one 16-year-old boy's struggle to understand his mother's attempted suicide as well as the decision he must make now that her life is in his hands. Fullerton's novel delves deep into the issues that have been created by today's medical technology and the blurred line between life and death. Walking on Glass blew any expectation I had of it previously completely out of the water. I never thought I would be so immediately swept up on the unnamed protagonist¿s emotional roller coaster, feeling his love, anger, bitterness, resentment, and anguish all along side him. After finishing the book, I just lay on my bed, motionless, letting everything we had just experienced together soak in. I honestly couldn't have spoken for anything. I could only think. Alma Fullerton has produced a captivating and powerful novel that is simply too indescribable for words.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Walking on Glass a young man questions himself as he relives the events that have shattered his life and left him wondering. And now he has to make the decision to shut off the machines keeping his mother alive and finish what she already started or just watch her lay in the hospital practically dead. Related to the Terri Schiavo case, this book painfully makes you realize how foggy the line between life and death. Sometimes you have to make a decision that is the best even if it hurts. This book to me was very depressing but also an eye opener. Why would a mother try to kill herself and leave the family she helped build? I recommend this book to anyone. You can¿t put it down. It makes you question and realize just what is possible.