Walking with Gosse

Walking with Gosse

by Roger S. Wotton

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This book is about three people: Roger Wotton, [Philip] Henry Gosse, and Edmund Gosse. Roger and Edmund spent their childhood in Torbay and both had a religious upbringing, the former as a Baptist and the latter as a member of the Brethren, and both broke away from the confines of religious faith. In contrast, Henry Gosse, Edmund's father, believed profoundly in the imminent Second Coming of Christ and in the literal truth of the Bible.

Henry Gosse was a gifted natural historian, writer, illustrator and lecturer. He promoted the Nineteenth Century love of collecting, and observing, wildlife from the sea shore, an interest shared by Roger, who became an aquatic biologist and university teacher.

These are just a few of the connections between the three. Walking with Gosse is clearly not a novel, nor is it a work of scholarship, but it covers topics that are highly relevant to contemporary debate: the effect of religious faith on individuals and families; the importance of appreciating the natural world; and the continuing conflict between creationists and those who believe in evolution. 

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ISBN-13: 9781838166205
Publisher: Roger S. Wotton
Publication date: 08/18/2020
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 142
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Table of Contents


Part 1

Growing up at the seaside

Being a Christian

Schools, parents, and an interest in natural history

Leaving home for University

Part 2

Henry Gosse, The Aquarium and looking through microscopes

Henry Gosse's early life and the development of his interest in natural history

Henry Gosse becomes a professional natural historian and writer

The development of Henry Gosse's religious beliefs

Henry Gosse's own family

Henry Gosse as a teacher, lecturer and leader of field courses

Recognition as a scientist

Part 3


Reactions to Omphalos and Henry's need to incorporate his religious views into his writing

The Romance of Natural History

Sea serpents

Extinction, animals that fall from the sky, and mermaids

Part 4

Father and Son

Early life in London

Moving to St Marychurch

Edmund becomes a Saint

Edmund's baptism and the move to a new chapel

Tom Cringle's Log, meeting Eliza, and the beginnings of independence

Edmund's Epilogue in Father and Son

Part 5

Learning more about Edmund

Eliza Gosse's view of Henry

William Pengelly - a deeply religious man who believed in "creation by evolution"

Henry Gosse and Charles Kingsley

A feeling of connection to Henry and Edmund

Part 6

Henry Gosse and our contemporary world

Henry Gosse and the negativity of religious faith

Creation, evolution and the origin of life

When believing in creation seems like an easy option

Tackling the supernatural

Dr Dryasdust and contemporary trends in Biology

Being interested in teaching and lecturing

Natural history and the media 




Appendix 1

Henry's scientific publications

Appendix 2

Henry's solely religious writing

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