Walter Rauschenbusch and His Contribution to Social Christianity

Walter Rauschenbusch and His Contribution to Social Christianity

by Anna M. Singer


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ISBN-13: 9781556354175
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 05/28/2007
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: (w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     13
Twentieth Century called, "Age of Social Questions"     15
Many Concerned about Social Problems Today     15
Walter Rauschenbusch, a Pioneer Prophet of Social Righteousness     15
A Brief Sketch of his Life     16
Parentage, Birth, Home and Early Life     16
Preparation for his Life-work     16
Education     16
Travels     17
Phases of his Professional Work     17
Pastor in New York City     17
Professorship at Rochester, New York     18
Power as Teacher     19
Influence on Students     19
Personality     19
Organizer and Lecturer     20
Author of Religious Books     21
A Brief Characterization of his Major Books     22
Christianity and the Social Crisis     22
Prayers of the Social Awakening     23
Christianizing the Social Order     23
The Social Principles of Jesus     24
A Theology for the Social Gospel     24
His Teachings in Social Christianity
Chapter IV
A Historical Review of the Conceptions of the Kingdom of God to the Present Time     26
The Ideas of the Prophets     26
The Conception of John the Baptist     32
The Conception of Jesus' Followers and Others down to the Present Time     33
The Teachings of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom of God     37
His Teachings     37
The Fundamental Social Principles of Jesus     42
His Teachings Concerning Race Prejudice and Class Distinction     47
All are Brothers in Christ     48
Sense of Equality the Basis for Christian Morality     51
Personal Distribution of Wealth     53
Wealth and its Pursuit     53
Some of the Dangers Connected with Accumulation of Wealth     54
The Moral Problem Concerning Property Ownership     58
The Rich, the Poor, the Criminal and the Outcast     59
Jesus' Attitude Toward Each Class     59
The Personality of the most Wretched Being is Sacred     62
A Review of the Present Situation in the Industrial World     68
Employer versus Employee     65
Labor versus Wages     65
Profit versus Life     65
Employer versus Employee     66
Employer's Relation to Business Men     67
In Relation to His Employees     68
In Relation to the Consumer     70
Labor versus Wages      72
Profit versus Life     73
The Physical Fitness of the Laborer must be Protected     73
The Rise of the Working-class Involves an Increase in their Shares of the Profits     77
Child Welfare and the Woman Movement     81
Child Welfare     81
The Child's Economic Value     82
The Rights of a Child     83
Child-labor     85
The Woman Movement     86
The Factory Woman     87
Some Moral Aspects of "The Woman Movement"     88
The Rise of Women and their Increased Responsibilities     91
Militarism, War and Conflict with Evil     93
Cause of World War     94
Problem of International Peace     95
Militarism and the Danger of the Militant Spirit     96
Conflict with Evil     99
The Church as a Social Factor of Salvation     102
Its Influence in the Past     102
Its Faults and Mistakes in the Past     108
Its Present Opportunity     113
Conclusion     122
Essence of His Contribution     122
Criticisms and Comments     127
An Estimate of His Influence     130

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