Wanted By Mafia: Hyawatha Two-Feathers: Either Dead Or Alive

Wanted By Mafia: Hyawatha Two-Feathers: Either Dead Or Alive

by William FitzGerald


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In September 1955, nearly half a million dollars is stolen from Mafia coffers, and suspicion immediately falls upon Dick Enty, a mixed Native American living on a weather-beaten property in Eddyville, New York. He manages to bury the treasure on the FitzGerald land in Kingston, New York, but is caught by the mobsters before he can make it home. Pistol-whipped and beaten half to death, he survives the ordeal but unwittingly manages to turn the gangsters on to the trail of his beautiful Indian lover, Hyawatha Two-Feathers.

Tragically, the gangsters kill Dick anyway, and begin a massive search for this mysterious woman. They are determined to track her down, retrieve the money, and exact further revenge.

But before his death, Dick reveals his secret to his favorite grandnephew, William FitzGerald. William knows that to honor his great uncle's memory, he must find Hyawatha first-or see her fall victim to the Mafia's bloody brand of justice.

Filled with tension and suspense, Wanted by Mafia: Hyawatha Two-Feathers is an inspiring dramatic mystery based on actual events.

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ISBN-13: 9781516911837
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/06/2015
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Dr. William FitzGerald once plunged over Niagara Falls in a barrel to worldwide notoriety. At that time, three out of the last 4 people who tried it had perished.
A stint in the US Army and a six-year stay in Europe, plus time spent as a War Department Civilian in Paris, France, and work with a famous scientist who later won the Lasker Award for Medicine, are but a few more of the highlights from his life. He also appeared on national TV with Johnny Carson and Betty White. Additionally, he was asked to write the argument which helped convince US First Lady, Nancy Reagan, to champion drug abuse prevention which she eventually did.
William's first published work was a lovemaking guide, Searching For The Midas Touch (Carlos FitzGerald, 2002) which came out just when sex drugs began to dominate sex technique. His second book, a novel, Up Against The Wall You Spic Bastard, was written in part to create a towering Hispanic hero and to support advocates lobbying for reasonable immigration laws. The storyline, however, is based upon his own experience as a medical research scientist and his startling new theory on hypertension.
In his third book, a memoir entitled Wanted By Mafia: Hyawatha Two-Feathers (Either Dead or Alive), FitzGerald aims to reveal truths about the human condition and it's ability to inflict terrible pain, injustice and shame.
Finally, William underwent analysis in order to put the finishing touches on his last book, The Autobiography Of A Sneaky Uncle Tom, which examines the hidden infighting in the black community over complexion, hair type and facial features. Few, if any books have reported from this unique reverse perspective.
The above, however, was not to be his Last Hurrah. Recently, Dr. FitzGerald petitioned the US Congress to declare him an honorary member of the 101st Airborne since racial discrimination denied him the right to join during WWII. He also threw a spotlight on what appeared to be short comings in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical repayment system. Documents in his possession show a considerable amount of unpaid money is still due him and his wife.
Today, William is now writing a book entitled, The Greatest TRUE Love Story In Recorded History and hopes to finish it before becoming history himself.

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