War 101

War 101

by Mike Bhangu

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Sometimes, the causes of war are not what they're presented as. Sometimes, the narrative is like a sugar candy with a sour filled center. Sometimes, the people are misled to support war and soldier.

This manuscript briefly examines the beast that is war. In specific, the techniques able to persuade a person to support the evil, the distortions that motivate people to soldier, false flag operations, and the misrepresentation of right and wrong so to bring about war.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Engineered to War

War Propaganda
Occupation of the Mind
False Flag Operations
Reason II
Freedom-Fighter or Terrorist?
Freedom-Fighter or Terrorist? Endnotes
The Saint-Soldier
The Immaculate Junzi: Gobind
When to Unsheathe
The Brutish British
The Brutish British: Endnotes

Chapter 2: Peacekeepers?

Blood Rain
God Bless the Dead
God Bless the Dead: Endnotes
How to Lose an Empire
I Stand on Guard for Thee

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Publication date: 01/10/2019
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About the Author

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From a very young age, Mike's rebellious nature predisposed him to challenge the status quo. His metaphysical knuckles are yet to completely heal, and on those hot and dry days, the scars are quick to act like a Morning Glory flower. Fortunately, Mike's fascination with philosophy, sociology, political science, popular culture, religion, mysticism, and history focused his defiant predispositions and tamed his tendency to make fists.

Mike's attraction to knowledge gave meaning to the passions, and motivated by reason, he unclenched and picked up a pen to communicate his rebel. The by-product has been several unique and insightful non-fiction publications. Each challenges the status quo and each highlights ideas that will help free a person from the illusions that enslave us all.

Bear Witness.

"Love. Be Loved. Live." --Mike Bhangu

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