War and Literature: Looking Back on 20th Century Armed Conflicts

War and Literature: Looking Back on 20th Century Armed Conflicts




This volume follows the radical change in the nature of armed conflicts and the way they are narrated and represented since the First World War, which rendered meaningless the very vocabulary of such terms as "battle," "front," "non-combatant," "open city," and "hero." The enemy became invisible. Submarines, tanks, mines, gas, long-range artillery, and airplanes made war different from all other conflicts that came before. These essays study representations of the Canudos Civil War in Brazil, the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the colonial wars in Africa, and the war in Afghanistan.

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ISBN-13: 9783838206172
Publisher: ibidem Press
Publication date: 07/22/2014
Pages: 270
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About the Author

Luiz Gustavo Vieira, Volker Jaeckel, Elcio Cornelsen, and Tom Burns teach and research literature in English and German at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. They are also founders of the Center for Studies of War and Literature (NEGUE) at the university's College of Letters.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Introduction to Revisiting Twentieth Century Wars 11

Hunters Turned into Prey: Predation in Twentieth Century War Literature Lurz Gustavo Vieira 17

Through an Enemy Land: On Space and (In)visibility in Euclides da Cunha's Os Sertoes Javier Uriarte 35

War Imagery. On the First Edition of Ernst Jünger's Storm of Stee Oliver Lubrich 53

La Gran Guerra Europea: Germanophobia and the Horrors of War in the Novels of Blasco Ibañez and their Film Adaptations Volker Jaeckel 83

The American Narrative of the Second World War Tom Burns 101

Guilt in Kempowski's Echolot Valéria Sabrina Pereira 119

Towards a Definition of a War Orphan Literature José Otaviano da Mata Machado Silva 135

Dead on a High Hill: Poetry from the Korean War W.D. Ehrhart 163

Tim O'Brien Recounts Traumatic Memories of American Vietnam Combatants Sérgio Lima 179

Collective Traumas and Common Memories: The Colonial War of Portugal in Africa and European Violence of the Twentieth Century Roberto Vecchi 201

The Dark Song of the Night of War. Antonio Lobo Antunes' Os Cus de Judas Olinda Kleiman 215

Identity and Otherness in Balkan Films about the War in ex-Yugoslavia Elcio Cornelsen 237

Struggle for Authenticity: Autobiographical Accounts and non-Fiction Books on the War in Afghanistan Helmut P. E. Galle 249

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