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War and Peace in the Law of Islam by Majid Khadduri

Khadduri presents a lucid analysis of classical Islamic doctrine concerning war and peace and its adaptation to modern conditions.
Working primarily with original Muslim sources, he examines the nature of the Islamic state, Islamic law and the influence of Western law.Other chapters consider classical Muslim attitudes toward foreign policy, international trade, warfare, treaties and how these have developed during the twentieth century.
Majid Khadduri [1909-2007] was a Professor of Middle East Studies at the School of Advanced International Studies of The Johns Hopkins
University and Director of Research and Education at the Middle East
Institute in Washington, D. C. He was the author of several books in
English and Arabic on Middle Eastern affairs.

Fundamental Concepts of Muslim Law
I Theory of the State
II Nature and Sources of Law
III The Muslim Law of Nations
The Law of War
IV Introduction
V The Doctrine of the Jihad
VI Types of Jihad
VII Military Methods
VIII The Initiation of War
IX Land Warfare
X Maritime Warfare
XI Spoils of War
XII Termination of Fighting
The Law of Peace
XIII Introduction
XIV Jurisdiction
XV Foreigners in Muslim Territory: Harbis and Musta'mins
XVI Muslims in Non-Muslim Territory
XVII Status of the Dhimmis
XVIII Treaties
XIX Commercial Relations
XX Arbitration
XXI Diplomacy
XXII Neutrality
XXIII Epilogue
Glossary of Terms

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