War Bride

War Bride

by Sharon L Reddy

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War Bride by Sharon L Reddy

This is a love story of a very different sort.

"He awoke. It was a shock. He hurt too much to be dead. He nearly resented it. He should be dead. He'd felt the shot that killed him. Everyone else was dead. His father, brother, cousins, friends, all dead and he was alive. After that, the realization he was looking at a chain around his wrist and arm wasn't even surprising."

"Not restraints, chains. Why chains? They were old things, used for decorative purposes, but not these. They were shiny new and looked like steel. He smiled slightly. He'd decided he wanted to be alive after all. He wanted to learn why chains."

Caerdonna was a beautiful world and well-suited to human settlement, then the disaster that couldn't happen had. When great disaster strikes, society must adapt to survive. The woman who'd been president, when it happened, was sent aid for her world. She thought she might be able to protect it.

Sharon Reddy:
"Writing the relationship of Roman, Mike and Dirk was a warm experience. Learning who the women were was a whole lot of fun."

About books by Sharon L Reddy, reviewers said:

"The author is a fine wordsmith who possesses a marvelous imagination."

Raven's Reviews:
"...unique, fast-paced style ...allows one to read almost as fast as one can think."
"...romantic brain-candy... If you like almost any kind of men at all, you'll like hers..."

Mistress of the Dark Path:
"...you will also notice your mind is stimulated."
"...designed for a more educated and worldly crowd."

R. Cagle:
"I got hooked immediately."

Marji Holt:
"The characters came out of the books and into my dreams."

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BN ID: 2940011339110
Publisher: Sharon L Reddy
Publication date: 06/06/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I write science fiction romance, but it's the literary definition of romance. Swashbuckle, Baby, in "white tie and tails." High romantic fantasies, million word mysteries, family sagas, statesmen, gurus and wise immortals. Loving dads, sons and brothers, and of course, the women who understand and appreciate them. High fashion and landscape design. Materials and art, the books are built to be read very fast, specifically for the way women visualize. Research on the soap operas of the fifties, trends in international populist (fan) fiction, technological development, and above all, long-term entertainment value. It has to be good in reruns. The intent is create a body of work that's just fun to read, in spurts or bursts over decades. Ethics, responsibility, nobless oblige, the power of money, the use of prestige. I write good guys win. Period. They're fantasies for women. Men with lots of muscle say, "I love you," a lot. Most of what is currently published was written in the first decade, 1991-1999, before Mother Nature changed my personal definition of "mature audience." I hope you'll remain with me as I and my work mature and enjoy the second decade of my work now being published, as well. I've lived many places and visited far more. My current residence is on a high mesa in New Mexico, in the United States, where I am engaged in a habitat restoration project. Explanation of the Pilots Group: Some of these works have been sitting on my hard drive close to twenty years and they're no fun for anyone just sitting there. They're exactly what they've been titled, pilots, like for a TV series. It is my intent and hope that other writers will choose to continue the adventures of the characters. There are only three restrictions. Don't kill off my heroes, don't make good guys bad guys and give my story credit if you publish. Yes, you may publish and make money on your stories. I loved reading and writing fan fiction, but the limitations on it could be frustrating, so... Have fun with these works that specifically don't have them.

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