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War On Drugs; Why?

War On Drugs; Why?

by Barry T
War On Drugs; Why?

War On Drugs; Why?

by Barry T
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Did you know that the war on drugs causes crime and incarceration rates to soar? Did you know that murder rates increased during alcohol prohibition and during the war on drugs? Did you know that the countries which have decriminalized drugs have lower crime rates? Did you know that America, "The Land of the Free," has the highest incarceration rate of any other country in world history including Stalin's U.S.S.R.? Did you know that America only has 4% of the world's population, but 25% of the world's prisoners? Did you know that America has more prisoners than China and Russia combined with only 1/5th the population? Are "We the People" that bad, or is something wrong with our current government policies?
The war on drugs causes over-dose deaths to increase by forcing drug users to buy unregulated drugs from the underground. The U.S. spends more taxpayer money and resources fighting the war on drugs and yet has the worse overdose death rates of any other country. In 2015, the U.S. had 245 overdose deaths per million people which is over 6 times worse than the world average of 40 overdose deaths per million population. Portugal, which decriminalized drugs in 2001, had only 3 per million which is almost the safest percentage in the world. So far, no one has overdosed and died at any government free heroin clinic in Vancouver, Switzerland, Germany, or the Netherlands.
The war on drugs is very expensive to U.S. taxpayers. For the same cost of the war on drugs we could afford to house and feed all the homeless in America, pay off our national debt, decrease our crime and incarceration rates, create legitimate jobs, decrease our tax burden, keep our money within our borders, and make our country stronger financially.
America was founded on Liberty and Freedom. Is fighting a broken war on drugs worth giving up many of our Civil Liberties?
Politicians base their platforms on popular themes, not necessarily themes that are practical, make sense, or that are based on facts. For example, consider the causes of death in the year 2000 are as follows; tobacco caused 435,000 deaths or 18.1% of all deaths; poor diet and physical inactivity caused 400,000 deaths which was 16.6% of all deaths; alcohol consumption, including car accidents was 85,000 deaths or 3.5% of all deaths; motor vehicle accidents accounted for 43,000 deaths; sexual behaviors accounted for 20,000 deaths; and illicit drug use accounted for 17,000 deaths. When you logically look at this data, which subjects should politicians focus their attentions on? What would happen if the politician tried to outlaw tobacco, forced a certain diet on you, made you exercise, outlawed alcohol, lowered speed limits, or outlawed sex? I would guess that the politician would not get elected. So why do we keep electing politicians who push for drug laws? We need drug policies based on science and compassion rather than political hysteria!
Driving fifteen miles over the speed limit or accidently running a red light are all more dangerous than taking a recreational drug. So why do people who speed or run red lights get a fine while drug offenders go to prison for many years? Shouldn't the punishment be equal to the crime? Would you want a jaywalker to go to prison for a year? If someone does a recreational drug in their own private area without hurting anyone else, why are they subject to many years behind bars at taxpayer expense?
We are not advocating drug use; just ending the war on drugs. Sign the petition to end the longest war in U.S. history at

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The information contained in this book was obtained from many sources. On one side, I have been to college for two years and college knowledge is important. In school you read history books and gain a general knowledge of how our country is supposed to be. I gained a real and true appreciation and love of America when I studied how the world was before America was founded; before America established freedom and liberty for people, the whole world was ruled by some form of monarchy and everyone except for nobility was oppressed. During the four years I was in prison, I also had time to read about 200 history books and study law in the prison library. The laws I read about in the library appear to be true and fair and based on True American Principles. On the other side, I have been through the justice system in the real world and have real world experiences. I found out that the law which is read about in the law books and the Bill of Rights which is taught in our history books is not actually practiced in the real courts of America! I was truly shocked when I found this out. My public defender summed it up when she said that, yes your car was illegally searched and you should be found innocent, but the court and judge is going to rule in favor of the police anyway; so take the plea offer.
These contradictions between what the law books say and the real world experiences I had led me to question and think about the justice system and the war on drugs. I determined that America was founded on liberty and freedom, but we have turned into something different. The American people would not have fought and suffered in the American Revolution for anything but liberty and freedom. The founding fathers planted the seeds of liberty which eventually included all colors and sexes of people and continue to spread throughout the world. The founding fathers were afraid that the government they created would grow too big and powerful and become oppressive; the fact that we have more people locked up in prison than China and Russia combined attests to this. The founding fathers also were wise enough to put the ultimate check on government with the people. I also thought that the American People should know that the Bill of Rights is not actually followed by our American government and our American court system today.

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