WAR Spying and Flying

WAR Spying and Flying

by Will David Mitchell, Carol L. Mitchell


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"A Breathtaking, Book of Epic Proportions!"

War, Spying and Flying is a Christian book of fiction.

Jeopardous spying, genuine combat flying and the passion of the century sweep you to an exotic place in history.

Fighter pilot and CIA officer, Troy Mach, desperately loves Christie, his wingman's wife, but it's a matter of being 'pure and chaste from afar.'

A hot-rodded MiG-21FX shoots down his wingman and Troy detonates the MiG. He doesn't know the pilot's sister is Chiang Trinh, the assassin and spy mistress who lords a third of the Asian drug trade, even though his next CIA assignment is to smash her network. She knows who he is and has vowed vengeance.

Wounded as a spy, Robert returns to romance the enchantress he loves, with deadly Chiang a day behind.

The reader knows Vicki's war-torn, turncoat husband will return from the dead.

Authentic espionage and combat flying. War, Spying and Flying is written by perhaps the only USAF pilot ever to be photographed in a MiG-21 cockpit during the Cold War.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781481227896
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/15/2012
Pages: 588
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.19(d)

About the Author

Will David Mitchell has visited or flown over each placed in this book. He writes from vast experience and surviving a colorful past. He is a retired US Air Force combat pilot with 16, holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Meritorious Service Medal and many Air Medals. He is a pilot, a navigator and an electronic warfare officer, an exceedingly rare combination. At Strategic Air Command, he became a project director of considerable note. He has written hundreds of manuals and regulations for the service and his industrial chiefs. In 1999, solely due to his reputation, Osborne/McGraw-Hill requested that he write their flagship computer book, "Debugging Java," which he completed in 31 days. The life span for a computer book is around six months but his book was translated into at least 14 languages and lasted in print for four years, reaching cult status in Europe. It's one of the longest-lived computer books ever written. It was his first book.
He discovered the joy of writing, so Mitchell published a pair of novels on the same day in 2005. On 11/11/2011, he returned to his keyboard and turned out a new book every month for a year, for your enjoyment. The Mach Books, the Wind Books, the Dare Books and the Imperial Books are his fiction arms. The Rebirth of Business series is his non-fiction arm. He has also written with Cook, Kobarg, Colvin and Brazell on separate projects already published, more than 50 in all. One of his best sellers required less than 6 hours to write -- while he awaited jury duty, which never came.
Mitchell returned to college at age 72 for his second Master's degree, graduating magna cum laude, while directing two multi-million dollar corporations as Chief Division Officer and sitting the board of another.
The website http://WillDavidMitchell.Com and the QR-Codes on book covers offer a mass of details and video trailers.
David answers every email personally, and sincerely wants to get to know you as a friend.

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