Warfare in the Ancient World

Warfare in the Ancient World

Paperback(New Edition)

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Warfare in the Ancient World by Brian Todd Carey, Joshua B. Allfree, John Cairns

Warfare in the Ancient World explores how civilizations and cultures made war on the battlefields of the Near East and Europe over a period of 2000 years. Through the use of dozens of tactical maps, this fascinating one-volume introduction to the art of war during western civilization's ancient, and classical periods offers a fresh perspective on the sophisticated nature of pre-modern warfare.

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ISBN-13: 9781781592632
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Limited
Publication date: 07/19/2013
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 630,513
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Brian Todd Carey is an Assistant Professor of History and Military History at the American Public University System, where he teaches ancient, classical, medieval and early modern military history. He is the author of dozens of history articles in numerous magazines and journals, including Aviation History, Command Magazine, History Magazine, Marine Corps Gazette, Medieval History Magazine, Military Heritage, Military History, Strategy and Tactics, World History Bulletin, World at War, World War II, and WWII Quarterly: The Journal of the Second World War and seventeen articles on ancient, classical and medieval Eurasian warfare for the twenty-one volume ABC-CLIO-World History Encyclopedia. In 2007 he was the recipient of the American Public University System's Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award for the School of Arts and Humanities. He is the author of Warfare in the Ancient World, Warfare in the Medieval World, Hannibal's last Battle: Zama and the Fall of Carthage, and Road to Manzikert: Byzantine and Islamic Warfare, 527-1071.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgmentsvi
Chapter 1Warfare in the Ancient Near East: The Bronze and Early Iron Ages10
Warfare in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt: The World's First Armies
The Chariot at War: The Battles of Megiddo and Qadesh
Warfare in Late Bronze Age Greece: The Mycenaeans
Iron and Empire: The Rise of Assyria
The Assyrian Army at War: The Urartu Campaign
Cyrus the Great and the Persian Art of War
Assyrian and Persian Logistics
Chapter 2Archaic and Hellenic Warfare: The Greek Phalanx at War37
The Invention of the Greek Phalanx and the 'Cult of Symmetry'
The Persian Wars: A Collision of Two Tactical Systems
The Peloponnesian War: The 'Cult of Symmetry' Challenged
The Greek Military Revolution
Chapter 3Warfare in the Hellenistic Era: The Rise of the Macedonian Art of War64
The Rise of Macedon and the Development of the Macedonian Art of War
The Macedonian Logistical System
The Macedonian Art of War in Practice: The Battles of Granicus, Issus and Gaugamela
Alexander in India: The Battle of Hydaspes
Trends in Hellenistic Warfare
Chapter 4Republican Rome at War: The Rise and Evolution of the Legion90
The Etruscan Inheritance
The Early Roman Republican Army
The Camillan Reforms and the Invention of the Maniple Legion
The Tarentine and Punic Wars
Legion versus Phalanx: The Macedonian Wars
The Marian Reforms
The Cohortal Legion at War: The Gallic Campaigns
Legion versus Cavalry: The Battle of Carrhae
Legion versus Legion: The Civil Wars
Chapter 5The Roman Empire at War: The Augustan Reforms, Pax Romana and Decline of the Legion122
The Augustan Reforms
Legion versus Light Infantry: The Battle of Teutoburg Forest
Legion versus Chariots: The Roman Campaigns in Britain
The Roman Limes Threatened: The Return of Civil War and Invasion
The Late Empire: The 'Barbarization' of the Roman Army
Roman Infantry in Decline: The Battles of Adrianople and Chalons
Conclusion: 'The Western Way of War' and Decisive Battle
Glossary of Military Terms150
Selected Bibliography175

What People are Saying About This

Steven D. Fratt

This first work of a two-volume set serves as a solid introduction to ancient warfare. Carey analyzes the main tactical systems in light of Archer Jones's tactical matrix (heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, light infantry, light cavalry). Nice selection of key battles. Excellent diagrams and maps. Glossary and select bibliography. --Steven D. Fratt, Oxford Bibliographies.

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Warfare in the Ancient World 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr Carey was a teacher of mine. I took his and civilizations class and I instantly bought one of his books. And now I have fully enjoyed the other two
Anonymous More than 1 year ago