Watakame's Journey; The Story of the Great Flood and the New World

Watakame's Journey; The Story of the Great Flood and the New World

by Bonnie Larson


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The flood and creation myth of the Huichol Indian people of Mexico is told through the brilliantly colored yarn paitings of shaman Guadalupe Barajas de la Cruz and other Huichol artists. This remarkable art form, with its clear, colorful figures and traditional symbols and motifs, has strong visual appeal for both young people and adults.

In the story a Huichol boy plays a role similar to Noah's-though Watak�me's odyssey is more complex and magical. He has been selected by Nakawe, the creator of all growing things, to escape the coming flood and begin human life again in the new world. Nakawe tells him to build a small boat and to bring with him fire, the seeds of squash, beans, and corn, and one companion-a small dog. Watakame completes his tasks and crouches inside the boat with the frightened little dog. The raging waters sweep away the only world he knows. When the flood waters recede, Watakame witnesses the recreation of the sun and all living things. Nakawe helps Watakame find a wife and instructs him in planting, harvesting, and making offerings to the gods. The Huichol people are his descendants. He instructs them in the proper way of living and teaches them sacred rituals and ceremonies to please the gods and celebrate the beautiful new world that is their home. The story, which has been carefully researched and translated, offers a view into the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of an indigenous group that has only recently become known outside their traditional homelands.

Of interest to young readers eight years and older, parents, educators, folklorists, and all those value indigenous art.

About the Authors:

Hallie N. Love is an award-winning scholar with Bachelor of Fine Arts and Doctor of Jurisprudence degrees, a children's book author, and screen writer. Her latest screenplay won distinction as finalist in national competitions. She has an extensive background in tribal art, mythology, and dance. She is an attorney and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her son, Tristan.

Bonnie Larson is a Spanish Language graduate of UCLA, former Montessori teacher, and founder and administrator of alternative schools. She has made many trips to the Tepic, Mexico, area where the Huichol people live. From Shaman Guadalupe Barajas she learned Huichol stories and the meaning of the yarn painting symbols. She lives in Santa Fe, where she is involved in supporting causes benefiting the Huichol.

Priciliano Carrillo Rios created a number of yarn paintings for this book. He is a well-known Huichol healer and artist who lives near Tepic, Mexico.

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ISBN-13: 9781574160291
Publisher: Clear Light Publishers
Publication date: 02/01/2005
Pages: 84
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