Watch Me Disappear

Watch Me Disappear

by Diane Vanaskie Mulligan


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**2011 ABNA Breakthrough Novel Award...

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ISBN-13: 9781478311287
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/24/2012
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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Watch Me Disappear 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book though
sjziegler More than 1 year ago
booksbysteph says "Like Reliving My Childhood" Wow! I could not put this book down. I felt like I was reliving my younger years. The book is written in Lizzie's point-of-view. It is fast reading and is exactly like a teenager's mind. Pure honesty of mind versus speaking words that people only wanted to hear. The title, Watch Me Disappear, applies not only to Lizzie, the main character, but to Maura as well. This book teaches important lessons through Lizzie, but pay attention to Maura. Sometimes issues are far greater and easier to hide than my best friend stole the boy I like.  I felt so many emotions reading this book. Happiness reflecting on my first kiss, anger remembering the popular girl who made my middle school years hell, pity and sadness knowing what these kids were going through and no one recognizing any of it to help. My mother is a mirror of Lizzie's mother. And I was Maura. I felt great empathy and understanding and I hope this book opens the eyes of teens and their parents. Until next time, live life one page at a time!
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
 I think that the author did a great job of portraying high school life.  Even though high school for me was many years ago, I remember feeling like Lizzie did, especially when it came to being the wallflower or the third wheel.  Fortunately, I didn't have to start a new school my senior year like she did.  Lizzie's parents are protective to the point of smothering and I think they could have lightened up on her a little earlier than they did.  In spite of that, she was able to make some friends, like Missy and Paul.   Missy was a great friend to Lizzie.  Even though Lizzie thinks Missy is just about perfect, and feels frumpy next to her, Missy never does anything to make her feel that way.  She is very accepting of Lizzie and appreciative of her friendship, as she is also new to the school. Missy soon has a boyfriend, Wes, and though they try to include Lizzie, she often feels like a third wheel.   Maura is Lizzie's next door neighbor, and the girl that her mom would like to see her be friends with.  Lizzie's first impression of Maura though is not a good one.  She sees her as shallow, non-appreciative, self-centered, and doesn't understand why her mother cannot see this side of Maura.  Slowly, though they have a rough start, Maura and Lizzie begin a fledgling friendship.  Lizzie doesn't really trust Maura, but a part of her would like the easy popularity that Maura has.   Well, somewhere along the way she also became friends with Maura's ex-boyfriend Paul.  She knows that Paul has a crush on Missy, but he genuinely seems to enjoy hanging out with her.  Before she knows it, she has developed a crush on him.  With all his phone calls, invitations to dances and parties, and hanging out at her house a couple of times a week, is it any wonder that she would fall for him?  When things sour between Wes and Missy, Lizzie realizes that Paul is going to jump in to be her shining knight.   I liked this book for all the memories of high school, both good and bad, that it invoked.  It showed that things aren't always what they appear to be on the surface and that generally everybody harbors the same insecurities, they just don't always manifest in the same way. I think most any teenage girl would enjoy this book, and while they may not believe that everyone has the same insecurities, it might get them to look at situations from a different angle.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Diane pens "Watch Me Disappear" in a plot that portrays a coming of age story for teens.  Her characters were interesting, well developed and highly relate-able. In a story line that flows smoothly, you will find yourself wrapped up in the messages. Highly recommended for all YA and adults alike. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
sandyemerson More than 1 year ago
Rage! I feel a slight rage towards this book. Not the 'I hate the book' kind of rage, but the 'I could slap some of the characters senseless' kind. Lizzie is a girl who arrives in a new town and has had a limited social life in the past. She's the type of girl who has never had a cellphone, hasn't got a Facebook page or even an email address. Her parents have made sure of that. When she meets Maura and Maura tricks her parents into getting Lizzie as a babysitter, that is when Lizzie's wings start to spread and she's starts to get more involved with social networking. I think the thing that really got to me was the unrequited love aspect of this book. There was a part of me that hoped that one character would end up getting what they wanted. I cursed this book. I raged on some of the characters and I came away from the book feeling like I wanted to hit someone. Paul came across as a nice friendly guy and he was up front and honest, but he also came across as a sleaze. What kind of boy would give a girl hope that something romantic would come of their relationship, when all the time he was just using her to get close to her best friend?" Yeah, raging all over the place. Sure, he was upfront, but, grrrr.  There was just a depth of betrayal in this book and the 'sisters before misters' went right out the window. Sure you can't help who you fall in love with, but you sure as hell don't drop your friends because you have a boyfriend. If you do, you're a fool, because they're the ones who are there for you when you go into crisis mode. But that's what happened in this book. There's so much about this book that I want to say, but I can't because I'd be giving you spoilers left, right and center. This way I keep you guessing. But, I really love how it got to me - and in a way where books usually don't. I guess it was the topic. Haha, yeah, I was dramatic in this review but it's the way I felt. I don't know how to even explain the complexities in this book. It wasn't so much the writing that made it so, but the relationships. It was a very relationship driven book. The one good thing about this book was that it was in no way boring. I read the whole story in only a few hours, because I just couldn't wait to see what happened. Anyway, I would recommend this book to anyone who like relationship-driven books.   Book review by Sandy at Magical Manuscripts.