Watch Out for the Big Girls 3

Watch Out for the Big Girls 3

by J.M. Benjamin


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Starrshma Fields is officially back on the scene, with the intent of returning to the head of the Double Gs organization with a new game plan. After a close call, she is all too eager to put into motion the plan she conjured up while in custody at the Clark County Jail. However, she is clueless as to all that has been going on while she was out of the loop.

Diamond Morgan has been handling business, running the Double Gs in Starr’s absence. She has managed to repair the damage caused by some of Starr’s recent decisions by making some better and stronger ones of her own, but she is not sure if some things are beyond repair. 

Queen Fem is uneasy behind the mess that her protege has brought to the doorstep of the organization that she founded. It has been a long time since she has had to make a tough decision, but she feels her hand is being forced. She is unsure whether the Double Gs need to be under new leadership, and whether Starr should step down.

Agent McCarthy is back with a vengeance. He throws himself into his work, the only thing he loves as much as his family. His only focus is to take down the Double Gs. But with one of his plants now deceased and the other off the grid, he is forced to roll up his sleeves to figure out how to dismember the Double Gs on his own.

Monica is caught between a rock and a hard place. She is torn between the feelings she has built for Starrshma Fields, her new love interest, and her commitment to uphold the law.

With that and then some going on, the Double Gs still operate on the highest level, executing their missions to ensure that their grip on the corporate, political, and underworld remain firm. New alliances are made and new orders are rendered. If you’re a major player in the Las Vegas area, you still need to watch out for the big girls better known as the Double Gs!

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ISBN-13: 9781622864904
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 05/30/2017
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 693,339
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

J.M. Benjamin is a successful author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker from Plainfield, New Jersey. Since 2005 he has received numerous accolades and recognition for his Essence bestselling novel Ride or Die Chick and award-winning novel Down in the Dirty. Most recently, J.M. launched an independent monthly newspaper called Success News, highlighting and offering recognition to minorities who have overcome adversities to become successful. You can find more info about J.M. on Facebook at Author J. M. Benjamin, or follow him on Twitter. Visit him at

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Her hair was silky, woven like a ball of yarn, and it was the color of dark, thunderous clouds. It held tight as a crown around a round, full face. For a woman of age, her skin was smooth and radiant as if she were preparing to give birth. A shade of blackberry sat on the windows of her eyes, which heightened the rosiness of her cheeks and emphasized the fullness of her lips.

Very few people lived to give that description of one of the most notorious gangsters ever to grace this earth. For Mirage, the thought of uttering that description was a warrant to execute a death wish.

Mirage knew her position and played her role well. Driving wasn't just her job; it was a passion she had come to love and respect. Every Wednesday, she found a way to treat herself to a simple wash and set. She didn't have time to be away from her mistress for any longer than an hour. Her role was too important to go unaccounted for for any length of time. In the twenty years she'd been employed by her mistress, she'd rarely looked her or her closest allies in the eye. She'd come to recognize each of them by voice alone. Mirage rarely spoke to any of them, and she'd never once had to identify them by name.

Despite her position, she saw her family rather frequently. She had a daughter, who decided in her thirties that she would finally go to Spelman and study chemistry and biochemistry in an effort to become a creator of green-friendly products that were less dependent on oil and other precious resources. Her grandchildren, nine-year-old twins, enjoyed the luxuries and privileges that came with attending a private school that emphasized the importance of mathematics and sciences.

For Mirage, her daughter and grandchildren were her legacy. She made a special effort to rarely speak of them in the presence of her mistress. The less Queen Fem knew of their existence, the greater their chances were of survival. Realistically, she knew Queen Fem probably had them under surveillance and could destroy her whole world without a moment's notice. She knew the risk when she accepted one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Her daughter and grandchildren motivated her to be more flawless than Beyoncé.

"Tell me something," Queen Fem spoke to her from the back of the black Phantom she rode in.

"Yes, Mistress," Mirage addressed her boss.

"If you were in my shoes, would you play your position any differently than I have?" Queen Fem quizzed her.

Mirage was dumbfounded. She'd never given too much thought to her role beyond being a well-paid stunt driver who could navigate any vehicle through any challenge Queen Fem found necessary.

"No." Mirage was firm in her answer. She knew that was the best way to gain and keep Queen Fem's respect. "Starr knows what she must do, and if she didn't, you would've killed her the first chance you got."

"I suppose you're right," Queen Fem replied without any emotion whatsoever. At least, not on the surface. But on the inside, she was troubled. Starr had been the cause of her many sleepless nights in recent months. The Double Gs had been receiving more heat and static in one year than they had ever since she had founded the organization.

Queen Fem took a deep breath and sighed. She began to relax as she peered out the window. A warmness appeared across her face as she took in and enjoyed the scenic route through Las Vegas. She switched her mind from her troubling thoughts to much more peaceful ones. They were replaced with the view of multimillion-dollar homes they passed by. They gave her ideas for an architectural undertaking she wanted to start and complete before her journey on this earth came to an end.

"Every now and then it is good to hear constructive criticism and to receive a second opinion." Queen Fem patted Mirage on top of her hand as she continued to take in the scenery. Next to Starr, there was no one else Queen Fem loved and admired more than Mirage, which was why she both respected and valued her opinion and views on certain things.

"You're right," Mirage answered. "You spent years growing and cultivating the Double Gs to be the women they are. You have too much dirt on the most powerful people for anyone to cross you and live long."

Mirage knew her mistress wasn't worried in the least. She knew and understood her second most important role, her "secret" job. Queen Fem loved and trusted Mirage enough to let her guard down slightly and be a woman. Queen Fem could be soft around Mirage and show her almost every emotion she had reserved for her common-law wife.

"Stay" by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan sedated the two of them. Mirage had always admired and respected the soul singer. Truthfully, in addition to being a social activist, the legend has it in her to be a Double G if she desires to wander a different path, thought Mirage.

"Turn that up for me." Queen Fem smiled and relaxed some more. The late-seventies soul hit reminded her of a time period that she had long ago buried in the back of her mind and heart. She could remember it as if it were just the other day when her first love would cruise Highway 15 in one of his many sports cars, blasting the song. It seemed like so long ago, when she was a different person living a different life. She couldn't help but think about him and how he had played such an intricate part in the birth of the Double Gs. It was the one thing that she and she alone knew, something she would take to her grave not as Queen Fem, but as Carlita Banks, from her pre-Queen days.

Without warning, an image of Lewis Steele appeared in her mental movie. It had been a long time since she had thought about him. Queen Fem tried to shake his handsome face out of her mind, but the image refused to remove itself. She grimaced as the images turned into what she had stayed away from for so many years.

As the limo switched lanes, so did Queen Fem's thoughts as her last memories of Lewis Steele took over. Her heart skipped a beat, and her stomach fluttered with butterflies as the uneventful evening illuminated on the glass of her window as if she were at a drive-in movie. His laugh echoed in her mind through his smile.

Queen Fem smiled and closed her eyes. Rather than try to keep fighting it, she embraced where her mind was trying to take her. As she traveled back in time, it was as if she could feel Lewis Steele's spirit and touch in the limo.

Lewis's hand slithered farther up Carlita's dress as Al Green filled the car with his melodic voice. He slid her panties to the side and began fondling her. She spread her legs wider and pushed his hand deeper under her dress. She slowly gyrated her sex to match Lewis's fingers fondling her. She could feel her juices oozing down her inner thigh and Lewis's fingers. Her body quivered. She removed Lewis's hand from between her legs and reached over into his lap. Within mere seconds, she had his rock-hard dick out of his briefs and in her mouth. She could feel the horsepower of the car as Lewis accelerated on the gas. The sudden speed turned her on. She attacked Lewis's dick with her mouth. She licked alongside his pulsating veins then took him back into her mouth and deep-throated him. Lewis placed his hand on the back of her head and guided her as she bobbed up and down on him while he navigated the Maserati with his other hand.

"Yes, baby," he cooed. "Right there —" The impact of the hit broke his concentration and cut his words short.

"What the hell?" Lewis boomed. He quickly pulled his hand from Carlita's head and gripped the steering wheel just in time to gain control of the car and avoid crashing.

Carlita had now risen up and was fully alert. "Lew, what's going on?" she cried.

Lewis peered into his rearview. His eyes widened as the headlights of the car behind them rapidly approached. Before he could answer Carlita, the back of his Maserati was rammed for a second time. This time the impact was more forceful than the first. The hit caused Lewis to spin out of control. Within seconds, the sports car was skidding down the road.

The last thing Carlita remembered before blacking out was staring into Lewis Steele's deep brown eyes.

Queen Fem's eyes shot open. The chain of events to come after that rehashed a sharp pain that she hadn't felt in a long time. Priding herself on being a fearless individual, she was hesitant about letting the vision continue. The last thing she wanted was for Mirage to see her in a vulnerable or weak state and she knew thinking about Lewis Steele would put her in one. She had built herself up to be a super woman, but Lewis Steele was her kryptonite.

"Are you okay?" Mirage asked, seeing the disturbed look on Queen Fem's face.

"I'm fine," she offered in a subtle tone. "Just sorting everything all out in my head," she added.

Mirage smiled. "I know. That's what you do."

Queen Fem matched her smile. "Yes, it is."

Mirage's words resonated in Queen Fem's mind. They made her realize just how far she had come as a woman. It also made her reflect on the many women she had built up, inspired, and motivated who were once considered weak victims and slaves to men. It was because of her strength she'd been able to grow and expand her empire, laying the precursor for the life she enjoyed now. Queen Fem closed her eyes for a second. And, just like the first time, the painful memories resurfaced. She couldn't fight them. This time she embraced them.

Carlita jumped out of her unconscious state. Once she regained her vision, the first thing she saw was a young white male hovering over her. His words alarmed her of the imminent danger she was in.

"His bitch is woke," the young white male chimed.

"Good. Bring her black ass over here," one of the five men surrounding Lewis Steele commanded.

"Come here." The young white male roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair. She screamed out in agony as he dragged her over to where Lewis lay.

She immediately burst into tears at the sight of her lover. She noticed one of the men standing over Lewis's body, zipping up his pants. Lewis was covered in his own blood. Both of his eyes were nearly shut and swollen. His mouth leaked of blood and his lips were busted. Blood oozed from the top of his head where an open gash existed. The stench of strong urine caused Carlita to gag. She nearly vomited.

"Why are you doing this?" Carlita yelled. "What do you want from us?"

Her words caused more laughter among the men. "Aw, she really doesn't know," one of the men mocked.

"I bet she doesn't know about this, either," another one of the men chimed in.

She looked up and over at the man. She noticed the red velvet ring box he held in his hand. More tears spilled out of her eyes. She knew the red velvet box was the reason behind the special question Lewis intended to ask her.

"Give me that!" She reached out and tried to grab the box from the man's hand. Instead of accomplishing what she set out to do, she was compensated with a backhand across the face. The blow sent her tumbling. She landed on her lover.

"You stupid bitch," the man spat. He moved in to deliver another blow but was stopped in his tracks.

"That's enough," another man calmly stated. "Let's just see if she knows anything," he continued.

The other men nodded in agreement.

The man then kneeled down in front of Carlita. He began stroking her hair and the side of her face. Carlita cringed from his touch.

"Now listen carefully, sweetheart. You can save yourself and your soon-to-be fiancé if you just do us this little favor and tell us what we need to know. Understand?"

Carlita nodded.

"Good girl." He smiled. "Now, Lewis here has some very important information that could do a lot of people some harm if it falls into the wrong hands. Before that happens, we'd like it back. The problem is Lewis refuses to tell us where we can find this information. And since we know he doesn't have a lot of friends and doesn't really trust anyone, we figured you'd be the only person who would know, and he would tell in case something like this ever happened."

She listened attentively. Her mind was racing a hundred miles a minute. For the first time, she stared at the man kneeling in front of her. She recognized him from the party they had just left. She did a quick scan and realized she recognized all of the men from the party. The only difference was that at the party they wore police uniforms, versus the plain clothes they wore now.

Carlita cleared her throat. "Honestly," she started out with, "I don't know anything."

"Man, fuck this!" one of the men yelled. "We wasted enough time already. The fuckin' nigger didn't tell us shit, and now his bitch is playing stupid too. If we kill both their asses, they can't use the information anyway."

"I'm with Johnny on this one, Luke," one of the other men joined in.

The remaining men nodded in agreement as well.

"Everybody just chill the fuck out," the man known as Luke ordered in his calm tone. "Honey, are you sure you don't know anything about a black book of names, a ledger, anything?"

"I swear to you, I don't know nothing about nothing," she assured him.

The man known as Luke rose up. "That's too bad." He frowned and then turned his back on her.

"Kill 'em," he nonchalantly stated.

The man known as Johnny wasted no time. He raised his weapon and pointed it at Carlita. Her eyes widened with fear. The shot to the head knocked her backward. She felt the additional two shots rip into her body just before darkness came.

Queen Fem let the tape play out in her mind. It was the first time since she had gotten out of the hospital many years ago after her near-death experience that she had so vividly thought about what had happened to her that day. She smiled to herself at how blessed she was to have survived that day. And it was all owed to Lewis Steele. Because of him, Carlita Banks was one of the most notorious and powerful women on the West Coast. She opened her eyes and peered out of the limo window for a second time. She took in the view of Sin City.

"Before it's all over with, I'm going to own Las Vegas," she turned to Mirage and said. A half smile appeared across her face.

"Yes, you will," Mirage agreed, offering a smile of her own. She grinned slightly at the calm and reserved demeanor of Queen Fem and the rarity of the smile that appeared on her face as the limo exited the ramp.


Monica would have never thought that she would be in the predicament she was in. She was supposed to have cut ties long ago with Prime. But she didn't. Since, as a Double G, she had to pretend not to have any interest in men, she had been missing the feeling of penetration from a man, and Prime had reawakened that feeling in her body.

This is just what the doctor ordered, thought Monica. It had been years since she had felt a man inside of her, until she had slipped up and fucked Prime during her Double Gs initiation. She had crossed so many lines and broken so many rules as an agent and Double G, and sex had been the cause. The last person to make her body come close to feeling the way it was now was Starr, but Monica did not believe that it could compare to how Prime felt inside of her.

She cooed at the thought of how he had her cumming repeatedly and moaning, squirming, and clawing at his muscular back. With each downward stroke of his manhood, she slipped deeper and deeper into a sex coma. For that moment, it made her forget just how forbidden her actions were. It felt to her how a good bag of dope would feel to an heroin addict. Prime was her drug and Monica was addicted. She was in too deep and she knew it.

Besides the fact that, as a Double G, she was not allowed to have any sexual contact with a man if she wasn't instructed to do so, there was another matter to consider. The man who was the cause of her sex running like a broken faucet was a criminal. She couldn't figure out why she was risking everything — her job, her life — by sleeping with him. It was a question Monica had asked herself since the first time she had slept with him. The last time, she had only gone to talk, to end the secret sexcapades they had been having.

She remembered, as if it were yesterday, that night when they had first officially met at the club. She remembered how, while Prime was freshening up, she sipped on a few glasses of wine. Two drinks later, she felt lightheaded and needed to lie down. Having never visited the club before, she stumbled into a wrong room before finding her way to the bedroom upstairs. Prime had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off. The two locked eyes. She slowly drifted from his eyes to his chest and then to what lay between his legs. Her long stare caused Prime to drop the towel and approach her.


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