Watch Where You Point That Thing: Mastering Your Power Of Intention

Watch Where You Point That Thing: Mastering Your Power Of Intention

by Lola Jones


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ISBN-13: 9780692805213
Publisher: Lola Jones. Inc.
Publication date: 12/05/2016
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 7
Build A Solid Foundation 13
Enjoy Evolving Over Time 15
Claiming Your Power 18
How To Build Your Power of Intention 20
The World Is Becoming More Non-Physical 22
Beyond Spiritual 24
What Focus Is 27
Be The Most Powerful Component 27
What Materialism Really Is 29
Create A New Matrix 32
Attention Creates 33
Skip To The Payoff! 34
What Is Reality? 36
It's About Who You're Being 39
What Is Being Your Large Self? 40
The Real Meaning of "You Reap What You Sow" 42
Claim More Of Your Non-Physical Power 44
Enlightenment vs. Seeking 45
Learn To Drive 50
Thoughts And Emotions Must Agree 52
Counter Intentions 52
Get Clear And BAM! 54
Feel And Follow 55
Stop Pushing Rocks Up Hills 58
Creating Negative Intentions 61
Balance Your Inner And Outer Life 61
How Does Intention Create? 64
Resistance Is Your Friend 65
Go Ahead, Draw Back the Bow 66
Bounce Off What You Don't Want 68
Bounce Off The Bottom 70
Surf It 71
Appreciation Increases Power Of Intention 72
You Go Where You Look 74
Focus Is Like A Muscle 75
Intention, Addiction And Food 76
Don't Forget To Graduate 85
It's Not Failure, It's Feedback 85
Life Gives Feedback Along The Way 86
The Human Need To Be Right 87 Divine Timing? 89
More About Timing 91
The Touch Of A Gnat's Wing 94
You're Not Separate From It 95
Your Reservoir 96
Do I Need To Visualize? 98
Vision Boards 99
You, Inc. 99
Don't' Wait, Generate 100
A Physical Rave 101
You're Either A Sponge Or A Leader 103
Right Here Right Now 104
Not All There 106
Intend Freedom From The Past 107
Reclaim A Hundred Percent Of Your Power 109
The Responsibility Of Big Power 112
Reclaim The Throne Or Your Own Life 113
Sit On Your Throne 116
Physical Challenge 117
Play In The Fields Of Intention 118
The Squirrel In The Tailpipe 118
Commit To Your Large Self 119
When The Energy Is Too Fast 120
Your Authentic Self 121
Amp It Up With Humor 123
Your Words Are Intentions 126
Talking With Others 127
No Word Police Required! 128
Develop Your Power Of Speech 128
The Best One To Talk To 130
Make Your Word Mean Business 131
Secondary Gain 133
Is It Patience Or Resistance? 135
Turn Drama To Excitement 135
Follow-Through Power 136
High Payoff Activities 139
Chunk It Down 141
Generate Energy To Break Through Inertia 141
Give It Over Or Give Up 142
From Devil's Choice To New Possibilities 144
Ask Effective Questions 145
EQ's Are Forward Focused 145
EQ's Are Open-Ended 147
Close-Ended Questions Are Dead-End Questions 150
Ask Scary Questions, Get Scary Answers! 150
Doubt Your Doubts 151
Backward Focus 153
Why Ask Why? 153
Now, Have Fun With EQ's! 154
Counter-Intentions From The Collective 157
Whoa, I Didn't Intend That! 158
Powerful Intention Or Wishful Thinking? 162
The Overnight Millionaire 163
The Pleasure And Power Of Silence 164
Fold The Good Back In 165
How Much Action Is Required? 167
Toil And Struggle 169
This World of Contrasts 170
Guidance Plus Life Experiences 172
Choose 173
On Doing Practices 174
Visit The Fertile Void 175
Why Good People Get Hurt 177
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway? 178
Intend To Generate Joy 178
Go Where Your Large Self Already Is 180
Direct Knowing 181
You Are That 182
Make A Difference In The World 183
Living Into Your Freedom 185
Just Intend 188
The Mantras 192
Additional Resources 197

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