Watching the Lord God Do His Thing Again

Watching the Lord God Do His Thing Again

by Terry L. Everton


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ISBN-13: 9780595181766
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/15/2001
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

Table of Contents

The night i got saved went something like this3
Just before the weekly message in tongues is given in the old-fashioned-full-gospel pentecostal church and emotions are running high10
Watching the lord god do his thing again17
As pastor johnnie prepares to give my mother's cancer an holy boot in the ass19
Why it's so important for both members of a marriage to be fully cleansed in the holy spirit22
Training a child's mind in the way it ought to think27
How the lord god moves through chuckie milbert's life week in and week out while billy ray nipot gets caught up in the ways of the world30
Watching my grandmother being used as an holy instrument35
The way god gets his message out to the prostitutes and all other unclean sinners38
As a good god-fearing sister gets her groove on one spiritual sunday night42
Standing at the altar out in the country44
Learning how to give thanks at a very early age46
The moment preceding tommy lee bateson's being washed in the blood of the lamb for the fourth consecutive week49
Out spreading the good news one fine midwestern summer night53
The way the lord god pays the bills without even having to use pastor johnnie at all56
What happens when the lord god gets a whiff of sin up the nostrils that have never sinned59
It was during that fine particular pentecostal summer63
The way god pays for his word going out65
While nelson harmicker prays during the weekly christian singles' sunday school class and everyone's mind is on a heavenly body68
Receiving a gentle push toward the holy inevitable73
The way you know you're saved75
As evangelist jid swiggart accidentally gets high on a little more than heavenly wine78
One summer the place81
Evangelist marvin schmidt took our church hostage one fine pentecostal summer82
The way god moves through evangelist melvin bufaw during the old-time-gospel-power-hour and people are healed85
Watching my mother get a dose of the healing touch96
The summer we were visited personally by the world famous teevee evangelist98
How the lord god provideth...even when the chips are down100
Just seconds before another true believer is about to go down105
Right before having my unclean soul washed right out of me107
The way jesus can use the devil's own vices against him to help further populate the mansions of glory110
Trying to ditch our transgressions at the feet of the world famous visiting evangelist113
The way that the world famous holy-ghost-filled pentecostal teevee evangelist explained the events that were to occur immediately following the second coming of christ if you're unfortunate enough to be left behind to witness them115
Right before the good time christian author is introduced to all the visitors and regular members of the congregation during a prosperous morning service118
As norman blortman prepares to feel the healing touch123
As a faithful sister prepares to trust in god all by herself for once125
The way the lord god relies on his people to come through for him when it's time to pay the church mortgage and other bills128
How to assure yourself of blessings a plenty132
The way good and evil can work simultaneously within the same family134
As another faithful servant prepares to reap the rewards of heaven138
Another close call the week before brother stephens finally gets caught counseling a little too intimately with certain members of the church youth group140
First the ushers would pass out144
How sister betty helps pastor johnnie facilitate the moving of the holy spirit when the interruptions are high and the offerings are low147
How the lord god keeps the world famous traveling tent evangelists on the road151
Right before sister milblatt is submerged in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost153
It was during the sunday evening pentecostal revival service158
How the official secretary of evangelist bob ministries keeps the spirit of almighty god flowing through the mail160
Yet another good old-fashioned time165
Epilogue--or--why it's worth your time to say the sinner's prayer and start livin' the good god-fearin' life167

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