Water, Energy & Food Sustainability in the Middle East: The Sustainability Triangle

Water, Energy & Food Sustainability in the Middle East: The Sustainability Triangle

Hardcover(1st ed. 2017)

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ISBN-13: 9783319489193
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Edition description: 1st ed. 2017
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part 1. Water.- 1. Climate Change and Water Science Policy in Management (Adnan Badran).- 2. The Triangle: Energy, Water & Food nexus for Sustainable Security in the Arab Middle East (Peter Rogers).- 3. Water, food and trade as an element of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the MENA region (J. A. (Tony) Allan).- 4. Water And Water Supply In The Mena: Less Of The Same (John Waterbury).- 5. Water Conservation in the Arab Region (Abdin M.A. Salih).- 6. State of the Art and Future Applications of Desalination Technologies in the Middle East (Corrado Sommariva).- Part 2. Energy.- 7. Hydrocarbon Fuels from Lignocellulose (John R. Regalbuto).- 8. Energy Storage Systems for Smart Grid Applications (Said Al-Hallaj).- 9. Solar Energy in the Middle East (Nasir El Bassam).- 10. Reducing Energy Cost for Wastewater Treatment in the Middle East: A Physio-Chemical Prospective (Digambara Patra).- 11. Wind Power and Potential for its Exploitation in the Arab World (Muhammad R. Hajj).- Part 3. Food.- 12. Food Security in an Insecure Future (John R. Hillman).- 13. Soils and Food Security in The Arab World (Isam Bashour).- 14. Rainfed Agriculture and Food Security in Dry Areas (Kamil Shideed).- 15. Ensuring Food Security by Improving “Freshwater Use Efficiency” or by Farming the Seas (Imad Saoud).- 16. Impact Of Food Losses And Waste On Food Security (Wajih.N.Sawaya).- 17. Foodborne Disease in the Middle East (Ewen C. D. Todd).

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