The Water-Powered Mills of Floyd County, Virginia: Illustrated Histories, 1770-2010

The Water-Powered Mills of Floyd County, Virginia: Illustrated Histories, 1770-2010

by Franklin F. Webb, Ricky L. Cox


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ISBN-13: 9780786437238
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 06/13/2012
Series: Contributions to Southern Appalachian Studies Series , #30
Pages: 362
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About the Author

The late Franklin F. Webb lived in Roanoke, Virginia. Ricky L. Cox is an instructor of English and Appalachian studies at Radford University in Radford, Virginia. He is co-editor of A Handbook to Appalachia: An Introduction to the Region.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Preface Ricky L. Cox 1

Introduction 5

Part 1 Historical Overview 11

Old World Origins of Mills and Milling 13

Mills and Migration 13

The First Floyd County Mills 15

Choosing a Spot 21

Water Wheel Type and Mill Location 21

Mill Dam Construction 25

Mill Races: Head and Tail; Dug and Wooden 30

Mill Construction 34

Going to the Mill 37

The Mill as Commercial and Social Center 40

The Technology of Water-Powered Grain Milling 46

The Economics of Grain Milling 47

Grain Milling and the Liquor Business 54

Complements and Competitors: Meadows Type Mills in Floyd County 58

The Miller 62

Prominent Floyd County Millwrights 66

Family Connections Among Millers and Mill Owners 67

Women in Floyd County Mills 70

The Decline and End of Grain Milling in Floyd County 71

The Remains of Floyd County Mills and Mill Dams 75

Part 2 Individual Mill Histories 77

Section I Mills East of Route 8 and South of Route 221

1 Henry Huff Mill, Little River 83

2 Irvin L. Huff Mill, Little River 85

3 Morgan O. Poff Mill, Little River (Wilson's Branch) 86

4 Anthony Poff Mill/Hosea Wimmer Mill, Little River 86

5 Peter Geurrant Mill/John O. Jack Mill and Jack's Mill, Little River 87

6 Dewey Swanson "Tood" Hundley Mill, Little River 89

7 J. S. Dewitt and S. Z. Dewitt Mill, Little River 90

8 Kropf and Custer Mill, Little River 91

9 John W. Wertz Mill, Little River 91

10 Willie Ferris Mill, Laurel Branch of Meadow Run Creek 92

11 Zadock "Zed" Conner Mill and Gus Beamer Mill, Meadow Run Creek 93

12 N. C. Thomas Mill, Divins Branch 94

13 Robert "Bob Lee" Vest Mill, Little River 95

14 Thompson-Akers Mill, Paynes Creek 96

15 Joseph Turner Mill, Paynes Creek 98

16 Ingram and Radford Mill/George M. C. Ingram Mill, Paynes Creek 98

17 James Ferguson Mill, Little River 99

18 Charles Gillispie Mill, Meadow Creek 100

19 Goodson Mill/Howard Mill and Lancaster Mill/R. O. Harvey Mill, West Fork of Meadow Creek 100

20 William J. Williams Mill, Beaver Dam Creek 101

21 Peter Hatcher Mill 102

22 Asa Shortt Mill/Jake Brogan Mill, Runnet Bag Creek 105

23 Shanghigh Mill, Pine Creek 106

24 Phillip Williams Wool Carding Mill, Pine Creek 107

25 Powhatan "Port" Williams Mill, Pine Creek 108

26 German (or Jarman or Jerman) Rakes Mill, Dodd Creek 109

27 Old J. W. Epperly Mill/Homer Roberson Mill, Dodd Creek 111

29 Floyd Milling Company/Peter Dickerson Mill 114

121 Thomas S. Lester Mill, Beaver Dam Creek 115

123 Shelor Mill/Nolen Mill/Pine Creek Mill, Pine Creek 116

124 William F. Nowlin (or Nolen) Mill, Shooting Creek 121

125 John Kitterman Mill, South Fork of Little River (Dodd Creek) 122

137 Joseph M. "Josie" Custer Mill, Meadow Run Creek 123

139 Farmers Exchange Mill/Floyd Exchange Mill 123

Section II Mills East of Route 8 and North of Route 221

90 George Phlegar Mill, Oldfield Creek 126

91 Matthew Scott Mill, Dodd Creek 127

92 Bird's Mill/Amos Graham Mill/Whitlock Mill, West Fork of Little River 128

93 A. A. Booth Mill/Frazier Thomas Mill, Beaver Creek 129

94 George Hornbarger Mill/Caleb Sowers Mill and Floyd Electric Power Corporation, Little River 130

95 James G. Lester Mill/Wolford Scott Mill, Camp Creek 134

96 Oliver Carter Bower Mill, Camp Creek 135

97 Abajiah Booth Mill/Joseph Howard Mill, Camp (Chestnut Camp) Creek 136

98 Jacob C. Epperly Mill, Pine Creek 137

99 Spangler Mill, Pine Creek 138

100 W. H. Harman Mill/Tice's Mill, Little River 144

101 Eli Mercer Williams Mill, Terry's Creek 146

102 Blackburn Akers Mill, Middle Creek 147

103 Henry Epperly Mill, Terry's Creek 148

104 Brush Creek Mill/Lawrence Roller Mill, Brush Creek Tributary 149

105 Flemon B. Wimmer Mill, Brush Creek 151

106 Silas Lawrence Mill/David Vest Mill and Flint Mill, Beaver Dam Creek 152

107 Piney Fork Mills, Beaver Dam Creek and Piney Fork of Beaver Dam Creek 155

108 Quinter Lucas Mill, Goose Creek (Dashing Run) 157

109 Moses Poff Mill, Mill Run (Goose Creek) 158

110 James McNeil Mill/Charles Will Vest Mill/Roscoe Willis Mill, Flat Run 158

111 W. O. Carr Mill, Flat Run 160

112 James R. "Jim" Hall Mill, Big Run Creek 160

113 William Allen Simpson Mill, Pine Branch 161

114 Joseph Johnson Poff Mill, Meadow Run Creek 164

115 Henry Wilkes (or Wiltz) Carr Mill, Lick Fork Creek 166

116 Phillip Huff Mill, Lick Fork Creek 167

117 Peter Siner Mill/J. M. Perdue Mill, Lick Fork Creek 168

118 Ridinger and Goodson Mill, Laurel Creek 169

119 Hosea Wimmer Mill and Huffville Roller Mill/Ezra Wimmer Mill, Brush Creek 169

120 J. P. Conner Mill, Goose Creek 171

122 Scott Roller Mill/Floyd Milling Company/O. A. Webb and Son Mill, Dodd Creek 172

133 John Stuart Mill, Laurel Creek 175

140 Kinsey Mill, Brush Creek 176

Section III Mills West of Route 8 and North of Route 221

62 Presley Buckner Mill, Deep Water Creek 178

63 Randolph Phillips Mill, Ran's Creek 178

64 Phillippine Mill/Phillips Mill/Vaughn's Mill, Mira Fork Creek 180

65 Tobias D. Phillips Mill, Mira (or Mirey) Fork Creek 186

67 Greasy Creek Mill/Harris Mill, Greasy Creek 187

68 Saunders' Quarter Mill/Quarter Mill, Greasy Creek 191

69 H. P. Hylton Mill/S. P. and G. A. Willis Mill, Greasy Creek 193

70 Eden Spangler Mill, Headwaters of Big Indian Creek 195

71 Fleming M. Duncan Mill/William M. "Billy" Dickerson Mill, Big Indian Creek 195

72 Henry Duncan Mill and E. F. "Ed" Strong Mill, Big Indian Creek 198

73 Preston Spence Mill, Little Indian Creek 200

74 Enoch Phillips Mill, Little Indian Creek 201

75 Noah Wade Mill, Headwaters of Big Indian Creek 202

76 Isaac Reed Mill/Noah Wade Mill/Reed Mill, Headwaters of Big Indian Creek 203

77 Crockett Duncan Mill, Big Indian Creek 204

78 George R. Duncan Mill and Jim Dulaney Mill, Big Indian Creek 206

79 Duncan Roller Mill/Hall Roller Mill/Hurt Roller Mill, Indian Creek 208

80 Burdine D. Reed Mill 212

81 James G. Lester Mill, Easter Creek 213

82 George H. Booth Mill/George B. Booth Mill/Noah Booth Mill, Beaver Creek 214

83 George Booth Mill, Beaver Creek 215

84 Bonsack-Eller Wool Carding and Oil Mill, Beaver Creek 215

85 Henry H. Earles Mill, Earls Branch 216

86 Charles Turman Mill/F. M. Slusher Mill/W. C. Lester Mill, West Fork of Little River 217

87 Eli Wade Mill, Spurlock Creek 218

88 Solomon Harman Mill/John Harman Mill/Caleb "C. W." Harman Mill, West Fork of Little River 218

127 Beauford Howell Mill, West Fork of Little River 222

128 Giles Wade Mill, Headwaters of Big Indian Creek 223

132 James T. Lester Mill, Laurel Branch 223

135 Amon G. Lester Mill/John Harris Mill, Laurel Branch (or Creek) 225

136 Jonathan Elswick Mill/George Goody (Godbey) Mill/George Hambrick Mill and Aaron DeHart Mill, Indian Creek 226

138 Joshua Howell Mill/David Howell Grist and Woolen Mill/Beaufort Howell Grist and Woolen Mills, South Fork of Little River (Dodd Creek) 230

141 Elijah Turman Mill, Greasy Creek 232

Section IV Mills West of Route 8 and South of Route 221

28 Christopher Smith Mill/Luke Martin Mill, Dodd Creek 233

30 Eli Williams Wool Carding Mill, South Fork of Little River (Dodd Creek) 234

31 Ira Howard Mill, Dodd Creek 235

32 George W Shelor Mill, Howell Creek 236

33 Eli Smith Mill/Simon Smith Mill, Howell Creek 238

34 Andrew Weddle Mill/L.D. Wickham Mill/Luther Webb Mill/Murray Agee Mill, Howell Creek 239

35 Newton Hylton Mill/Walter Boyd Mill, Howell Creek 241

36 Asa Pratt Mill, Line Branch 243

37 German Belcher Mill, Rush Fork Creek 244

38 Martin Weddle Mill and Cara Simmons Mill/Obediah Simmons Mill, West Fork of Little River 245

39 Martha "Mattie" Weddle Mill, Burks Fork Creek 246

40 W. J. H. Barringer Mill, Burks Fork Creek 246

41 Eli Sowers Mill/Rufus Harris Mill, Burks Fork Creek 247

42 Henry Slusher Mill and Buffalo Roller Mill and Andy Alderman Mill, Burks Fork Creek 249

43 Jacob Barringer Mill, Burks Fork Creek 253

44 Jackson W. Harris Mill/Martin Harman Mill, Burks Fork Creek 253

45 John Barringer Mill/Burks Fork Union Mill, Hungate Branch/Wade Branch 256

46 William Alderman Mill/Shepherd Alderman Mill, Burks Fork Creek 257

47 William C. Potter Mill, Burks Fork Creek 259

48 Vaughn-Dunn Woolen Mill, Burks Fork Creek 260

49 Alfred O'Neal/Elgin Bolt Mill, Burks Fork Creek 263

50 George Bolt Mill, Chisholm Creek 266

51 Logan's Mill, Laurel Fork Creek 266

52 Charles Carter Lee Mill, Laurel Fork Creek 267

53 Chris McAlexander Mill, Taylor's Creek 268

54 William Jackson "Miller Will" Stanley Mill, Tory Creek 270

55 C. Levi "Lee" Culler Mill, Tory Creek 272

56 William McAlexander Mill, Tory Creek 273

57 Agee Mill, Laurel Fork Creek and Mountain Fork Creek 273

58 Daniel Smith Mill, Laurel Fork Creek 275

59 J. W. "Wooster" Cockram Mill, Mountain Fork Creek 275

60 Edwin "Ed" Mabry Mill, Mountain Fork Creek 276

61 John W. "Pobb" Boyd Mill/Simon "Wid" Hubbard Mill, Laurel Fork Creek 279

66 Solomon Slusher Mill/Elijah Turman Mill, Mira Fork Creek 280

89 George W. Slusher and Dr. Will G. Hylton Mill, South Locust Street, Floyd 282

126 John W. Epperly Mill, Dodd Creek 283

129 Homer Thomas Mill/Eli S. Sowers Mill, Burks Fork Tributary 286

130 A. W. Stanley Mill, Taylor's Creek 286

131 William DeHart Mill, Laurel Fork Creek 287

134 Shelor Furnace Mill/New Castle Forge Mill, Furnace Creek 288

Epilogue 291

Appendix A Mills, Millwrights, and Distillers Listed in Virginia Business Directories, 1880-1917 293

Appendix B Petitions to Build Water Grist Mills 300

Appendix C Mills Whose Locations Were Not Found 301

Appendix D Cost of Rebuilding Asa D. Shortt Mill, c. 1893 302

Appendix E Water-Powered Mills Still Standing in Floyd County, 2010 303

Tables 304

Notes 323

Selected Bibliography 329

Index 331

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