Water Treatment Plant Design

Water Treatment Plant Design

Hardcover(Older Edition)

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Water Treatment Plant Design by American Water Works Association, American Society of Civil Engineers

You can turn to the new edition of this classic reference for guidance on modernizing existing water treatment plants and planning new ones. Now with 70% new material,the Third Edition enables you to learn from 15 new chapters on environmental impact and project permitting; process residuals; construction costs; ion exchange; membrane processes; activated carbon processes; hydraulics; and more. You'll explore contributions by over 30 experts from the world's leading water quality management firms. . . and keep up with the latest EPA standards and other codes.

Capitalize on new planning,design,and construction methods for today's water treatment facilities. Let a team of water treatment plant design experts—with contributions from more than 30 international authorities—give you comprehensive guidance on modernizing existing water treatment facilities and planning new ones. Now with more than 70 percent new material,the Third Edition of this classic reference continues to offer unsurpassed coverage of topics ranging from initial plans and permits through design,construction,and start-up. This outstanding reference will enable you to learn about: Environmental impact and project permitting; Site selection; Master planning and treatment process selection; Ion exchange; Membrane processes; Activated carbon processes; Hydraulics; Architectural; Pilot plant design; Construction costs; Operations and maintenance; And more. In addition,you'll be informed about the latest U.S. EPA regulations and design with flexibility to meet potential requirements. You'll also find information on instrumentation and control,structural,electrical,and design reliabilitydevelopments—plus updates of water treatment methods such as aeration,coagulation,flocculation,clarification,filtration,oxidation,and disinfection.

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ISBN-13: 9780070016439
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 10/01/1997
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 806
Product dimensions: 6.39(w) x 9.33(h) x 2.35(d)

About the Author

The American Water Works Association (AWWA), located in Denver, Colorado, is a 56,000-member organization devoted to assessing, promoting, and recognizing high-quality standards. The Association is the primary source of information for local, state, national, and international standards.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is America's oldest national engineering association.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Challenge of Water Treatment Plant Design1
Today's Challenges2
Development of Water Treatment Design Projects1.4
The Purpose of This Text1.5
Chapter 2Master Planning and Treatment Process Selection2.1
The Master Plan2.1
Water Quality Goals2.4
Treatment Options2.9
Chapter 3Design and Construction3.1
Preliminary Design3.1
Final Design3.5
Construction Assistance3.10
Chapter 4Intake Facilities4.1
Intake Features4.1
Types of Intake Systems4.3
Intake Design4.15
Intake Design Considerations4.21
Racks and Screens4.31
Chapter 5Aeration and Air Stripping5.1
Uses of Aeration/Air Stripping5.1
Types of Aeration/Air Stripping Equipment5.2
Principles of Air Stripping and Aeration5.8
Design of Aeration/Air Stripping Processes5.10
Pilot Testing5.22
Chapter 6Mixing, Coagulation, and Flocculation6.1
The Coagulation Process6.2
Coagulation and Membrane Technology6.5
Design of Chemical Mixing6.6
Flocculation Process Design6.14
Process Monitoring and Control6.23
Chapter 7Clarification7.1
Conventional Clarification Design7.1
High-Rate Clarification7.22
Solids Contact/Slurry Recirculation Units7.28
Sludge Blanket Clarification7.32
Dissolved Air Flotation7.36
Contact Clarification7.40
Chapter 8High-Rate Granular Media Filtration8.1
Mechanism of Filtration8.2
Design Considerations8.2
Filter Design Criteria8.36
Filter Operation and Maintenance8.37
Chapter 9Slow Sand and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration9.1
Slow Sand Filtration9.2
Diatomaceous Earth Filtration9.16
Chapter 10Oxidation and Disinfection10.1
Regulatory Framework10.2
Chemical Oxidation Treatment10.10
Chlorine Dioxide Systems10.34
Ozone Disinfection Systems10.39
Chapter 11Lime Softening1
Water Hardness and Softening Treatment1
Lime Softening Processes6
Softening Process Basins13
Special Lime Softening Design Considerations16
Future Trends in Softening19
Chapter 12Ion Exchange Applications in Water Treatment1
The Ion Exchange Process6
Cation Exchange Process9
Anion Exchange Processes12
Basics of Equipment Design32
Regeneration Methods33
Boundaries between Suppliers, Consultants, and Users53
Future Trends in Ion Exchange54
Chapter 13Membrane Processes1
Types of Membrane Processes1
Membrane System Components and Design Considerations8
Membrane Unit Design25
Other Membrane Process Design Considerations41
Chapter 14Activated Carbon Processes1
Characteristics of Activated Carbon1
Design of Powdered Activated Carbon Facilities4
Design of Granular Activated Carbon Facilities9
Regeneration of Granular Activated Carbon33
Chapter 15Chemicals and Chemical Handling1
Receiving and Storing Process Chemicals1
Chemical Feed and Metering Systems17
Designing for Safety and Hazardous Conditions41
Recent Trends in Chemical Handling and Use50
Chapter 16Hydraulics1
Hydraulic Design1
Head Loss Types and Calculations5
Hydraulic Design Hints11
Ancillary Hydraulic Design13
Chapter 17Process Residuals1
Sludge Types, Quantities, and Characteristics4
Process Residual Disposal Methods9
Residuals Disposal Regulatory Requirements12
Design Considerations and Criteria16
Residuals Handling Considerations58
Additional Information Sources67
Chapter 18Architectural Design1
The Role of the Architect in Water Treatment Plant Design1
Facilities Design5
Construction Alternatives and Building Material Selection14
Design Standard-Promulgating Organizations and Organizations Offering Design Recommendations17
Chapter 19Structural Design1
The Design Process1
Structural Design Considerations2
Design of Basins, Vaults, Large Conduits, and Channels10
Buildings and Superstructures12
Chapter 20Process Instrumentation and Controls1
Process and Operational Control Strategies2
Control System Design15
Chapter 21Electrical Systems1
Codes and Standards1
Electrical Distribution Systems3
Motors and Controllers5
Lightning Protection9
Power Factor Correction10
Acceptance Testing10
Chapter 22Design Reliability Features1
Reliability and Redundancy Concepts1
Overall Water Supply System Reliability3
Design Concepts5
Design Principles and Practices8
Operation and Maintenance14
Chapter 23Site Selection and Plant Arrangement1
Water Treatment Plant Site Selection1
Arrangement of Water Treatment Plant Facilities22
Chapter 24Environmental Impact and Project Permitting1
Environmental Issues Associated with Plant Construction1
Environmental Issues Associated with Plant Operations5
Project Permitting12
Integration of Environmental Issues and Regulatory Compliance into Plant Design, Construction, and Operation16
Chapter 25Operations and Maintenance Considerations during Plant Design1
Design Considerations for Plant Operations and Maintenance1
Preparing a Plant for Start-Up18
Chapter 26Water Treatment Plant Construction Cost Estimating1
Level of Estimates2
Estimating Methodologies4
Special Cost Considerations6
Finalizing the Cost Estimate8
Chapter 27Operator Training and Plant Start-Up1
Training and Start-Up Considerations1
Design-Phase Training2
Construction-Phase Training, Start-Up, and Post-Start-Up5
Chapter 28Pilot Plant Design and Construction1
Pilot Plant Studies2
Pilot Plant Design3
Pilot Plant Construction21
Chapter 29Ultraviolet Disinfection1
Principles of UV Disinfection2
Applications for UV Disinfection6
UV Disinfection Equipment8
Water Quality and Treatment Effects on UV Disinfection15
UV Disinfection Facility Planning, Design, and Project Implementation19
Construction, Testing, Start-Up, and O&M35
Potential Regulatory Requirements for UV Disinfection in North America38
Validation Testing43
Chapter 30Water Treatment Plant Security1
Water Quality2
Electronic Security Systems3
Appendix AProperties and Characteristics of Water Treatment Chemicals1
Appendix BAbbreviations Commonly Used in the Water Industry1
Index follows Appendix B

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