Waterfall (The River of Time Series Book #1)

Waterfall (The River of Time Series Book #1)

by Lisa T. Bergren

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Gabriella has never spent a summer in Italy like this one.

Remaining means giving up all she's known and loved . . . and leaving means forfeiting what she's come to know--and love itself.
Most American teenagers want a vacation in Italy, but the Bentarrini sisters have spent every summer of their lives with their parents, famed Etruscan scholars, among the romantic hills. In Book One of the River of Time series, Gabi and Lia are stuck among the rubble of medieval castles in rural Tuscany on yet another hot, boring, and dusty archeological site . . . until Gabi places her hand atop a handprint in an ancient tomb and finds herself in fourteenth-century Italy. And worse yet, in the middle of a fierce battle between knights of two opposing forces.

And thus she comes to be rescued by the knight-prince Marcello Falassi, who takes her back to his father's castle--a castle Gabi has seen in ruins in another life. Suddenly Gabi's summer in Italy is much, much more interesting. But what do you do when your knight in shining armor lives, literally, in a different world?

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ISBN-13: 9781493420681
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/01/2011
Series: River of Time Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 5,475
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lisa T. Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than thirty books that have sold more than two million copies. A former publishing executive, she now splits her time writing, editing, and dreaming of her next trip to Italy while parenting her three children with her husband, Tim. They live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Lisa T. Bergren (www.lisatbergren.com) has published more than fifty books with combined sales exceeding three million copies. She's the author of the Christy Award winner Waterfall, RITA finalist Firestorm, bestselling God Gave Us You, and several historical series such as Homeward and Grand Tour. She's also a recipient of the RT Lifetime Achievement Award. Lisa lives in Colorado with her husband and three teen-and-older children.

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Waterfall 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 374 reviews.
sshonts More than 1 year ago
I am an eclectic reader...fiction, non-fiction, biographies, parenting books, mysteries, romances, cookbooks, travel books, whatever! Sometimes I just read to escape from something (perhaps laundry or housecleaning) or to something (like an exciting adventure devoid of day-to-day chores). Waterfall started as none of the above. It was a "preview" to discover if it would be a good read for a couple young adult (YA) readers in my life. However, it quickly transitioned into a wonderful escape. The beginning, set in current time, didn't grab me. However, as soon as Gabi was transported to 14th century Italy, I was sucked in to a world of non-stop action, adventure and romance. I couldn't put it down. And yes, I would recommend it highly for all YA readers - and their moms! Sorry laundry... you will have to wait! Thank you Lisa T. Bergren...for sharing your gift of writing, story telling, and historical perspective. I'm so anxious to read the rest of the series!
StalkinTheBooks More than 1 year ago
Waterfall has everything one could possibly want out of a novel, it literally sweep me off my feet. With time travel, history, romance, action, strong dashing men & brave young women, there isn't anything I didn't love about this novel. Gabi is a confident and capable young heroine who after being thrown into fourteenth century Italy, uses her historical knowledge, smarts and quick thinking to adapts to her surroundings. She's also fearlessly determined to find her missing sister, who she believes might have travel back with her. Not one to seat back and wait for others to aid her, she's often the one helping people through difficult situations. Gabi's attraction to Marcello, a young knight, really pulled me into the story since its development is very well paced and never felt to rushed or to intense. Marcello is of course handsome & charming but its his admiration and respect for Gabi that really melted my heart. Despite the fact that his instincts tell him that women shouldn't be doing or acting the way Gabi does he never discourages her from staying true to herself and is more then impressed with her toughness. Marcello's best friend Luca won me over for the same reasons, but also has spunk of his own. He's more easy going then his friend and has the luxury of being able to flirt openly with Gabi, something that she both hates & finds amusing. Lisa Bergren clearly did her research when it comes to fourteenth century Italy, as every page made me feel as though I was right there living within the walls of the Forelli castle or being chased down by knights on horseback. The smallest details such as the way people bathed or ate their meals added so much realism to the story. Your never overwhelmed by to many historical facts as the blend effortlessly into the story, much like the description of the vast landscapes and cities. I found the beginning to be a bit slow since the story doesn't really pick up until after Gabi is sent back in time, but once there it doesn't really let up. Something is always happening, whether its knights fighting to the death, women being chased on horseback or fancy banquets inside the castle's great hall, the novel steadily moves along making it impossible to put down. There are a few scenes that stretch believability, like Gabi's ability to wield a giant, iron sword because she took fencing or how easily she switches off talking like a teen from the 21st century. However none of these things really bothered me since I was deeply engrossed in the incredible characters and story. Although the ending of the novel might be easy to predict, I didn't feel that it took anything away from the story since getting to the end was filled with so many twists & turns. Also the constant push & pull that Gabi felt to either stay or go was really well balanced, I struggled right along with her on what she should do. Thankfully its also doesn't end on a cliffhanger, which is always nice in my book and yet sets the stage for what's to come. Waterfall is classified as Christian young adult fiction but I highly recommended the novel to any fan of fantasy, romance or historical fiction as the novel easily blends all three genres. Gabi is a mature, confidant young woman who will appeal to adults as well as teens. Also besides for a few scenes where Gabi wonders if God is the one who sent her back to the past and praying amongst the knights, religion is never really discussed. Please don't let either label effect your decision to read Waterfall, as its a beautifully written historical adventure, with an intelligent and strong young heroine.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got this book for free while I was looking for nook bargins. I thought why not it's free. At first I wasn't that impressed with the story, but I like to always give authors a few chapters before I decide if I will continue to read a story. Boy am I glad I stuck with the story. This series is one of the best I've come across in a long time. I read one a day and now I can't get them out of my head and I can't wait for the next one to come out. I loved these books!
calarks More than 1 year ago
Absolutely loved this book. The characters are well developed and pertinent to the story. No excess ideas just to fill space. The time period traveled to is believeable and comes to life by Lisa's ability to write out a picture. I can't wait for the next two books.
TDepree More than 1 year ago
No, this isn't a vampire book, but like Twilight it's the kind of book young adults will eat up! And it's far better written than the Meyers' books. Full of dramatic plot twists, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and yet the romance is sizzling. An amazingly romantic setting with a protagonist that will melt your heart. I loved it and you will too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book truly was good. I recommend it to all my friends and they loved it too. The detail in this book was just fasinating and real, I couldn't put it down. I stayed up to two o'clock in the morning and finished it in a day. This book really was good. I reccomend it to all. I can't wait to read the Cascade (the second book)!!!!!!!:)
BookLover321 More than 1 year ago
"Waterfall" is the first book in Lisa T. Bergren's 'River of Time Series'. It's a young adult book, but I believe that readers of all ages would enjoy reading it. The story is about an American teenager, Gabriella Betarrini, who has spent the majority of her summers in Italy, with her younger sister, Lia, and her archeologist parents. This summer they're in rural Tuscany, amidst a new archeological site, filled with crumbling castles and old burial tombs. The two girls, bored out of their minds, decide to do a little exploring, never imaging that this will land them in fourteenth-century Italy... I literally could NOT put this book down. It grabbed me from the beginning and would not let me go. I was instantly swept into the world of knights and Lords and Ladies, of beautiful dresses, sword fights, adventure, and intrigue. And of course, romance. For what young lady wouldn't fall in love with a smoldering, medieval Italian man? (Sigh....) I don't want to give the whole story away, but needless to say, I can assure you that you will love every page of this book.
Elizabeth Arnaez More than 1 year ago
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
More_than_Happy More than 1 year ago
I read this book last week and literally cannot stop thinking about it. The Italian setting for the novel was wondrous and obviously much researched. As I walked across a park field with my children, the sun on my face, the wind whipping my hair, I imagined the rolling hills described in Waterfall. I even found myself wishing to be wearing a long dress like so many Lisa beautifully described in her novel. When reading Waterfall, I felt completely immersed. Every time I had to put the book down I found myself plotting the next portion of time I would have to read it! The characters in Waterfall are fully developed. Insight of each character is gained through interesting dialogue, descriptions of facial expressions and the response each character has to the many wonderful and exciting scenarios Bergren leads readers through. The next book cannot be on shelves soon enough for me or the other fans of The River of Time Series. In fact, I have half a mind to storm the castle walls of David C. Cook to get my hands on Cascade!
LadyKaty More than 1 year ago
The cover of this book drew me in first, and reading about the book thoroughly intrigued me. It sounded like a really neat, adventurous read. But I was slightly wrong in my assumptions. It wasn't just a neat read-it was an AWESOME read! It had everything a reader could want in a medieval adventure: battles, sword fights, balls, adventure, peril, humor, suspense, mystery, romance-everything! To put it simply-I was completely wowed by this book. The River of Time series ranks right up there with the best of them and will have a permanent spot on my bookshelf! Gabriella (Gabi) was one amazing woman. While she was strong and fearless, she was also gentle, compassionate, and had her weaknesses. Being able to wield a sword gave her some advantage when the time travel landed her in the middle of a small war, but knowing how to spar with her father did little to prepare her to take on seasoned knights much stronger than herself. But even then, she does not shirk from danger. That was one of my favorite aspects of Gabi-she was heroic and brave, even if she was inwardly scared out of her wits. I didn't get to know her sister, Evangelia (Lia) that much, but she was very similar to her sister, though a bit more sensitive and naïve. But living with the Sienese had caused Gabi to grow up almost overnight, and Lia was no different. What a heroine she was as she used her impeccable skill with the bow and arrow! I was cheering for her right alongside Gabi-what a formidable team they formed. No wonder they were called the She-Wolves of Siena. The men in this books was amazing! Marcello and Luca were simply awesome. What girl wouldn't want a brave knight beside you, ready to die to keep you safe? And handsome, ta boot! While Marcello was wonderful, I felt more of a liking his sidekick, Luca. His gentle teasing and quirky comments in the face of danger endeared me to this man who was so devoted to Marcello, and in turn, Gabi and Lia. While this book is published as YA fiction, I believe adults would find Gabi and Lia's adventures to be stirring and extremely satisfying. Geared for the younger readers, Lisa kept her book clean, light-hearted, and funny. I loved the writing style she used, giving Gabi such a dry sense of humor as she struggled with the differences of living in the medieval world as opposed to the 21st century. There were times where I outright laughed! Lisa has written a true winner with this book, and, I am confident to presume, with the next two in the series. The book doesn't end with that bad of a cliffhanger, but enough to make the reader run to the calendar and figure out how much longer they must wait for the next book to be released. What an awesome series this will be! I think the uniqueness of the storyline-21st century girls traveling back to the 1300s-really make for it to be such an awesome series. I can confidently say that I won't tire of rereading this book again, and again, and again! The perilous adventures that Gabi faces will leave you breathlessly clinging to each word as you read through the pages. I loved that Lisa didn't make her characters invincible or anything--they were hurt and bested at some points. This all made their adventures that much more believable and the characters that much more human. And it added a hook to the whole plot as I read into the wee hours of the night, wondering how on earth Gabi and Lia would make it out of such a predicament alive.
PaigeM_Queen More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutly wonderful! Not only was it action packed, 'lil romantic, mysterious, and just all out a top read, but it also faces problems any young adult faces, and you can relate to the charecters! In fact the scenes just about pop out of the book!!! This is a hafta-read type of book!!! Great Job to Mrs.Bergren!!!
AspiringAuthorHJ More than 1 year ago
WATERFALL is the perfect beginning to a series that will set people on fire! It is a page-turner that is irresistible because of its inspiration and adventure. It truly brings you to 14th century Italy and morphs you into the courageous, independent heroine that Gabi is. It's dangerously addictive because of its eloquently written plot and characters. This is a unique novel that is the perfect beginning to a series that, mark my words, is bound to be bigger than TWILIGHT.
RachelleCO More than 1 year ago
My 13-year-old daughter reads a LOT but she rarely reads Christian fiction. She loves mainstream fantasy and authors like JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. But when she picked up this book, she was hooked from the first page and was practically swooning every night when she told me about the chapters she'd read that day. She's telling all her friends about this book, and she can't wait for more in this series from Lisa T. Bergren. Lisa, you hit it out of the park with this one!
Coranne on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Satisfying read- cant wait to get the next two books!
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Waterfall was one of those books that I wasn't very interested in before I picked it up. However, I did have the opportunity to review it, and the Italian hills were calling to me. How could I say no to such a romantic, gorgeous setting? Waterfall also happens to be part YA and part historical fiction, two genres that I enjoy -and that I enjoy even better when they collide. So, I few aside my misgivings on Waterfall and tried it.Waterfall introduces authors to Gabriella and her sister, the daughters of two famed Etruscan scholars, and has spent much of her life visiting Italy on archaeological trips with their parents. This year, Gabi and Lia find themselves in rural Tuscany on yet another dusty dig. That is, until they find a strange portal to fourteen century Italy, right in middle of a battle between knights from different cities. Seems like a winner, right? Who doesn't love a trip to the gorgeous, romantic world of ancient Italy, complete with gorgeous knight-princes and city feuds? Well, at first I enjoyed the concept and thought it was fun, but it wasn't too long before I started to ask questions that didn't seem to have answers. First, Gabi seems to accept her new-found surroundings all too easily and seems to sink into it far too easily as well. While yes, her parents would know all these things about ancient Italy, but it just seemed too convenient here. The people of ancient Italy also seemed to accept Gabi far too easily as well, so I just had trouble buying the whole girl-gets-sucked-back-in-time scenario. It just didn't feel real.Bergren's writing, though comfortable and honest, had some flaws. While she can create decent characters with realistic dialog, Bergren had trouble creating a fully-developed setting that felt real. I couldn't see Italy in the setting, and I couldn't see much else but generic knights and castles. I just didn't feel like I was in ancient Italy.Despite its flaws, Waterfall is a decent read for teens who enjoy a sweet romance with a historical backdrop, but I was disappointed with the historical aspect.
mrsjason on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I've been a big fan of Lisa Bergren's books for years. I can't remember exactly which was the first book of hers that I discovered but I know that I've enjoyed every book of hers that I've read. My particular favorite is her Gifted series. That being said, when I heard that she was putting out a YA series, I will admit I was a little skeptical. This is not because I doubt her writing skills. It's because a lot of Christian authors who decide to write YA after writing adult fiction tend not to know how to write YA. And the main reason is that they don't read YA on a normal basis. And when they do, they tend to stick with Christian YA for their examples. And (yes I'm using And as a first word a lot here) while there are good examples of Christian YA, in order to get a real knowledge of how to write to a YA audience, you need to read ALL types of YA. So I was worried that this series would feel out of touch for the general YA audience.I was dead wrong. Not only has Bergren written a wonderful story, but I really feel that all audiences will enjoy this book. There's time travel, historical events, sword fights, jousting, hot guys, what more could you want? The story starts off in the contemporary but then switches over to historical as our heroines find themselves traveling through some weird time warp that's taken them back to 14th century Italy. Gabi has to worry with dealing with this sudden change plus finding her sister who got separated from her.If there's anything to nitpick at all about the story it's that Gabi seemed to adapt very very quickly to her new surroundings and lifestyle. She seems like a mature teenage girl and that's fine. I just felt that she immediately accepted everything and played along even though obviously something strange and unnatural has just happened. I just don't think that many teens would have done that. It seemed a bit unrealistic. But then again, this story involves time travel so why am I saying this bit is unrealistic?Even though this book comes from a Christian publishing house, the faith aspect in this book is very minimal. I do not think that anyone who reads this that is not of the Christian faith would get offended or feel that they were getting preached at while reading. Any references or mentions of God, faith, or religion are keeping with the time period when it would have been historically inaccurate to not bring it up. Gabi's faith didn't seem to be that big of an issue or at least it didn't to me. I just hope that general market YA fans/bloggers are being targeted this book and not just Christian fiction readers (especially adult readers who say I never read YA but I did because Lisa wrote it. I want actual teens and YA fans to read it!).Bergren's writing is what ultimately wins me over with this story and I found myself eagerly turning pages to find out what was going to happen with Gabi and Lia. My favorite literary device were the scenes when Gabi is floating in and out of consciousness and only brief sentences would take up a single page. It felt just like I was reading Gabi's fleeting thoughts and only able to grasp a little bit at a time. It's very well done and I cannot wait until I get a hold on Cascade. I'm also very pleased to know that Bergren has done her research and is currently reading general market YA books as we speak. Well done! If you like YA, any type of YA this is the book for you. HIGHLY recommended.
poetrytoprose on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I picked this up after multiple reviews sang its praises. I rushed to place an order on amazon but, upon its arrival, I sat there feeling a little worried. Could it really be that good? As I soon found out, the answer was: yes, it could. In my experience, historical fiction novels often make the big mistake of filling pages with unnecessary facts that only make my eyes glaze over. Here, however, Lisa T. Bergren expertly makes the 14th Century come alive with just enough. No doubt, we get some interesting tidbits and information, but they never overwhelm the story. Instead, we get to focus on the amazing characters. Believe me, when I say they're amazing? They're amazing.To start us off, Gabi, our protagonist, is smart and brave. Oh, she definitely freaks out when she's transported back in time, and she has to be mindful of the things she says and does, but she's a girl on a mission. Certain that her sister, Lia, is in the 14th Century with her, Gabi is determined to find her and nothing, and no one, will deter her from her search. In a situation where it could be so easy to be the damsel in distress, Gabi is only courageous. This isn't to say that she doesn't mess up - she does - but she doesn't give up, which is more important.I think it would be impossible not to love the romantic development. It's easy to see the admiration Marcello and Gabi have for one another, which gradually grows into something more. Their chemistry? Eeeeee!!! I held my breath through so many of their scenes, waiting to see how they would react. MAGIC. The supporting cast was equally wonderful! I'm actually not sure if Marcello is my favorite of the men because both Luca and Fortino were absolutely delightful, too. Thankfully we don't have to choose, right? It was easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of this time period so Lia's presence definitely helped to bring a dose of reality through. Though Gabi is falling in love, as well as figuring out other stuff, I loved that she never forgets the importance of her sister and how she feels about everything. Great dynamic!Waterfall is such an adventurous read that I think everyone could find some enjoyment within its pages.
bonbonsandreveries on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Oh. Emmmm. GEEEE!!! I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this book. I'm not a huge fan of Christian literature-mostly because I usually get the author-stuffing-it-down-my-throat feeling which can be overwhelming. Well, not this one. I didn't even know it was Christian literature until I went online to the author's website. Waterfall is about twin teenaged girls, Lia and Gabi getting pulled back in time to medieval Italy. They become separated during their time traveling. The book follows Gabi and her quest to find her sister. After getting caught and rescued in the middle of a battle by super hot Marcello and his men, Gabi is taken under the protection of the Forelli's. Gabi, being from the future, doesn't realize that by wearing her hair down, preferring to wear pants, using her sword, and being outspoken, everyone labels her unusual. After telling a few lies, almost everyone accepts her as a "Norman." Well, everyone except Marcello's fiancé, daughter of one of Sienna's Nine. All Gabi wants is to go home with her sister, but a war between the Forelli's and the Paratore's has placed them right in the middle. Now she and Lia's survival, as well as the Forelli's depends on Gabi. Gabi's is such a great role model. She is so confident and is not afraid to be herself. Even in medieval Italy, where women were seen and not heard, Gabi refuses to be the weak damsel in distress. Instead of sitting in the castle while the men fight and try to find her sister. She takes her sword and goes out with them- though they do try to talk her out of it. Her bravery and confidence attract Marcello. He embodies the Italian male. Nothing like a hot Italian man to make one double take. Too bad he is already engaged. His fiancé is a piece of work. Her character is like the popular you-know-what (begins with a B) you can find in every high school. She gives Gabi hell throughout the book. She is truly nasty. What she does (I won't give any spoilers) at one point in the book is just unbelievably terrible. Lia, Gabi's twin, annoyed me. She was a loving sister, but still, she could have been more supportive of Gabi and her relationship with Marcello. I thought it was too cute how Luca liked Lia. His reaction to Lia when they first met was adorable. Bergren explores sibling relationships in Waterfall. Gabi's relationship with Lia reminded me of my own relationship with my sister. My sister and I look and act like twins but we are two years apart. Gabi does everything she can, risking her own life several times to find her sister. Marcello's relationship with his brother is also carefully written. Marcello is the younger brother and he has no interest in inheriting his father's title even though his older brother is very sick and not expected to live much longer. I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE L.O.V.E.D. this book. I was giddy the entire night I read it. You'd have to pry my dead fingers off this book to get me to put it down- and even then, I'd come back and haunt you for taking it away. That is how obsessed I am with this book. The adventure was amazing. The romance was beautiful. The setting, Italy, was gorgeous. The characters were real. The action was riveting. Everything in this book was perfect. There was even a twist at the end, which left me screaming for more. I read Waterfall three times within a 24 hour period. I couldn't get enough of Marcello. All I wanted to do was go into the book and be Gabi. If only time travel was possible. This book not only exceeded my expectations, but it has become one of my favorite books. READ IT! The next book in the series, Cascade, doesn't come out until June. That is too far away. The last time I got the I-must-read-the-next-book-NOW feeling was after reading Dreamfever. Waterfall is an action-packed adventure story that takes you back in time with a kick-butt heroine, her sister, and a whole lotta handsome Italian men. My recommendation: find a good quiet space without anyone to bother you for a good chun
Dee_Bibb on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
TITLE: Waterfall: A NovelAUTHOR: Lisa T. BergrenPUBLISHER: David C. CookWaterfall: A Novel is the first book in The River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren. Ms. Bergren is an accomplished adult romance writer, but Waterfall is her first historical romance for teens. The Bettarini sisters are the focus of Waterfall. Join the sisters, Gabriella and Evangelia, as they travel back through time and find themselves in medieval Italy. Waterfall is an exciting adventure and enchanting love story that is irresistible. Readers are transported on a journey back in time to a world where honor and nobility go hand-in-hand with cruelty and violence. This was a time when men were the protectors, and where danger could be found around every corner. . If you looking for a great historical with lots of action, funny remarks and a love worth dying for, read Waterfall. This book is awesome. The characters are life-like and it is easy to relate to them. Ms. Bergren has written a plot so strong it rivets you to your chair. You do not want to stop reading. Every twist and turn of the plot, has you gasping, wanting more and pulling you into the reality of the plot. I can't wait to read the second book which I have ready and waiting to begin.Did I mention just how much I LOVED this book???
KCHilton on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is such an awesome read! I was glued to the pages! I love time travel and romance and Waterfall did not let me down. I enjoyed the current day teenage 'talk' mixed with the 1300's. This was a wonderful book and it tore at my heart when it ended. I didn't want it to end! I'm glad I have book #2 waiting!*****SPOILER BELOW*****Gabi and Lia (sisters) were thrown back in time by a curious accident. But they had been seperated during the travel itself. Gabi is on a quest to find her sister and will stop at nothing. Gabi must play a role of belonging in the 1300's, thankfully her parents' teachings had better prepared her for the unexpected. History and French among other things.I giggled a few times when Gabi mentioned wanting hair product, a hair dryer or a cell phone to play games. Seriously as an adult, there would be quite a few things I'd miss, if I was thrown back in time. And it made me think a little. And I'm so glad Gabi wasn't a prissy whiny teenager.Old medicine and their lack of knowledge are always interesting. Just having an inhaler would've meant a longer life for some people. The things we take for granted in our current time could easily have saved a life in a time long ago.I'm a huge fan the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and I strongly believe other fans will also enjoy the River of Time series by Lisa Bergren.
YABliss on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Every so often there comes a book that surprises you in a way few books have ever done. Indeed I expected it to be good, but... I'm at a loss for words here. This was beyond any expectations. It is absolutely fantastic. There's not a single word I would change and if I could I would force everyone to read it. Everything you might want in a book, you'll find it here. Sword fights, a swoon-worthy knight, humor, friendship, royalty, betrayal, time-travel... This book has serious 'classic' potential. When you give me heart-racing adventure with strong female leader, and you mix it with some delicious romance, you're bound to have a very fan-girly me.It doesn't even feel like historical at all because the author weaves it in so seamlessly you barely notice. Since Gabi is the narrator and she remembers little of her history, you get to explore and learn with her. Which was really fitting since my knowledge of Italian history is completely null. Gabi's voice was fresh and so easy to relate.The story captured me from beginning to end and I'm quite certain Waterfall has quickly become one of my favorite books ever. I'm still a bit puzzled as to why it's titled Waterfall though, but I'll let that detail go for now. If you love historical fiction this is a MUST READ for you, and if you don't like historical or have never been able to get into it, or maybe you have just never tried it, I dare you to read this and NOT love it.
BunnyCates on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book. Loved the characters (I "girl-giggled" every time Luca was even mentioned toward the end of the book!!!) haha. Great story, once it got going it was really hard to put down. That says a lot because I don't even LIKE "romance" books! Waterfall wasn't as much romance as it was a time traveling adventure. CAN NOT WAIT for book two! (secretly hoping Hollywood comes calling!!)REVIEW below originally posted on BUNNYCATES.COMOne afternoon, I saw a post on my twitter that was a RT of an author asking if anyone be interested in reviewing her book. I added her and re-tweeted the post for her. She then asked me if I¿d like to review it, and I said YES. I sent her my address and my site info so she could see where it would be posted. Shortly after, she emailed me and asked me if I was ¿sure¿ I wanted to review it since ROMANCE was not something I normally read. She didn¿t say it, but I¿m sure she was thinking I would HATE the book since its listed as a ¿romance¿ lol.. I told her to go ahead and send it since I loved the movies TIME LINE and the TIME TRAVELERS WIFE. So she did.I picked the book up trying to make myself forget it was a ¿romance¿ novel. I mean, just the word makes me roll my eyes a little. I got called to do some work right after I started reading so the book got set aside for a few days (by a few I mean more like 2 weeks). When I picked it back up, of course I couldn¿t remember anything I¿d read so far so I just started over. I restarted on like early early on a Sunday morning and ended up staying up until 4am the next day just to finish. {my reading updates on goodreads} I could NOT put it down! Yes, 4am. Guess what that means. I LOVED IT!Waterfall is a romance book, but there is so much MORE going on then that. The action and plot kind of draw you in and make you FORGET it¿s a romance. The characters are fantastic. The main character Gabi is a strong young female. Which I love. There is no whining, needing rescued by a boy going on with her. Her sister Lia is just as strong. Marcello is so sweet, and his friend Luca¿ omgosh. I want an entire series of Luca. He is funny, hot, loyal, and fierce. He needs his own series! LOL!I don¿t want to say anything more about the plot than what is in the synopsis because I want you to DISCOVER this one for yourself. I will say ¿From the moment the girls step back through time, until I turned the last page I was totally sucked into the story. I missed phone calls, didn¿t answer emails, and even read one handed while cooking dinner. I¿m not kidding.¿I can even honestly say that because of this book ¿ I even have an interest in Italy¿s past history and am looking forward to reading some non-fiction on this time period. Really. I¿m not even making that up, I swear.I was sad this book ended and have been pestering my mail man for weeks waiting on CASCADE to arrive! I¿m pretty sure he hides until he thinks no one is looking out the window now. LOL!!!If you like romance, time travel, historical fiction, action, or anything of that nature¿ PICK UP THIS ONE. NOTES TO PARENTS: this is considered Christian Young Adult. There is NO cussing, no sexual content (a few kisses), minimal violence (battle scenes and general war type activities)
seescootread on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When Gabi realizes that another summer is going to be spent on an archaeology site she isn¿t too happy about it. Looking for a little excitement before the boredom truly sets in Gabi convinces her sister to break the cardinal rule; to touch the ancient tomb walls. Gabi¿s life is severely thrown off course when she travels through time straight into fourteenth century Italy. Standing out like a sore thumb in her skinny jeans and unsure of where her sister is, Gabi struggles to survive, find her sister and find her way back to the twenty-first century. This was a fun and adventurous read. I always seem to enjoy time travel element in stories. There is something about taking a modern person and throwing them into the past that I find intriguing and Waterfall definitely did not disappoint. The story was quickly paced with Gabi falling literally into a battle and it just kept going from there. The historical elements of the story and world building around Castelo Forelli seemed realistic and accurate for the time that was being portrayed. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of how life was like in that time. In addition, the character development throughout the story was good. Gabi was a great lead character; I enjoyed her strong personality and her level head. She was a person I could easily put my support behind and that makes a huge difference for me. All of the characters were distinct and you wanted a chance to get to know them better; like Marcello with his serious personality and Luca with his lighthearted one. The plot was solid and there were definitely a few moments where I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. The romantic elements were sweet, felt natural and were not in the shape of a triangle ¿ yay! Waterfall has plenty of adventure, suspense, romance and conflict to keep the reader absorbed and I highly recommend it.
jwitt33 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"In Waterfall, American teenager Gabi Betarrini accidently finds herself in Fourteenth-Century Italy . . . Knights. Swords. Horses. Armor. And Italian hotties."I have been hearing such terrific things about this book, and I saw it on Amazon, for FREE, so of course, I had to get it. I liked what I read in the description, so I had high hopes for it, but what I got was so much more! I loved this book! I mean it - it was THAT good!! It had everything I like in a fantasy book: Time travel, knights, sword fights, even jousts! What's not to love? Gabi and her sister, Lia, are on vacation in Italy, on an archeological dig with their mother, and they are bored to tears. So while their mother is distracted, they go down in a tomb the dig has uncovered, and find on the wall two small female-sized handprints. When they put their hands on them, one each, everything starts to spin, and they can't take their hands off. Finally, Gabi manages to yank her hand off and grabs for Lia, but then everything goes black. She wakes up to the sound of a sword battle going on outside the tomb. At first she thinks it is just some sort of reenactment going on, but when she climbs out she finally realizes that she has somehow been transported back to 14th century Italy, and her sister, Lia, is nowhere to be found. The writing was so good, the pacing done so very well, that this book grabs ahold of you from the very beginning and keeps ahold of your until the very last page. The characters are strong and well developed, and the plot is somehow made completely believable in Ms. Bergren's capable hands. The descriptions of the scenery and even the clothes from a different time period were done beautifully. You can literally picture Gabriella in her fine gowns, and when she laments the lack of conditioner for her long curly hair, you feel every tug of her comb through it! I can't say enough good things about this book. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for?! Jump!!
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love historicals! And I just can't begin, or can't explain how much I love this book. From the very first page I was hooked. What grabbed me the most was the love and plot of this book. Two great things in a book that always catch me by the heart. Gabi and her sister a transported back in time after sneaking in to a dig their mother told them not to go in. Gabi is found by Italian hotties (fans self), and is aided my Marcello (fans self again) to find her sister.The reason why I love historicals is because I find myself amused with past. I myself would one day love to time-travel and see things the way it used to be. Plus historicals make me laugh. Gabi's character is fun, witty, and strong. She had me laughing with her forwardness about things. She always forgot herself, and had to correct her language. The people in the past make weird faces where you say something funny!The love between Marcello and Gabi is timeless! It is a classic love bound by time. It just figures that you find the one you love back in fourteenth century! I enjoyed watching them fight with each other and get on each other nerves. Perfect! From the very beginning of their spats, you knew they were meant to be! If you looking for a great historical with lots of action, funny remarks and love worth dying for, read this book. I can't begin to tell you how much you'll love it. Ms. Bergren has written a plot so good you will not put the book down. Ms. Bergren characters are easy to relate to and easy to feel. Every twist and turn of the plot, has you gasping, losing every sense of reality that you have. You literally fall into the book and don't want to come back. (At least I didn't) Can't wait to read the second book!