Way More West: New and Selected Poems

Way More West: New and Selected Poems


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An essential anthology of an innovative American poet

Edward Dorn was not only one of America’s finest poets but a rare critical intelligence and commentator. He was a student of Charles Olson, who helped him to see the American West as a site for his quest for self-knowledge; at the core of his work is a deep sense of place and the people who occupy it, underpinned by a wry ironic dissent. It was Dorn’s comic-epic masterpiece, Gunslinger, which began appearing in 1968 and had already become an underground classic by the time it was published in its entirety in 1974, that established his reputation in the wider world. This new volume brings together poems from Dorn’s entire career, including previously uncollected work.

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ISBN-13: 9780143038696
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/03/2007
Series: Poets, Penguin Series
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.91(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Edward Dorn (1929—1999) published more than forty books of poetry, prose, and translations.
Michael Rothenberg has edited collections of the poets Philip Whalen, Joanne Kyger, and David Meltzer for the Penguin Poets series.

Table of Contents

Introduction     XV
from The New American Poetry     1
The Rick of Green Wood     1
Vaquero     3
The Hide of My Mother     4
Are They Dancing     10
The Air of June Sings     11
from The Newly Fallen     13
Geranium     13
Sousa     15
Like a Message on Sunday     19
Prayers for the People of the World     20
If it should ever come     21
from Hands Up     23
Home on the Range, February, 1962     23
On the Debt My Mother Owed to Sears Roebuck     25
Los Mineros     27
In My Youth I Was a Tireless Dancer     29
Hemlocks     30
From Gloucester Out     31
from Geography     37
Song: The Astronauts     37
The Problem of the Poem for My Daughter, Left Unsolved     39
West of Moab     46
Idaho Out     48
Song (This afternoon was unholy)     63
Song (Christ of the sparrows Help me!)     64
The Smug Never Silent Guns of the Enemy     66
Mourning Letter, March 29, 1963     67
Song: Venceremos     68
Song: Europa     71
For the New Union Dead in Alabama     73
from The North Atlantic Turbine     75
Thesis     75
On the Nature of Communication, September 7, 1966     77
Wait by the door awhile Death, there are others     79
A Notation on the evening of November 27, 1966     85
Song (Again, I am made the occurrence)     87
The Sundering U.P. Tracks     88
from Gunslinger     91
Book I     91
Prolegomenon to Book IIII     123
Twenty-Four Love Songs     125
The Kulchural Exchange     138
The Cosmology of Finding Your Place     141
The Poet Lets His Tongue Hang Down     144
Executioner, Stay Thy Cold Blade     147
The Octopus Thinks with Its Arms     148
The History of Futures     149
The Stripping of the River     150
This Is the Way I Hear the Momentum     151
Mesoxoic Landscape     153
Recollections of Gran Apacheria     155
First Lines     155
(It is bright to recollect)     157
(The first law of the desert)     157
(The children of both sexes)      157
(They are of many clans)     157
Victorio     158
Nana & Victorio     159
Dress for War     160
Bounty Time     161
The Provoking Figure of the Horsewoman     162
Geronimo     163
Juh & Geronimo     164
Nanay     165
(When Geronimo was in Washington for the Inauguration)     166
Fifteen Hundred Tons of Hay @ 1[cent] per Pound     166
The Moving, Invisible Spectre of the Phratry on the Traitor Peaches     167
(And when, above Janos)     168
A Period Portrait of Sympathy     169
(When the Boundary Commission)     170
Assorted Compliments     171
Reservations     172
Creation     175
The Whole European Distinction     177
Personum     178
(The original monuments of perception)     179
(Out of the sunset movement)     179
(So The infant is bound)     180
The Slipping of the Wheel     181
La Maquina a Houston     182
from Hello, La Jolla     185
Shifting an Interference with Nature to a Scientific Obstruction     185
Wet Cake      186
What Will Be Historically Durable     186
An Opinion on a Matter of Public Safety     187
You're Supposed to Move Your Head, Not Your Eyes     188
Alaska: in Two Parts     189
The Burr Quote     193
The Sociology of Games     193
A Variation on Vallejo's #III     194
Palms, Victory, Triumph, Excellence     195
from Yellow Lola     197
A Discovery     197
Public Notice     197
Whereas     198
(Listen, if anybody out there's)     198
A Mild Threat     198
The Whiner, Obnoxious as ever, at latest report     199
Success?     199
Alaska Revisited     199
Not so bad after all     200
from Captain Jack's Chaps/or, Houston MLA     201
Deplaning, & getting learnt     201
At the Cowboy Panel     203
Sunday Morning in the Murdered Territories     204
Maximum Ostentation     205
Hotel Hartley Down by the Bayou, As Dick prepares for New York And I turn my thoughts homeward     208
from Abhorrences     211
(One bullet)     211
The Protestant View      211
While You're at it     212
Wait Till the Christians Hear About This!     212
Flatland     213
Rough Passage on I-80     213
Recette Economique     218
Armalite Resolution     218
Self Criticism     218
It Could be Anyone     220
There's only one natural death, and even that's Bedcide For the post-mortem amusement of Richard Brautigan     221
The Price is Right: A Torture Wheel of Fortune     222
Another Springtime in the Rockies     223
I like a Busy View     223
Lackey stacked upon lackey     224
An Exception for Courtroom Behavior     225
I'm Clean, how about you?     225
Harvesting Organs: On the Head-Injury Death of a 24 Year Old Boy in Vermont     226
Ode on the Facelifting of the "statue" of Liberty     227
America the Buick     229
A time to buy and a time to cry     229
Martyrs Opera     230
The hazards of a later era: variation on a theme     231
Recollections of Advice to Whiteguys     231
Progress: slow but inexorable     233
Free Market Chinoiserie     233
The End     234
from Westward Haut     235
El Peru/Cheyenne Milkplane     235
Phaethon's Daughter     253
Radicals on the Great Plain     256
from Rocky Mountain Spine     259
Montana & Montaner     259
Denver Upbringing     262
from Languedoc Variorum: A Defense of Heresy and Heretics     265
Jerusalem     266
Bogumil     269
Shoko     274
Tomas Torquemada-first Inquisitor General for all Spanish [Pi]ossessions and Master of the rooting out of disbelievers     275
Notes on Beziers: the past as cauchemar     281
Albi, a Day Trip     285
Do the Simon de Monfort / Do le Busard     289
Ten Years in Gaul     290
Dismissal     291
On the Question of God's Tolerance     293
Off-the-Books in Darien     295
Corsica     296
Petra Kelly-recalling German Green, 1992     297
Mordecai     298
Sniper on the Roof: the cheap elimination of heretics     299
from Chemo Sabe     301
Tribe     301
Sketches from Edgewater     503
The Drugs Are Over-rated     305
Infusion Day      306
Chemo du Jour: The Impeachment on Decadron     307
The Dull Relief of General Pain-Oxycontin, Roxicodone and Codeine in General     310
The Decadron, Tagamit, Benadryl and Taxol Cocktail Party of 1 March 1999     311
White Rabbit     313
The Invasion of the 2nd Lumbar Region     316
The Garden of the White Rose     317
Bibliography     319

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