Way of Harmony: Walking the Inner Path to Balance, Happiness, and Success

Way of Harmony: Walking the Inner Path to Balance, Happiness, and Success

by Jim Dreaver


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Way of Harmony: Walking the Inner Path to Balance, Happiness, and Success by Jim Dreaver


Yes, you can have it all-inner harmony, great relationships, fulfilling work, financial independence, and more-by shifting the way you see yourself and your life. Inspirational author and speaker Jim Dreaver outlines his unique message of healing and enlightenment, and shares specific tools for transforming your perceptions and attaining the ultimate balance between spiritual well-being and material success.

Forget the notion that to be rich in spirit you have to give up worldly pleasures, desires, and goals. The Way of Harmony presents a practical path to self-realization that embraces all the abundance life has to offer:

- Release stress and experience a high level of health and energy
- Open your mind to an endless source of clear, focused, intuitive thinking
- Expand your awareness and embrace your spirit
- Connect with your inner wisdom and creative power
- Discover harmony in all your relationships
- Find the work you love
- Enjoy financial prosperity
In clear, flowing language illustrated with inspiring stories and simple, powerful techniques, Jim Dreaver unlocks the secrets of abundance and teaches you how to achieve the balance that brings true happiness and success.

"Jim Dreaver is a gifted teacher whose words actually bring us into the living present, where the healing energy of love can be felt."(— John Allan, author of Living in the Presence of God)

"This book is wonderful wisdom and inspiration. Reading it will uplift your spirit."(— Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D., author of Real Moments)

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ISBN-13: 9780380803132
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/28/1999
Pages: 288
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Chapter One

Getting Relaxed in
Your Body

The Secret of Releasing Stress

In over twenty years of doing transformational work, I have

found that the single most powerful technique for releasing stress and tension in the body and coming to true inner clarity is learning to make your body, senses, and mind objects of observation.

In moments of quiet meditation or contemplation, practice looking at your body, its sensations and feelings, as well as the thoughts and images passing through your mind, as you would look at any other object—a tree, a cloud, a car.

It's a process of learning to become a dispassionate observer of your body, mind, and senses. Doing this helps free you from identification with them. Instead of being caught up in your body and mind, and looking out at the world from a place of relative conflict and contraction, pull your awareness back a little, to a place slightly behind and above your head. From there, begin to experience yourself as the space in which your body appears, in which breathing happens, in which sensations, feelings, and thoughts arise.

I call this way of observing, or experiencing your own body, mind, and senses, "expanding awareness," and I will describe the actual technique for it a little later in this chapter.

I learned this approach from my spiritual mentor, jean Klein, a former physician from Europe and a master of Advaita Vedanta, a philosophy that can be thought of as a kind of inner yoga. Advaita, which traces its roots three thousand years back to the Upanishads, the great wisdom scriptures of India, is a way of shifting perceptionand coming back to the awareness that precedes thinking. It is a direct path to the clear, spacious mind that is our true nature, which gives rise to all that we see, feel, and experience.

When I met jean after reading his book The Ease of Being, I was struck by his presence and the clarity with which he was able to articulate his understanding. He radiated an immense amount of light and love and, like the best teachers, did not take himself for a "teacher," for anyone special. You never felt any sense of ego or personal agenda when you were with him. His focus was solely on pointing us back to the truth, to the teacher within. His influence on me was, literally, lifetransforming.

It was jean who guided me to the core insight-or, as he called it, the "ultimate understanding," the realization that there is actually no "person" who needs to be enlightened, that freedom and happiness are our true nature.

"See through the unreality of self-images and self-concepts, and just be the beautiful person you are," he said. "Then you'll be free."

He himself passed away, at the age of eighty-six, while I was working on this book, but his legacy, and that of his teachers before him, lives on in his written works, in his many students throughout the world, and in these pages.

Health, then, is your natural state, and your body's energies are always seeking their own organic harmony, or wholeness. When you are able to detach yourself from the areas of stress, tension, and pain in your body and just be aware of them without the interference of your analytical mind, they have room to unwind and release. This is not to deny or ignore pain; it is to be present with it in a relaxed, open, non-judging way.

From this neutral place you can feel the length and breadth of your body within your awareness, your consciousness. You can observe the rising and falling of your breath. You can notice the space around your body. You can watch the movement of your arms, your legs, your head, your trunk within your visual and sensory field.

The more real this quality of awareness becomes for you, the more you find yourself in the expanded state of consciousness—the sense of ease, of flow, of well-being-that is your true nature. You feel very grounded in and connected to your body. All your senses are alert. You feel awake, clear, extraordinarily present. And behind it all is this tremendous feeling of spaciousness, of freedom.

Gradually, you begin to realize that you don't live in your body, as you had always believed, but your body lives in you. This is when you start to really "get" the core insight. It dawns on you that your true nature is pure consciousness, awareness, manifesting in this unique constellation of energy and matter that is your body/mind/self,

To see this is extremely liberating. It frees you from inner conflict and fear, including the fear of failure and even the fear of death, which means you can walk in the world with a much greater feeling of confidence. The information in this chapter is designed to help you embody this concept.

Developing A Relationship With Your Body

Your body is the vehicle for your spirit, the being you really are. Who you are is reflected in your body, in your muscles and joints, the way you breathe, sit, move.

To extend the vehicle analogy, imagine that you are taking a long trip in your car, but your car is a poorly serviced, unreliable clunker that is always breaking down, The trip wouldn't be much fun, would it? It's hard to enjoy the journey when you're constantly worried that your vehicle might not make it. That's why it's important to put energy into taking care of your body-so you can feel good moving around in it.

When you don't feel good in your body-when you are tired, out-of-sorts, when your energy is contracted or stuck-it affects your attitude and makes you think all kinds of negative thoughts. On the other hand, when you have a sensitive and healthy relationship with your body, your attitude always improves.

You know what you need to do. You need to cat right, exercise, and learn how to relax. The good news is that improving your physical well-being doesn't require a major change in your habits and actions. It's really more about a change in consciousness—the shifting of attention, or awareness, described above.

In learning to let go of the tension, worry, and stress inside you, you'll start to feel a whole lot better physically, and you'll have more energy. It is psychological and emotional stress that's the real killer-much more so than eating the occasional fatty meal or not exercising for a week or two.

You'll also be much less worried about or afraid of what is happening in your body. People fear unusual sensations or sudden changes in their bodily experience because they don't have...

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