Way of the Ship: America's Maritime History Reenvisoned, 1600-2000 / Edition 1

Way of the Ship: America's Maritime History Reenvisoned, 1600-2000 / Edition 1

by Alex Roland
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Turner Publishing Company
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Way of the Ship: America's Maritime History Reenvisoned, 1600-2000 / Edition 1

The history of shipping in America from 1600 to 2000, as traditionally recounted,is based primarily on the fortunes of the American merchant marine. The Way of the Ship is different. While it elucidates the significant impact of the merchant marine, this book views American maritime commerce from a global perspective and incorporates the crucial contributions of shipping on coastal and inland waters.

The Way of the Ship tells the important story of the commercial transport of passengers and goods from port to port in American history and the ways in which it fueled the material and economic expansion of the country. Throughout, it explains the factors that influenced—and continue to influence—the shipping industry, from economics, government policy, and labor to the military and technology. It includes intriguing details about the ships and ports that played pivotal roles and the entrepreneurs who took the helm along the way.

Readers will be struck by two paradoxes: the contrast between the volume of U.S. trade and the size of its merchant marine, and the contrast between the importance of shipping in American history and life and its relative invisibility to historians and citizens.

Complete with beautiful color images of paintings by today's premier marine artist, John Stobart, this thought-provoking reference sheds new light on the country's fascinating maritime past and examines the diverse factors that will influence the way of the ship in the twenty-first century.

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ISBN-13: 9780470136003
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 11/16/2007
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.55(w) x 9.54(h) x 1.62(d)

Table of Contents



PART I: When Shipping Was King: Colonial Shipping and the Making of America, 1600–1783.

1 The Colonies and the Sea.

2 Richard Hakluyt’s Maritime Plantations.

3 John Winthrop’s Godly Society by the Sea.

4 Codfish, Timber, and Profit.

5 An Infant Industry.

6 The Shipping Business in 1700.

7 The Eclipse of Boston.

8 Coastal Commerce in Colonial America.

9 The Sailor’s Life.

10 War and Transformation.

PART II: A World within Themselves: The Golden Age and the Rise of Inland Shipping, 1783–1861.

11 A Tale of Two Ports.

12 Robert Livingston and the Art of the Deal.

13 Robert Fulton and the Art of Steaming.

14 The War of 1812.

15 Henry Shreve and the Taming of the River.

16 DeWitt Clinton and the Canal Craze.

17 Rushing to San Francisco.

18 Steam, Speed, Schedule: A Business Model for the Golden Age.

19 Matthew Fontaine Maury and the Growth of Infrastructure.

PART III: Maritime Industry and Labor in the Gilded Age, 1861–1914.

20 The Hinge of War.

21 Anaconda, Anyone?

22 Benjamin Franklin Isherwood and the Industrialization of Ship Production.

23 The Alabama and Commerce War.

24 Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Rise of the Railroad.

25 Marcus Hanna and the Growth of Heartland Shipping.

26 John Lynch and the Quest for a National Maritime Policy.

27 John Roach and the New Shipbuilding.

28 West Coast Shipping and the Rise of Maritime Labor.

29 Andrew Furuseth, the Unions, and the Law.

30 Ships, Steel, and More Labor.

PART IV: The Weight of War, 1905–1956.

31 Mahan, Roosevelt, and the Seaborne Empire.

32 War and Woodrow Wilson.

33 Robert Dollar and the Business of Shipping, 1920–1929.

34 A Tale of Two Harrys: The Radicalization of West Coast Labor.

35 Hugo Black and Direct Subsidy, 1935–1941.

36 The Henry Bacon and the War in the Atlantic, 1941–1945.

37 Henry Kaiser and the War in the Pacific, 1941–1945.

38 Edward Stettinius and Flags of Convenience.

PART V: Megaship: The Rise of the Invisible, Automated Bulk Carrier, 1956–2000.

39 Daniel K. Ludwig and the Giant Ships.

40 Malcom McLean and the Container Revolution.

41 Farewell the Finger Pier: The Changing Face of Ports.

42 The Shrinking Giant: Maritime Labor in an Age of Mechanization.

43 Richard Nixon and the Quest for a National Maritime Policy.

44 Hot Wars and Cold.

45 Ted Arison and the Fun Cruise for Thousands.

46 Conclusion.


Appendix A World and U.S. Commercial Vessels.

Appendix B Value of U.S. Waterborne Cargo, 1790–1994.

Appendix C Maritime Labor, 1925-2000.

Appendix D U.S. Shipbuilding, 1769-1969.


Bibliographic Essay.


Art Credits.


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