We All Are Gifted

We All Are Gifted

by Julio Villalba


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ISBN-13: 9781449072858
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/20/2010
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.18(d)

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We All Are Gifted

By Julio Villalba


Copyright © 2010 Julio Villalba
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-7285-8

Chapter One

Our Hearts

The heart, that marvelous and wonderful organ you have in your chest that works inside of you-day and night, whether you realize it or not, even when you are sleeping, even if for some unfortunate reason you are in a comatose state or have been declared brain dead-keeps you alive twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for an undetermined time.

This organ is located beneath the sternum, within the mediastinum, a cavity that contains the tissues and organs separating the two pleural sacs. In the majority of human beings, two thirds of this organ extends to the left of the chest, near the left mid-clavicle line. The heart does not lie perpendicular in the chest; it has some oblique inclination, with its broad part inclined to the upper right and the apex or pointed part inclined to the lower left part of the chest (it is in this part of your heart where the sound of heartbeats are loudest). This organ is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, along with such organs as your lungs and kidneys.

Here we are going to talk about this wonderful organ, your heart, that is controlled in some ways by the subliminal subconscious mind, which means that your heart has part of God's conscious mind. I want to tell you that sometimes you more often have to use not only your mortal mind, but also your heart, to make decisions in your daily life,. When you use your heart to think and make decisions, you are practicing to think a little bit better, become a better human being, and have a better outcome. You will start to feel real love-love for yourself, for your brothers and sisters, and for everything God has created for us in this universe. You have to love your heart and think a little bit more with it, and listen a little bit more to that wonderful heart.

You have to have a deep desire to become a better human being. Let that desire take root in your heart. Your heart will never, ever let you down or betray you. I do not mean that you have to use only your heart to think about everything. You have to use your mortal mind to reason, to solve problems in your daily life-but give your heart a chance when you are in doubt or in trouble. Do not forget one thing: put your heart to work more often, let it guide you, let it take part in your decisions once in a while.

Since part of the consciousness of God lives in your heart, you have all you need to be a better human being, to have some success and peace of mind. You will also be able to understand, respect, and consider a little bit more your fellow brothers and sisters. There is a saying, "Do not think with your heart," but I will say to you that, in these present times, you have to think with your lovely heart, and pay attention to your gut feelings, because remember-you have part of the cosmic consciousness inside of you.

Remember some phrases that people often say: "You have a brave heart," or "She has a wonderful heart." You can see, feel, and think with your wonderful heart. I will say to you, do not poison your heart with feelings of hate, ambition, bitterness, vengeance, anguish, or any other negative thoughts, because the spirit of God is always with you. God is never far away from you. If you want to reach God or talk to God, talk to Him from the bottom of your heart. When you put both mind and heart into it, your reward in life will be great.

Love with your heart, and you will be able to at least love yourself a little bit more and be considerate of those whose paths you cross. Life is a little complicated, but once you start to think and see with your heart, things will be easier to understand. When you love and learn to trust your loving heart, you will truly love what you love, and nothing will stand between you and the object that you really care about, because you are going to start living with emotions of compassion, kindness, understanding, and forgiveness.

Love is an inspirational and constructive feeling, and to really love someone and to understand life around you and humanity, you have to start to use your genius heart a little bit more. Love who you are and be true to yourself, and you will be content with your life. Use your heart a little bit more to see the wonders of this world and to really love what God has created for us. Doing so, you will also feel part of your brothers and sisters, and you will start to respect them and expect the best, not the worst. You will be able to see and understand the real truth of us.

Try to speak from the bottom of your heart, and you will speak the truth and you will be positive; light will be always in you. Do not believe in fate-you can change part of that fate, if not all, by looking at things around you with your heart. Look at the positive side of everybody and everything around you by using your wonderful heart a little bit more. You have a wonderful power inside of you: put it to work. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and who you really are.

Whatever you do, do it from the bottom of your heart. The greatest thing about the universe is that you are a very important part of it. You, like everybody else, play an important role in this universe, and you can benefit from this power that exists and has always been there for you.

We all are an extension of God's mind; furthermore, we are part sacred too, because of the consciousness of God that lives within us. Be gentle, compassionate, and courteous, and remember to take care of your wonderful heart-keep it healthy, strong, and content by holding good thoughts, assuming the best of people, avoiding hate and other unpleasant strong emotions, and being the most positive you can be. Do not poison your heart by thinking bad thoughts or wishing bad things on others. God is in everything you see in this world; therefore, love everything with all your heart.

When you use your heart in your daily life, you are using a wonderful tool that lives inside of you. It is there not only to keep you alive, but to express your higher feelings of compassion, forgiveness, and above all, love. Love with your heart and soul all that God has created in this universe for you. God will walk with you every step of the way up to the end of your days on this planet Earth. Life is full of contradiction and confusion, but you will be ahead of all that. Love and trust those who speak from the bottom of their hearts-they tend to be good friends-but don't let anybody to take advantage of you or deceive you for having a good heart.

Trust more in your heart and your inner self and in God. Your heart, your great friend, has a mind of its own. Talk to it once in a while, touch your heart with your hand and tell it, "I love you, good friend, and I'm going to take care of you always, make you strong and healthy by thinking right in the best possible way, and aspire always to be the best human being I can be." Take time for yourself for a few minutes a day. First, choose a place in which nobody can interrupt you. Sit down in a comfortable chair and relax. Next, take three big breaths and let them go slowly. Finally, once you are relaxed, try to listen to your heartbeat. Concentrate on this organ for a few minutes. After that, stand up and go about your regular activities of the day. You will feel good and at peace with yourself. Remember: love your heart with all your soul. It is and will be one of your best friends. Let me give you a word of advice: this exercise is to strengthen your heart, but I don't recommend it for anybody with heart or blood-pressure problems.

The greatness of a nation cannot be based on the color of the skin, gender, or nationality of its people, but by the goodness of their hearts.


Inspiration is a gift that the cosmic essence of God has given to us, latent in every one of us. Inspiration comes from within, from our sacred soul that is in permanent contact with the divine mind of God. We are inspired constantly by our sacred soul to be better people; to develop the best of ourselves as human beings; to share feelings of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness toward the rest of humanity; to love God with all of our soul and heart; and to have a communion with Him at least once a day, using our inner self as a channel.

When you feel the need to do good to others or be courteous to other people, when you feel the need to create something beautiful, or when you have an idea of creating something, that means you have been inspired by God, using your sacred soul as a channel to get to your mortal mind. Always, this brilliant thought that comes to you and tells you to do or create something is going to be beneficial to you and probably to others.

These illuminating thoughts have something to do with the progress of yourself and humanity, spiritually and materially. Sometimes we have an idea, or we are thinking about doing something extraordinary that is in our mind constantly, that we know is keeping us busy, but we do not know how to give form or carry out that idea; much of the time those thoughts bother us, and we get, in some way, rid of those thoughts, or we did not think any more about them. We release that idea or thought from our mortal minds-and without realizing it, we have done the right thing. Those thoughts take root in our inner selves when they are released from our mortal minds; we send them to the cosmic spiritual mind of God through our sacred souls. A few hours later, or minutes or days, these thoughts will come back to us as a sudden inspiration or brilliant idea on how to carry out what we were thinking about.

This time we know all the details of what to do. We are happy, and we say, "Exactly! Why didn't think of that before?" or "That's right, that is the right thing to do, thank God. Why I was not clear when I first thought about it?" Just by releasing your thoughts out of your mind and not thinking any more about them, we incidentally send them to the right place, and they come back to us, taking form in our mortal minds as a picture, a number, a name, or simply an idea of how to carry out our plan.

Inspiration is never wrong. It comes from a divine source of love and light: the love and light of our creator God. Think about the discoveries that men and women have made throughout history-the creations in the fields of science, art, technology, literature-and those who unselfishly, by inspiration, dedicated their entire lives to create a better world for every human being with their discoveries, to better our life in many ways.

History is full of people who, by inspiration, created wonderful things that were going to be of benefit not only to them, but to the rest of humanity. I am not using the word "invention," because everything in this universe was already created by the universal mind of God, who has built everything for us, to be discovered for us, human beings, by inspirational thoughts that come from within our inner selves: the higher selves of us, our sacred souls. We are never left alone by our creator. He is always in contact with us, and He talks to us using one of the marvelous tools He gave us as a mediator between Him and us, our sacred souls.

God is here, there, everywhere you go-to the mountain, to the sea, to the woods, into your home-because you carry within yourself part of Him: your sacred soul, given to you as a gift, and a wonderful tool to illuminate, inspire, guide, and advise you of possible wrongdoing that can harm you or others. In harming yourself and others, you create for yourself a heavy burden in your karma.

We live in this dual world, and that is the life we have to live. We cannot, for any reason, diminish the role that our bodies, which God once created uncorrupted, have in this universe of the present day. We have to take care of our bodies by eating healthy and thinking healthy as well, because, among other things that our bodies do daily, they are also the sanctuary of our souls-the spiritual and immortal part of us, the real us.

Sometimes we cannot communicate easily with our inner selves because we have the barrier of our mortal minds and bodies, and that in part is good; but with some practice, we can make that communication a lot easier. We have to create a harmony within ourselves. We have to keep a balance between the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system by eating and thinking right; avoiding excessive tension to our bodies and minds; avoiding overworking our bodies or hurting ourselves; avoiding excess of any kind; not giving entrance to our heart the feelings of revenge, hate, bitterness, or madness of any kind entrance to our hearts; and trying to do the right thing to ourselves and to others.

If we fail to do something right, because we are not perfect, at least we will try to amend in any possible way the mistakes we made. God is love, and love has the power of inspiration, illumination, creation, balance, harmony, movement and forgiveness. His divine power does not live dormant inside of us. His power is fully awake within us; the only thing we have to do is to learn how to listen and to follow up that little inspirational voice that comes to our minds when we least expect it. It is like a powerful urge coming from within, but we do not hear that voice because we are too busy with our problems or material affairs, or technology has made out of us a robot, a human machine, with less sensibility to human society and a lack of awareness of our urges or our inner selves or our real personalities.

It is easier to stay on the cellular phone for hours or on the computer or electronics games than to have a moment of retreat to ourselves, to think about us or to have a moment of silence with ourselves, to have a moment of better view of our perspective of ourselves and the world that surrounds us. We have became so materialistic, so worried about our mundane world and material gain, that we have forgotten that we are living in a dual world, spiritual and material; that we have to listen to our inner voice or urges that comes from within and follow our inspiration, sixth sense, intuition, any name you want to call it, it does not matter. Maybe we will be able to solve certain problems we have better and faster by having a moment to ourselves and following that moment of inspiration that has flourished in our minds, thanks to our inner selves calling us and inspiring us to do this or that. But we are too busy trying to solve our earthly problems without realizing we have the solution to those problems in front of us, in our minds. We hesitate, we have some doubts about following those inspirational thoughts or ideas. Maybe we are insecure, afraid to go ahead and do what our gut is telling us what to do.

No matter what, these gifts are yours to be used wisely at any moment of your life here on Earth. Our souls inspire us every day or moment of our lives, and most of the time, when we ask for advice or we are troubled, we need only call on God, our father, creator of everything you can see in this universe. He will answer us with the solution we are looking for. He will inspire you, using your sacred soul as a channel to get to you. Inspiration is creation, progress, and advancement-spiritual and material.

Inspiration has revolutionized the world throughout history, and we have enough proof of this powerful illumination that can make us be ahead of time by creating something beautiful to us and, most of all, to humanity.

Know God and Yourself Better

To know God better, you have to start with a few questions: Do I know myself perfectly? Who am I? Why I am here, and what relationship do I have with God and the rest of the human beings in this world? First of all, you are part of God, and therefore part sacred because God lives within you, as God lives in everybody else. The rest of humanity is part sacred too, and they are your brothers and sisters. You are here to amend some mistakes done in a previous life and, with the rest of the human race, to help God make a better world by being a better human being. God is a powerful spiritual cosmic mind that surrounds and penetrates everything, and everything is made out of this spiritual mind. When you think about God, do not visualize Him as a perfect spiritually developed personality, sitting somewhere in a throne in the universe. God is a spiritual mind or conscience that surrounds us. Everything good in this universe that you see, touch, smell, hear, and feel is surrounded by that spirit or super-soul of God that is within you too: your inner self. You are part of the material and spiritual universe He created, which is your mortal body and mind, and you have part of that spiritual mind of God within you-your immortal soul or inner self, which is sacred because we were created by Him in His own image. We are dual entities living in a dual world, spiritual and material, and we each have a spiritual and material mind as well. Within that mortal body and mortal mind we have a spiritual mind, which is an extension of God here on Earth. God is the macrocosmic conscience; we are the microcosmic conscience of God on this planet, and you can call Him, if you wish to. Krishna, Jehovah, Allah, Dios-the name does not matter. What is important is to have in mind that you are sacred, too, because you are an extension of God here on Earth. When I say you are part sacred, I am referring to your sacred soul.


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