We All Need Something To Relate To

We All Need Something To Relate To

by Braedon Marie Gerard


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ISBN-13: 9781456715809
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/11/2011
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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We All Need Something To Relate To

A collection of poems followed by quotes and advice
By Braedon Marie Gerard


Copyright © 2011 Braedon Marie Gerard
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-1580-9

Chapter One


There comes a time when you know it's just too much.
When you are hurting so bad and nothing makes sense anymore.
You want to run away, but there's nowhere to go.
You want to scream, but no one will hear.
You want to cry but it doesn't make the pain go away.

Every song, every car like theirs, every time the phone rings ...
Your stomach hurts, and you want to just disappear.
You want to curl up in a ball and just drift away.
The memories surround you, no matter what you do.
No matter how far you run, your mind stays with you,
The memories stay with you.

You can wonder and wonder and wonder and never know.
You can ask a million questions, but no one really knows.
Every one looks at you with sympathetic eyes,
They all tell you how strong you are;
How you are a hero, a wonderful person.
But somehow, you don't see it or feel it.
Because you know when you are alone, curled up,
Crying, hurting, and wishing it would go away.
You aren't so strong in those moments.
No one sees those moments.

They see the smiles and hear the words that ramble out,
Words that are necessary to cover up and stay sane.
You don't want everyone knowing the truth.
You would rather keep it in and try to work through it.

Classes, homework, studying, laundry, groceries ...
All are ways to hide the pain and be "normal."
So busy, there's no time to just break down.
But some days it's all you want.
You just want to sit down and stare at the wall.
And just give in ... quite the fight.
The thought of each day, waking up, the same pain,
It hurts ... it hurts a lot.

But then there are the good days.
The days when you think of the bad memories,
You tell yourself you are better off.
You carry yourself with pride and your head held high.
You know you will move on and find happiness again.
The new "normal" is coming.
But not everyday can be that way.
No one is perfect, and good days will go bad.
Bad days will turn worse.

You think about how it ended, how wrong it was.
You want to just call and yell at them.
You put so much trust into that person.
You gave your heart and soul to them.
You believed in them and planned for them.
You had your life figured out.
It all made sense, it all felt just right.

Then one day, it all ends;
Unexpectedly, abruptly, cold and empty.
It is unfair and it's so crazy.
One day life is going along, not perfect,
But it's going along smoothly and then,
Suddenly it's all changed.
With a few words, with a few negative words.

Does it haunt them like it haunts you?
Does it ruin some days of theirs and make them weak?
Do they toss and turn at night trying to forgive themselves?
Do they know it'll never go away until they apologize?

When you are dragging your feet,
And everything seems difficult,
Know deep down they have to feel worse.
They have to be living with guilt and pain.
While you mourn the "death" of this loved one,
They are still trying to figure out how to tell you bye.
How to tell you what happened,
Why their problems somehow became yours.
How the past can twist its way into the future
And take away all that you have.

You can love unconditionally,
But there's no guarantee of forever.
There never is.
And there never will be.
But when it's your first love,
The one you knew in your heart you'd marry,
You are naïve and innocent to it.
You believe in them and trust them.
You believe them when they say they love you.
You see truth in their eyes that may have never been.

What you wouldn't do to take it back.
To get back that innocence and happiness.
The carefree happiness where you don't fear.
You don't fear the future and love.

But without the experience,
You would only go through this later someday.
It may just be in the cards for every girl,
For every person, every heart.
We must face this experience with hope.
With knowledge that it wasn't our fault.
It was our fate, our destiny,
Everything happens for a reason.

    A Waste

    Do you even remember the words you said?
    Did you reconsider the motives in your head?
    You're as demented as your terrible ways
    And you're wasting all my carefree days
    Your twisted mind has gone insane
    You're anything but dull and plain
    I'm breaking loose and I'm saying good-bye
    I've only got one chance to live before I die

    Distance Destroys

    Of course you say what I want to hear
    You whisper your sweet nothings in my ear
    I listen and love everything you say
    But tomorrow's going to take you away

    Back to the life you chose, but hate
    You want to come home, but it's too late
    Not a thing I wouldn't do to have you here
    I want you to say what I need to hear

    Tell me it's worth it to go visit you
    You know it's something I want to do
    But another good-bye will break my heart
    We can't live for this love when we're held apart

    Distance will destroy all we have became
    To each other we'll be "just another name"
    I don't want that to happen to you and me
    But I can't change the way it has to be

    I can't plan my life around my future with you
    There's still so much I need to do
    I don't know how to say that to you
    Part of me wants you involved in all I do

    I'm in love with the idea of you and me
    But I don't think you know how serious to be
    You know I'd do anything to make it work out
    In the end, what is this going to be about?

    Is your effort for love, or just to please me?
    I think you know which of the two it should be
    So, figure out exactly how you feel
    Then we'll decide if this is real

    Four-Leaf Clover

    Wake up ... open my eyes.
    I only cried a few hours,
    But they won't open the same.
    They are not swollen shut,
    But surely swollen just enough.
    I could drown a fish with my tears.
    Yet I've found it in me
    To hold on through the years.
    There were ups and there were downs.
    And times when it was "over".
    We would hit the bottom of the barrel,
    But it was then we'd find a four-leaf clover.
    Lucky in love, we'd find ourselves
    At the top of Everest.
    Only then do we understand,
    We must begin to descend.
    Can't stay on top of the world forever.
    But we will return again.

    Love Lost

    Your lack of shame shocks me
    And fills me with surprise
    You have painfully empty remarks
    That brings tears to my eyes
    I'm tired of hiding from you
    And wearing this disguise
    One day I'll understand
    You hide behind your lies
    There's something you don't know
    But you need to recognize
    I'm falling out of love with you
    And one day you will realize
    Don't waste your time on me
    I don't care about your cries

    If Someone Would Listen

    My lonesome love is lost again
    And no one understands
    My scarred heart is broke again
    And falls into my hands
    My shy words are gone again
    So I live unknown
    My needs go untouched again
    So the battle is my own

    Keeping Pace with Heartbreak

    I can't keep pace with all the emotions running through my head
    And I can't stop thinking of all the hurtful things you said
    Do you have some kind of proof that says I'm not for you?
    Can you somehow prove to me your love was never true?
    You keep pretending to be anything but who you are
    And the distance between us has grown very far
    So now I'm moving on and I know I'll find someone new
    But after your new reputation, I can't say the same for you

    Letting Go

    You're gone and it's over
    Now I'm starting over
    I know it's not what I want
    But it's what I have to do
    So here I go ... starting over

    Don't call me anymore
    I can't hear your voice
    I don't want to know you need me
    I don't want to admit I want you
    Moving on without you
    Don't leave me a message
    I can't call you back

    You know you mean so much to me
    That doesn't mean you can hold on
    Don't use it to your advantage
    Because I won't let you win
    I have to move on this time
    All that's left is letting go

    No more two-hour conversations
    No holding your warm hands
    No goodnight kisses
    You can't help me when I'm hurt
    You are so far away
    All that's left is letting go

    I'm letting go of you
    We both know it's all that's left
    Don't call me anymore
    Don't try to change my mind
    We both know this is it
    All that's left is letting go

    Love ... Can Conquer Sanity

    Walking silently down a blackened path
    He cries inside from the pain of her wrath
    He loves her dearly, her demented heart
    Her evil intentions are tearing him apart
    He hates how she changed his once sane mind
    He searches for sanity that he cannot find
    He fights off evil as it pries into his soul
    The girl's wishes are taking their toll
    He falls to his knees and prays to above
    For relief from this pain, and someone to love


    I'm knee deep in pain
    From what you did that night
    I wish I could push rewind
    And take back that hurtful fight
    We had so much more
    Than what you threw away
    But it won't really matter
    When you realize that someday
    Cause I won't be waiting
    Around here forever
    You've blown your only chance
    For us to be together

    Pleasure and Pain

    He took what you gave
    And gave nothing back
    You fell for him
    And he didn't fall back
    In one night of pleasure
    You thought you had him
    In the next night of sorrow
    You knew you didn't
    You never thought
    That he would lie
    But the night he did
    It made you cry
    You wanted to know
    What you did wrong
    You wanted to understand
    What was going on
    He didn't explain
    He left you to wonder
    Facing your pain

    Shut Out

    You closed the door of love
    And shut me out for good
    I'm trying to pull open the door
    But I don't know if I should
    The dangers that lie behind it
    I can never be sure of
    I can't help but wonder
    I reach out for a shove
    My shove strikes the door hard
    And I've instantly found out
    The contents behind the door
    Will hurt me without a doubt


    Pain seeping through again
    Missing you like hell tonight
    Living here, my mind's with you
    Nothing feels right when you're gone
    I'll be missing you like hell tonight

    I need to kiss your tainted lips
    I'd die to watch your seductive eyes
    I'll pretend to love your hurtful lies
    With every breath that I take in
    Falling for you over and over again

    I know that I'm wasting my time
    But I'm missing you like hell tonight
    I'm sure this pain can't be ever after
    Wish that I didn't care so much
    But I'm missing you like hell tonight

    Kiss me &ndahs; Kissed me &ndahs; Made it last
    Can't forget my vivid past
    Tainted me and I love it too much
    You're all I think of before I sleep
    Sometimes you're in my worst dreams

    I'm sure that this can't be right
    But I'd die to be with you tonight
    I'm missing you like hell tonight
    I break down when you're gone
    I need you to keep me sane
    Missing you, like hell, tonight


    I speak
    Do you listen?
    I cry
    Do you care?
    I'm drowning in my tears
    They bury me and I can't see
    I'm full of pain inside
    Concealed from the naked eye
    You don't get it
    I won't hold it against you
    But try to comprehend my pain
    Just once, set aside your egotism
    Stare into my eyes
    Tell me what you see
    'Cause in my brown eyes it's hard to tell
    They hide what they hate
    The pain, emptiness, uncertainty
    Expelled through my tears
    Filling my eyes
    Flowing down my face
    Do you care?
    I cry
    Do you listen?
    I speak

    Two Years

    So here I sit
    So complicated
    It's all so intricate
    It has to be
    You are not simple
    And either am I
    Maybe that's why it's right
    That this should work

    You'll be coming home
    I finally get to see you
    It's been two years
    Yet things haven't changed

    Such a long time without you
    I survived it alright
    So are you really the same?
    I don't need more deceit in my life
    Prove to me it will be alright

    Time for you to come home
    Maybe I'll fall again
    It's been two years
    We talk like it's all the same

    When I see your face
    I'll judge you by your eyes
    I'll look for reflections in them
    For feelings really there
    You know you can't hide
    Once you are here
    The truth is all mine

    You're coming back into my life
    Time to see if you're the same
    It's been two years
    How much have you changed?

    Nothing left to do
    It's been two years
    Time to see your face
    Let go of the past
    Start over new
    Start over with you


    In and out of my life
    You do it so well
    I never knew someone so magic
    Disappear one more year
    Don't worry, I'll be waiting

    It's become quite obvious
    Where you're headed next
    Drop by once in a while
    Leave me here another year
    You seem to think I like the pain

    One more time
    In and out of my life
    You make it look too easy
    Time for you to run again
    Don't worry I'll be waiting

    You don't get what you do to me
    Our feelings aren't the same
    You come back
    I fall so hard again
    Then you turn and walk away
    Can't stand this hopeless wonder

    I've seen your face
    Held your hand, felt your hug
    Time for you to leave now
    The same old pain all over again
    Don't worry, I'll be waiting

    When will you be home?
    I never can be sure
    The phone will ring, I'll pick up
    I can't resist your charm
    I don't know how to say
    I've had enough

    Starting to get tired of this
    Inevitable pain we both accept
    Disappear one more year
    You do it so well
    Don't worry ... I'll be waiting

    Words that mean so much
    Can only be words
    Every visit makes a spark
    There's no time for a flame
    It's time for us to realize
    This can never work

    One more time
    I'll say good-bye
    And this time it's for good
    I can't watch you walk away
    I don't want the memory
    Not another year without you here
    You're gone for good to me

    So one more time
    I'm saying good-bye
    And this time it's for good
    I have to turn and walk away
    I hate the memories
    Can't spend another lonely year
    You're gone for good to me

    What A Shame To Break A Heart

    When I close my eyes
    My thoughts seem to drift far away
    But when they are open
    I see the hurtful things you say
    Each word crushes me
    And tears form behind each eye
    But no matter what you say
    I will not start to cry
    I want you so much
    But I'm not giving in this time
    You broke my heart
    Committed a cold-hearted crime
    It's time to pay the price
    I'm finding someone new
    And I know I'll do just fine
    No longer knowing you


Excerpted from We All Need Something To Relate To by Braedon Marie Gerard Copyright © 2011 by Braedon Marie Gerard. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Drunk Driving....................45
Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Rape....................49
Domestic Abuse....................53
Running Away....................65
Tough Times....................93

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We All Need Something To Relate To: A collection of poems followed by quotes and advice 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
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Just when you think you are alone, here comes this book. A must read for middle schoolers-high schoolers- and adults. Soothes the soul.