We Are Living In The Finished Work Of Christ: God Draws, Jesus Saves, The Holy Spirit Seals

We Are Living In The Finished Work Of Christ: God Draws, Jesus Saves, The Holy Spirit Seals

by Rev. Dr. Antonio Q. Arnold and Sis. Sheila G. Arnold

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The first book I had written contains information regarding the traditional things that are going on in the church today and have been going on for many, many years. God has inspired me with the assistance from my wife to dig deeper and research a little more about these traditons. It is to open our eyes as well as the eyes of others and set us free from those old traditions that are holding us back from having a real relationship with Christ. Christ came to save us not to keep us in bondage or slavery. People are hurting because they have been taught that there is a certain way that they have to serve God in order to be blessed. They have been told that there are certain things they cannot do if they want to be blessed or saved. The so called Pastors/False Prophets have kept so many people in darkness. God's people are still in bondage by the false teachers. So many people believe if they don't work in the church (usher, in the choir, on the missionary board, etc.) they are not saved. Many people believe that you have to work to be saved. They have missed the mark. As a Christian, you work because you are saved, it is not an obligation, but a privilege.Christ is our comforter. He has not come to keep us in bondage. He has freed us from our sins, from the law of bondage. When the people came to Jesus and ask to be healed he always tell them that "your faith" has made you whole or your faith has healed you. Faith in Christ is the Key Word.

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