We Are Spirit: An Immortal Love Story That Spans Two Worlds

We Are Spirit: An Immortal Love Story That Spans Two Worlds

by Kenneth J. Comerford


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ISBN-13: 9781504912617
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Pages: 220
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We are Spirit

An Immortal Love Story that Spans Two Worlds

By Kenneth J. Comerford


Copyright © 2015 Kenneth J. Comerford
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-1261-7


Introducing Dian and Ken

Grayce Diane Cunningham was born in Brooklyn, NY on August 21, 1939, to John and Grayce Hyson Cunningham. She was an only child whose siblings did not survive infancy. She attended Our Lady of Lourdes, Brooklyn Commercial Elementary School and was raised in nearby West Hempstead, Long Island. Called Diane as a youth, she was a very pretty little girl and her mother, Grayce, curled her hair to look like Shirley Temple. Diane was very bright in her classrooms and showed an early talent for art through sketching and drawing.

Her father was a civil engineer and the family moved to Lakewood, Colorado when Diane was age eleven. He wanted to do graduate study at nearby Colorado School of Mines and she attended Lakewood Junior High. When John finished his studies he received an offer to help design and open a new copper mine at San Manuel, near Tucson, Arizona. The family again moved further away from her childhood friends, cousins and other relatives. Diane enrolled as a freshman at Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson. She continued to do well in her school work, especially in art classes

Diane had to make new friends again and her father worked increasingly long hours, while frequently stopping at bars and clubs instead of coming home to his family. John had been a drinker when the family lived in New York. He was raised in Hell's Kitchen in the City where everyone prided themselves on how tough they were. Once when he took Diane with him to Manhattan, they stopped into Jack Dempsey's Broadway Bar and had a photo taken of John and Diane sitting at one of the tables. That photo is still in the family photo collection of her childhood. It boded the trouble ahead.

Perhaps under the stress of his job at the new San Manuel Copper Mine, John's social drinking got out of hand. He became an alcoholic who couldn't be trusted. Although his wife Grayce was a beautiful lady of high morals and his young daughter was a blossoming beauty queen at age twelve, John Cunningham walked out on his perfect family and wasn't heard from again. Grayce worked at a federal position with the Bureau of Indian Affairs near Tucson to support herself and Diane. No longer able to afford the Catholic School tuition at Salpointe, and after receiving no relief from the Church, Diane finished her senior year at Tucson High School, once again leaving her friends behind.

After high school graduation, Diane left Arizona and returned to New York City where she lived with family friends. She worked as a waitress in the City and began fashion design drawings for New York newspapers. Her work was exceptional in fashion design for a 17 year-old high school graduate. At that time all of women's clothing and fashion ads were drawn by hand from the ideas provided by retailers.

With the assistance of her mother who had been assigned a position in Phoenix with the BIA, Diane won an Art Scholarship to Phoenix College. Diane moved back to Arizona where she shared an apartment at Campbell and 7th Avenue in Phoenix with Grayce. Called by her middle name, Diane, because her mother was Grayce, Diane further individualized her Name to Dian by dropping the "e" while in college.

Dian completed her freshman year at Phoenix College making straight A's. She then took a summer job with General Electric on the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, fully intending to return to Phoenix College for her sophomore year in September, 1958.

Kenneth James Comerford was born in Cortland, NY on June 22, 1934. His family moved to Arizona in 1946 to save his life after suffering through severe asthma and almost continuous bouts of pneumonia. They settled in the Miami-Globe area east of Phoenix at a higher altitude where his father, Harold, went to work in the accounting office of a local copper mine. In June, 1952, Ken graduated from Miami High School where he distinguished himself as an honor student and class officer while recovering his health.

He, too, worked for several months in the copper mine before enlisting in the USAF during the Korean conflict. After serving honorably for four years in Intelligence, specializing in cryptology, he was separated in time to enroll at Arizona State in the autumn of 1957. After completing his freshman year, Ken enrolled in summer school courses, intending to complete his degree in three years, while still under an eight-year obligation, now in reserve, with the Air Force.

As Fate intended, Ken and Dian were each invited to a Fourth of July keg and pizza party in Scottsdale at the home of one of his summer school chums named Suzie. Dian attended as a guest of a Phoenix College acquaintance, Loren, who was also a Miami H.S. alumnus who knew Ken. Coincidence? No, Fate. They were meant to be together and had come all the way from New York to Arizona to find each other, as one may understand better as our story unfolds through the rest of this book.

They didn't actually get off on the right foot. Ken was something of a party boy, a lively and entertaining man of the world who was used to being the center of attention. When Dian had seen and heard enough of his monopolizing each group of party-goers as he moved from one to another and always knew more than anyone else, she cut him short with a curt rebuff, "Rave on, bucket mouth" said the most beautiful young woman at the party. That got Ken's attention and he not only shut up, but he really noticed this attractive and sophisticated young lady and began to focus on her.

Dian went home with Loren that night, but Ken phoned her three days later for a date the following Saturday and neither Loren nor Suzie stood a chance after that. Dian was still eighteen years old in July, 1958, and Ken had turned twenty-four in June, but had never met a woman who combined intelligence, sophistication, creativity, artistic talent, style and fashion with stunning beauty in one package, not to mention her New York City spunk.

The "next Saturday date" turned into a string of evenings and weekends together and in mid-August they got their marriage license, blood test and three-day waiting period before heading to Globe for the weekend to introduce her to Ken's Dad, Step-mother and siblings. Everyone approved of Dian and all were happy to see Ken settling down with such a prize. His step-brother, Bob Short was newly married to Diane Brimhall of Globe, and they drove Ken and Dian to Nogales, Mexico that Saturday night, August 21, 1958, where they were married by a Sonora State Federal Judge in Spanish on her nineteenth birthday. They each knew that the other was the ONE and they were meant to be together forever.

* * *

Their story unfolded for the next fifty-three years and nine months until Dian's death on May 3, 2012, in Conroe, Texas. After a family memorial for Dian in Monument Valley, Arizona, described later, Ken returned to the Denver area with his son, Brian, wife Nisa, and four-year old grandson, Bodhi.

On the following August 21, 2013, Ken stepped outside of his apartment and glanced up at the stars overhead on a clear Colorado evening. He spoke to Dian about this date being their fifty-fifth anniversary and told her how much he still loved her and how terribly he missed her. Although, he had sensed her presence many times since her passing, he was surprised when Dian spoke back to him.

For the next few days they were able to converse telepathically whenever he silently called her name.

Their individual thoughts are merged as one, enabling them to understand each other immediately and simultaneously. They speak as one voice throughout this, their story, as Dian impresses Ken with her thought and he immediately types the words as they flow onto his keyboard.

These sessions, or conversations, began on September 3, 2013, after Dian had been oriented to her new spiritual life and studied with elders, or spiritual masters, for the sixteen months since her passing over to the Spirit World. She is only attuned to Ken and cannot speak to anyone else in the physical dimension. She is careful to caution him that she cannot tell him his fortune or future for that would violate the power that belongs to each mortal human, "FREE WILL" and the right to make one's own decisions.

Consciousness Determines Your After-Life Status

Hello, Ken. I am happy to finally be able to communicate with you. There is so much that we can do to help ourselves and others – many, many others. Our first activity is to sort of outline what we will be doing, okay?

Be sure to keep your mind quiet so that I can get through to you without interference. I am new at this, but we have already proven that we can communicate telepathically, so we should be fine. Our love surpasses the feelings that most people ever have, so we are blessed. Not many people can do this. We can bring the messages of Eternal Life and the Life Beyond to those who either doubt or don't believe at all. Some may scoff, many will understand and all will be amazed!

There is a great deal of misunderstanding among all human beings and one of the most misunderstood is the meaning of consciousness. I will help you to elaborate on your own essays and thoughts on this and will hopefully go beyond your own understanding. Consciousness determines your after-life status and the way that you experience Heaven and the continuity of life. Everyone does not have the same experience as evidenced by those who have had near-death experiences and returned to report them. The differences are due to the different levels of consciousness in groups of individuals.

Deeply religious people often have preconceived notions of Heaven and Eternity and do not want to hear what someone else believes. Some will see Pearly Gates and Streets of Gold when they arrive and will believe that God is inside the walls of the city. They may expect to meet "JESUS" and spend Eternity in his arms, or in his presence. Some will meet Saint Peter and ask him to allow them to enter. Others expect to be judged by God and sent past Peter or to be denied and end up in Purgatory or Hell.

All of those notions are part of their level of conscious understanding of Truth, or "belief system". Different religious groups believe similar, but often different ideas. Some believe in vastly different notions without realizing that everything is relevant to their consciousness or level of understanding. They don't realize that life in a physical form is illusory and the Truth is spiritual. The After-Life is Home and is not a place of punishment. Hell and Purgatory do not exist, per se, but there are different levels of understanding which determine the group of which you are part.

The different levels are determined by the extent that we have learned to Love.

Actually, Love is all there really is. Anything else is an illusion created by the negative consciousness of fear and resentment which are in opposition to God's Will of Love and Goodness. We all start out as seekers of the knowledge of good and evil. All of us chose to learn that as the family of the symbolic first man and woman, Adam and Eve. We learn Good through experiences in the physical, mortal world that seems to be governed by fear and guilt and a resentment or judgment of others.

We learn to love God and our neighbors more and more as we experience and reject the negativity of evil. As we grow in our understanding of goodness, we draw closer to God and experience more of His true creation, Heaven.

At the end of each life we return to our Spiritual Home to rest and re-evaluate our actions while on Earth. We continue to study here and learn from Elders whose higher consciousness will help us to become closer to God in our thoughts and actions. Periodically we return to Earth in order to perfect our ability to love and become more Divine. Our relationships on Earth are often formed among those whom we know in Spirit and we agree to take on certain roles in order to help each other. We learn to love and respect all others regardless of our differences.

Even our perceived enemies are owed our respect as we learn to love them as spiritual beings like ourselves who are bearing the same burdens of learning to love. Love is all that really matters and we must all learn to overcome human self-interest and re-unite with the Great Creator-Mind that some of us call God. We judge ourselves along the way. God loves us all – each and every one – and does not blame or judge us.

When we return Home we are met with complete love and acceptance. It is wonderful! There is nothing to fear. People are just dying to get in here. We all feel true Bliss, true Joy. No fear! No error! Nothing goes wrong! God is within everyone and everything. His love and warmth are everywhere.

Dian's Passage and Inward Journey

Dian passed from the material world on Thursday morning, May 3, 2012

As for my own death experience, it was not exactly as everyone will experience it, so please bear with me and try to understand what we have just related to you.

I was in ICU at the Conroe Medical Center, just north of Houston and The Woodlands, near Lake Conroe. Ken was summoned to come to the hospital early on the morning of May 3, 2012. He had already been awakened at about 3:00 am, by an ICU nurse who wanted to know if artificial means should be used to keep my heart going. He said no and tried to get a little more sleep, because he expected to get up early to be at the hospital. He was already sleep-deprived since the previous Monday, April 30th, when I had experience a stroke and couldn't speak when he checked on me at about 6:00 am. He called for an ambulance and was with me for most of the next three days in Emergency and ICU.

The stroke was mild, but left me without speaking ability. So, Ken did not expect me to die that fateful morning, Thursday, May 3. When he arrived at the ICU unit, he found the doctor, a kidney specialist waiting for permission to dialyze me. I had been on dialysis Wednesday evening and was already in an unconscious moaning phase then, when he was told that I would survive, but would need speech and physical therapy at a skilled nursing center. Dialysis was necessary because my blood stream was full of acid, according to the doctor.

I had been on dialysis since August, 2011, when my kidneys failed during surgery for an aortal aneurism. After an extended stay at the Houston Methodist Hospital, DeBakey Heart Center, I was in therapy at a nursing home until mid-October. He knew that I did not want to go through all of that again.

When he arrived at ICU that morning, he saw that I was on a respirator and that I was breathing. After the doctor explained his position, Ken said no to the request to do yet another dialysis. I had already been on dialysis Tuesday and Wednesday and was now on a respirator. Ken said that he was aware that I, my soul, was already gone, departed, and that my body was dead. He did not let the doctor off easily but gave a little speech about my life to him and the nursing staff. He told them that I had been a beauty queen and a wonderful person who had accomplished several noteworthy achievements during my lifetime. He didn't want them to treat this as just another old lady who had come there to die. I was a very special lady who had lived a wonderful life of accomplishment and service to others. I was so proud of him, because of course I was there in spirit, floating above the death-bed.

My business was done and I turned away after Ken had spent another hour talking to me alone after the doctor and nurses had gone. Another doctor came and pronounced me dead at 9:30am and that was it. My body went to the hospital morgue and my soul departed the Conroe Medical Center for the last time. I never looked back. My heart was with Ken, and our sons, Kevin and Brian, who arrived too late to see me off, but they took care of Ken.


Excerpted from We are Spirit by Kenneth J. Comerford. Copyright © 2015 Kenneth J. Comerford. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, vii,
Introduction, ix,
1 | Introducing Dian and Ken, 1,
2 | Being, 10,
3 | Eternal Ideas of God-Mind, 18,
4 | Effective Living, 25,
5 | Peace and Good Will, 31,
6 | Positive Mind is the Key to Creation, 36,
7 | We are Here to Manifest Our True Nature and Become Like God, 41,
8 | Sincere Belief, 46,
9 | We Are Spirit and Part of God Now, 52,
10 | What Can We Do Now? The Right Thing, 58,
11 | Missionary Work, 68,
12 | The Brotherhood of Man, 80,
13 | The State of Grace, 82,
14 | Perspective – The Middle Way, 89,
15 | Life at Home II – No Human Bodies, 96,
16 | Cooperative Individualism, 99,
17 | The Visionary, by Dian, 109,
18 | We Must Each Decide for Ourselves, 112,
19 | Family Creativity and Oneness, 114,
20 | We are Here on Earth for the Sole Purpose of Learning to Love, 124,
21 | Trusting Spirit, 130,
22 | Paradigm Shift, A New Covenant and the Good News, 135,
23 | More About Oneness, Soulmates, and Faith in Action, 147,
24 | The Contract, 153,
25 | Our Physical Vehicle, 158,
26 | Where are we Going and How do we Get There?, 164,
27 | Peter the Rock is the First Bishop of the Church of Christ Consciousness, 168,
Afterword, 173,
Appendix, 179,
Glossary, 193,
About the Author, 201,

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