We Can't Wait! (Graduation Summer Series, #1)

We Can't Wait! (Graduation Summer Series, #1)




For Mary-Kate and Ashley, everything is about to change over their GRADUATION SUMMER ... This first in a trilogy begins with the girls' journey through their high school commencement, celebrating all the excitement of caps and gowns, hopes and dreams, and everything in between.

It's the end of senior year. Soon Mary-Kate and Ashley will be leaving their high school lives behind and going to college. That's why these last few weeks of school are all about fun! Planning for the prom, hanging out with friends, graduation ... Mary-Kate and Ashley want to savor every moment because after they receive their diplomas, their lives will never be the same!

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ISBN-13: 9780060722821
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/29/2004
Series: Graduation Summer Series , #1
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.62(h) x (d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been celebrities since the day when, at the age of nine months, they joined the cast of the hit sitcom "Full House" in their shared role as Michelle. Each of Mary-Kate and Ashley's 14 years since has witnessed the outstanding expansion of their popularity...their fans have literally grown up alongside the twins! First in television and feature films, Mary-Kate and Ashley now appear in videos, music, interactive software, fashion dolls and accessories, and more. Their latest ventures include launching their official website and debuting a line of licensed fashion clothing, as well as their very own magazine in spring 2001.

Mary-Kate & Ashley books launched in 1990, and today the various book series continue to grow to reflect the ever-evolving lifestyles of kids, 'tweens, and teens. HarperEntertainment and Parachute Publishing release twenty-five books a year and have sold more than 30 million copies. Mary-Kate and Ashley's two book series Two of a Kind and The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley are frequent USA Today bestsellers. And Mary-Kate & Ashleynovelties, such as Wall Calendars, a Mood Diary, a Be My Valentinecard-making kit, and the movie tie-in series, Starring-In continue to be hugely popular.

The growth of the Mary-Kate & Ashley brand has afforded Parachute and Harper the opportunity to work with companies such as Acclaim Entertainment, Mattel Inc., Warner Home Video, Kid Rhino, Lightyear Entertainment, Sail with the Stars on cross-promotional and cross-merchandise projects, including a very special, book-dedicated area on mary-kateandashley.com — Now Read This!

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Mary-Kate & Ashley Graduation Summer #1: We Can't Wait

(We Can't Wait)
By Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060722827

Chapter One

Sweet freedom!" Mary-Kate Olsen called out at the top of her lungs. A cheer went up from the crowd around her, and she laughed, loving the light-as-air-feeling in her heart.

Mary-Kate was perched on the roll bar of her friend Trevor Reynolds's new jeep Wrangler, surveying the massive party. The entire senior class of Ocean View High had gathered at the beach on this last Friday before finals, parking their cars right up against the sand and bringing drinks, snacks, and CDs to help party the night away. A bonfire roared, and music blared from a boom box as people laughed, chatted, and danced. It was a let-off-steam-before-finals-week thing -- a yearly Ocean View senior class tradition.

"We're not free yet. We still have to get through the fund-raising auction, the senior awards banquet, senior cut day, graduation practice, and finals," her friend Claudia Pierce said from her perch next to Mary-Kate.

"Yes, but most of that stuff is fun. And Ocean View senior finals are notoriously easy," Ashley said, looking up at them from the sand. "And after this week we'll never have to take another high school test!"

"I don't believeyou:' Ashley's best friend, Felicity Lopez, teased, wrapping a slim arm around Ashley's shoulders. "I figured you'd miss taking tests?' "Won't you go through withdrawal?" Claudia asked.

"Come on, you guys! It's not like Ashley studies all the time," Mary-Kate said, jumping down to the sand.

"Yeah! Remember that three-hour break I took back in February?" Ashley joked.

"I think it's cool that Ashley is our valedictorian:' Trevor put in, coming around the side of the jeep with a soda cup. He was trailed by Cooper Firenz, Claudia's longtime boyfriend, who had been checking out the four-wheel-drive's off-road tires.

"Me, too:' Cooper added. "I say we raise a toast to Ashley Olsen, Ocean View High's number one brain!"

Claudia jumped down, and the six friends raised their cups. "To the number one brain!" they all cheered, clicking plastic against plastic.

Kids around them laughed, and Mary-Kate saw her sister flush. Ashley was often teased for being a brainiac, but Mary-Kate was proud of her sister's accomplishments, and she knew Ashley was, too.

"Now that school is almost over, I think it's about time I kick this study-aholic image, don't you, guys?"

Ashley asked, tossing her long, dark blond hair over her shoulders.

"Interesting' Felicity said, narrowing her eyes. "What did you have in mind?"

"I want to do something crazy," Ashley said. "Something I've never done before. Maybe a few things I've never done before. And I think we all should."

Mary-Kate grinned at her sister. "We should all do something you've never done before?"

"Ha-ha:' Ashley said, rolling her eyes. "No! I'm sure there's something each of us has always wanted to do, but has never had the guts for. I say we each promise to do one crazy thing within the next two weeks."

"Like a senior-year resolution," Mary-Kate said with a thrill of excitement. That sounded like a good idea to her. She smiled at Trevor, and he grinned back at her, his deep brown eyes crinkling at the corners. Mary-Kate's heart thumped extra-hard. Trevor was her best friend. He knew her better than almost anyone did, so they were always sharing private smiles. What he didn't know was that those private smiles sent her heart into a total spasm.

If I had a senior year resolution, I know exactly what it would be, Mary-Kate thought. I'd ask Trevor out.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Trevor asked, bringing one hand to his nose. "Is there something on my face?"

Mary-Kate blinked and blushed. "Nah. Just stunned as always by your hideousness," she joked.

"Whatever, troll." He bumped her with one shoulder.

"Ogre," she replied, giggling and shoving him back. Trevor tickled her, and Mary-Kate screeched and ran. He chased her around the back of the jeep, his bare feet kicking up sand. Trevor's feet were bare whenever possible. He was always slipping off his shoes in class and sometimes walked the halls in socks or even without them. He said shoes constricted his creativity. How he'd come to that conclusion, Mary-Kate didn't know.

"There's no point in running. I always catch you," Trevor called out.

"I'd like to see you try!" Mary-Kate took off again, but within seconds Trevor grabbed her around the waist. Mary-Kate shouted and struggled. Her heart pounded as he picked her up, carried her back to the group, and deposited her on the sand. She lost her balance and stumbled into him. His lips were right there. . . .

Kiss him! Just kiss him! she thought, for a moment believing she could actually do it. What's the worst that could happen?

Well, he could push me away and laugh until he fainted, she realized with dread.

"You guys are like one of those coyote-roadrunner cartoons," Ashley said.

"Except the coyote never catches the roadrunner," Trevor said, running a hand over his choppy brown hair. "I always get my bird."

This is pathetic. He calls me his bird and I get butterflies, Mary-Kate thought. I've got it bad!

"Hello? Can we get back to the topic here?" Felicity said as she tied her long dark hair up into a ponytail. "I know what my resolution is. I am going to pull the biggest senior prank in Ocean View High history. I'm going to be infamous!"

"Like you aren't already' Ashley said.

Felicity was always cutting up and getting sent to the office for arguing with teachers or playing tricks. This prank idea was definitely right up her alley.

"I think I'll dye my hair red before the prom' Claudia said, pulling a strand of her chin-length blond hair in front of her eyes. "I've always wanted to try something different."

"Red, huh?" Cooper said, wrapping an arm around her. "That would be cool. Maybe I'll go blond."


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