We Have Seen The Lord

We Have Seen The Lord

by Charlie Brackett


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Was Jesus who He claimed to be? Consider the evidence yourself. Make your own decision. Whatever you now think of the claims of Jesus, you will find benefit in considering what the apostle John had to say about Jesus, the Nazarene.
The Gospel of John is a forceful account of the miraculous power of Jesus. Its purpose is to convince all that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that those who believe in Him will have eternal life. So says John 20:30, 31.
The brief Bible messages in this book are ideal for daily devotional study of John's Gospel, designed to help you focus on the essence of his message. They will open for you God's word as interesting and practical, easy for all to understand. The intent of this book is to look at John's message with non-denominational eyes, based on the belief that all one needs to know about coming to God in acceptable worship is contained in His word, the Bible, and that God spoke to every individual, not just to the religious elite. It is our hope that consideration of these daily messages will whet your spiritual appetite for more of God's Word.

The author, Charlie Brackett, is a Christian.
A businessman turned preacher of the gospel, Brackett has served as an elder and missionary of the Lord's church. He has taught the Bible for decades, lecturing across the United States and Europe.

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