We The Judges: Trampling The Constitution

We The Judges: Trampling The Constitution

by Jack Stanfield

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We The Judges: Trampling The Constitution by Jack Stanfield

This is a book for those ordinary citizens who, when asked about the Constitution, point to the freedom of speech and religion or being able "to take the fifth." It is also for those that haven't thought about the Constitution for years and are faced with constitutional questions, such as those raised in the 2000 presidential election. While this isn't a textbook, it is intended to inform and arouse your curiosity and concern.
I chose the title We The Judges, as opposed to "We the people" from the preamble of the Constitution, because the Supreme Court justices have asserted that their interpretation of the Constitution is the Constitution. This supremacy assertion conflicts directly with the principle of coequal departments and presents a danger to the future of the republic. Unchallenged, the future Court could declare anything legal or illegal. The Court has become a "super-legislature," an "Imperial Court," an oligarchy where as few as five justices can arbitrarily impose their will over the will of 290 million people. This danger can only be addressed if ordinary citizens understand the Constitution and the role of the Court. The will of the people must speak to restore a balanced Court.

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